H. Eskimo Conditions

These are more "Eskimo Rules."

[Trailer] "'A Wife Display Party,' down at Gonad Daddy's?" his devoted wife asks incredulously, "What on earth do you think this all means?" ... "I think it means, if they like what they see ..." ... "The flier says it's for a 'Zero Waste Dress Up,' for goodness sake! I'm not stupid! They just want to inconsiderately see who has the nicest pussy! (In the narrative lanes people are hungry.) It says 'At nine o'clock all the wives' bras come off, at ten o'clock all remaining undies come off, at eleven all the tops come off 'to be collected for charity!' ... ("What on earth?") ... And 'the unaccompanied wives being natural hostesses as if nothing's unusual for their initiation situation.' ... ("Initiation?") ... Next 'the logistics of unfettered shame below & in front of everyone "accidentally" stripped away: ("It's better without a sweater.") Then the bystanding husbands complete the unobstructed shock of their wives attired in nothing but closely shorn tan lines making a turn of implicit infidelity both natural & certain.' Do you think we should stay until midnight? It's for charity," and just as the doorbell rings, turns and adds, "Incivility should not be supported!" ... Later, in the kitchen, he notices her hard nipples ("She's been weaponized!") and knows no one else has escaped that knowledge: "You know, they know it's normal you don't wear a bra, besides having a contradictory and aerodynamic panty check ('Compulsory one-finger preflight! To see what's almost lacking! You don't want to forget!'), and maybe you'll deserve a culminating kiss when you go back, if you're even more ..."  )!(  "... natural? Aren't I bare enough? The seine-thread lace of my body suit? I can't help it if people can see through it ::: It's art & I like the way it looks on me." ... "Don't you feel the barer the pussy, the more it induces people into your explicit aching to be even more undeceptive? An accident? Intentional? Or actually available for stretched-out bareback!" ... "You think my pussy should go completely neglectful? My nice little cul-de-sac? Trailer-trash Wednesday? No undies? For the consummate kiss? We'll be slow dancing some more, like before, you know? You saw me go slow? While my pantied pussy could feel his green banana? You're bad! Watching me! He kissed me all hands up my shirt! ... Oh! You think you get to feel me up? You're so hard up all the time! You won't be jealous if I go with him? ... for the long, deep kiss? Are you sure? Two huge hornies naturally verging.. knowing not to move? If I feel the head of his prick nestled there, just inside, would that bother you, honey? Would you like him to be there and not move? It's not fucking, is it, if it's not moving? Going all the way in? Then all the way out? And he said he wants to be with me for long stretches of time. Would that bother you, honey? For him to be with me for long stretches of time? Isn't there the danger we could go all the way? With his entire length all the way inside me for the ultimate kiss? Would you like that, honey? My titties baring the moon? For us to be not moving all the way in? Then all the way out? Not actually fucking? Just kissing? And nestling there, all the way in? Me nibbling his ear, to come all the way out? ... without even anymore barriers between us? ... with nothing in the way of bona fide trail mix? Hungry? Now, now! ... We get to save it for later. With you still this ready & properly sheathed! And that's for being fresh!" ... "Clearly! ... Ready for the enabling drawers-slip circle dip? [*cynematyc *kyss!] ... so that ... [*kyss!] ... why don't you give them a just-for-the-curious crevice sighting?" [*kyss!] ... "Well, maybe ... and if they're ... (unsheathed clearly!) ... more than curious? ..." [even more *synful *kyss!] ... "Spread the word!" ... She almost noncommittally says, "Well, not unless it's natural ... I'll do it ... and only if you change to take them off," and turns to face her husband, raises her skirt, who (kneeling now, up front and personal!) slowly pulls their already damp-laden skimpiness down. "Here!" she says, "Keep it for your mindfulness (of her nascent condition & 'no!' longer shy impertinence, its scent steaming to clitorally inform him for a drooling slab of man-meat, slow and steady!) I really shouldn't have gone topless to the beach. I think he saw me pulling my bottoms aside!" ... "Right up to the scrotum!" as his world continues to turn upside-down. And presciently, hers does as well. (After the tying, they turn her around, to finger her, just as a "test": "Einstein was right!" – cueing up her dainty spread if she says something "smart." Then she's introduced bare-breasted & unslipped panties to all the men's names, clearly for the name of her child, with her husband's force fresh in a condom! Finally, they untie her for the dancing.) [Three weeks later ...] "Take out your cock, honey," which by understanding bobbed free and ignored in the air. "Are we going to do this then? Nobody has to know. We're cuckoo! Kiss me if I go out with guys while you forego! It's your idea! See how hard my nipples are? You can let the big cuckoo kiss me, too! Just a bit. Stay outside! Are we strange? With me fooling around a little is all. Are you wearing your contraption? What's your finger doing? Is this the sticky situation we talked about ... that lasts? You love me? Kiss me!" She lets her long legs spread. "It's kind of fun when I get totally nude, isn't it? And isn't it about time you started wearing these? ... for one of us to be in 'the lacy pink'? ... One of us should! ... And if you don't wear a condom, too, I'll tell my girlfriends you're my missy! ... I'm dressed this way just for you ... for our best fun! ... Do you like my stockings up to here? ... Are you disappointed these clothes aren't for someone else? That's it, honey! Get on your knees right here, and let me know with your tongue if it should be for someone else! Say it! ... then later you get to shove his juices further in. It's win-win, isn't it? You get to see me trying on clothes and going around naked, even while my belly's beginning to swell ... If it's a boy, he'll have a large cock. Will that bother you to have a son with a large cock? That's it, honey! Let's practice! ... Put it in ... Push it in even farther. Is that okay? We'll have to get you a leather cock cage! I read about it. Would you like that better than just wearing my lacy pink? Maybe both. Why do you stay so hard? I'm just going out with my girlfriends tonight. I don't want you to be getting any ideas. Can you get me more ready ... for receiving 'the bull?' Nobody has to know you help me get ready, and I keep the key! My girlfriends know about the names, that's all. You want me to fuck other men, don't you? Say it! Say you want me to go on dates and fuck other men! You know, this is all your idea! So don't dare me! Look how ready I am ... Don't dare me! It's not my fault if I'm naked and twisty and you dare me! I'll tell him, 'My husband's in lacy pink! I want to see where you make the cannolis or at least let me off the leash!' 'Cause there's this one guy who shoves my head down and holds it down until he comes down my throat! Can you believe it? At least you can talk! At least you treat me like a lady, and I come unbuttoned! Like a newlywed. Do you want to text him? Type, 'She's ready.' Here! Let me see it. Tell me all the things I should do with him! Then I'll do it! Ahh! Not for you! You want me to hold onto the key to your leather cock cage, don't you? Say it! We're just beginning, you know? Like newlyweds. The bull says if your cock's too hard-up, you have to wear the cage and allow me to show him the key! Say it! Say you completely tied your noose-pants on and nowhere else to go. You can be my horseman. You have a choice: Bare noose-pants or panties. You're wearing them? Say you have your contraption on! Say it! Or else I'll let my girlfriends see you sissified & laminated in pink tonight, so don't be getting any ideas! Like my pussy all moist & bare? He does, too! Imagine us taking a 'share-me' honeymoon in Hawaii before I get too big. Nobody has to know, you know? For sunshine and tiny tan lines? With my belly just above a bikini ... or a little less? Want to, really? Two rooms? One to be locked up and one to be knocked-up? Maybe you get to lick my girlfriends, too! Tonight! Before it's girls'-night-out for a little flirting. You like my stockings up to here? You want to put on another condom before they come in? I'm going to let them see you! My horseman! You like me and my girlfriends flirting and going on dates, don't you? Say it! Having a little fun, that's all. It's win-win." [Three months earlier ...]

1. From time to time, people have rules. These are the Real Rules: Adventures on a Tramp Steamer – "Why don't you take out your pen and draw?" I'll do anything! ... and while he touches the paper, rubbing something, she touches her nipple and gazes into his blue eyes as if she's searching for something ... blue. "Do you smoke with your lovers?" he asks. "Search for your inner pirate!" she says. "A scarred face, and a hand in the blouse!" he cries out, writing it down, rather than acting on it. "I've been covering anything that's tender," she says, turning the words over on her tongue, touching herself (Totally lipping it!) with a flash of inner silver ... "Do you think I have a nice one?" she asks poutingly, "This will make it nicer!" knowing the slightest hint (Nicer? My God! ... to unrestrained implications!) or shift in her intentions, would add an electric jolt to its "neediness" ... ("Peek-a-boo! – Did you see it?" ... "Oh, God! – Show me again!" ... "Tch! Tch! Everyone's hungry." ... "Keep it that way!" ... "This is why the revolution won't be televised ... Just a little? A little more?") ... "You don't have to ..." ... Suffering succotash! ... "Sit down and close your eyes." ... It's all coming off! ... "Gee, I'll have to get a dog chain!" ... Next time will you listen to me? ... "For them to see how juicy I am ... I'm kidding! Just kidding!" ... "We could, you know ... where shy & conservative is trumped by a topless sunrise with your lover in the kitchen at our hippie friends' house," he dares ... "Well, really! ... I'm just two people short of a ménage à trois," she muses, directly implicating her staging area, lightly touching the delicate skin ... It's impossible without money! ... "I think you should straighten your seams ... slightly!" he points out ... Just don't keep any birch branches around your house! ... "Okay, you saw it all!" ... Now's the time to open up! ... "Just wait a minute because I can't do this while you're talking!" ... Watch this! ... "The slower you do things, the easier it is." ... Anything! ... bending over with her irreverent nooky ("Well, no one will help me!") and rainbow rump, (They interact – "Now I can really shimmy!" – at a very subliminal level!) a booby trap! ... Both! Both at the same time! ... quite a lot to lug home, isn't it? ... for Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy, Doc and ("Must be big now!") ... Happy! ... called up the river! ... standing now, the steep cant and frontal plane of her ("Do I have to wear this around my neck like a talis?") .. migratory nethers! – not fluffed! – divided and swept into the seashell of her hips, so empty, so provocative ... Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! ... "What are you doing over there?" ... Just by watching! ... "But not for you!" ... That's what I want to see! ... "It's just not!" ... The post must be overcome! ... (Just Snip It From My iPad! (... before rubbing up against it again ...) :: Excerpts from, "Translucent Inclinations: (For a Free Glimpse!) The Wet Breast (Stirred, Not Chilled!) as a Philosophical Object," (... hanging backwards off the sofa, to aim at them.. or her! ...) by Longa "Snaggletooth" Bonga :: "If you want to browse through that ..." ... for darkly anticipating & upcoming house guests, an album of her nude in the guest room, (to negligently leave in the guest room!) including the real ones (and the earthy ones!) with a honeymoon nightie (cognizant legs up ("Does she know that?" "Now. As we speak. She's in the guest room now packing for our conspiratorial honeymoon to Hawaii. She doesn't want me to see the outfits she's going to be wearing. You can go in to talk to her." "Truly?") opportunism!) and a blindfold on ...) "Well, I'm going out." ... The juxtaposition of turned ankle & bare nipple, all good things! ... "Get something that's slightly rough!" ... "To some, I guess." ... All the gangsters! ... "Nipple bumpers!" ... Maybe that's two more that I don't know about ... "I don't think you should be here. I think you should go." ... Oh! Modern! ... "Until tomorrow!" ... "I'll wait for you around the corner." ... "Pretty snarky!" ... To glimpse things as they are ... "You can do private practice!" ... I don't know how long I can take it! - "Then I'd like you to tell me the whole truth." ... "My flirty kitty? - I'm open to anything ..." - "Whereupon men may gaze longingly betwixt thy open thighs." ... "For them to stick it in the slit, and just last!" .... "You have to start young!.. and buried deep inside you, their sullen secrets." ... "They're married!.. It's come undone. Should I take it off?" ... "For not knowing and going completely public?" ... "This only works if it's open and sponsored. You'll be my little kitty sponsor, and expectantly cash my pussy in?.. For knowing & not knowing?" ... "If you promise them an even deeper & longer connection." ... "I'm so horny, baby! I've got to have a man!" ... "Without birth control?" ... "Yes! anything! For them to have my.. baby! Does that make you horny, too? For them to have my baby? So put on your rubber right now! To be sure!" ... "For you to go all the way!" ... Oh, yes! And you're totally happy?" ... "Unrestrained, I am, you know?" ... "See? See how completely that way? For me being with them, and whose baby!" ... "Not before the Crusades." ... "And promise you'll wear a fresh rubber after they play me completely, Pass the Wiggling Trash!" - "... With side bets & contractual odd jobs bid with unmarked Confederate money?" ... "Covered with shame & easy money? If I get in a family way, they'll buy me a pickup truck.. May I torment the future non-father of my misbegotten love-child?.. You wanted to know.. If it's yes, kiss me!.. They bring in other guys.. And I choose who gets the slowly unbuttoned underpants for undisturbed fealty.. I'm their side-bet 'backwoody' Princess!" ... Down like a mother-fucker for truth! ... "Oedipus of Thieves!" ... "Put on the rubber now and stand up!" ... She shows him the soles of her feet ... first one ("You get to see how nice it is!") ... then the other ("Will he find out?") ... My exotic ("Ooo, it's purple!") flower, who with nothing but a wave of the hand, "Yes, yes, here it comes! ... Put your clothespins on! ... On your nipples so I can see! ... Put your hands behind your back & cuff them! ... I give all of them blowjobs, too! ... and pretend-Internet cumshots on my face! ... using real iPhones! ... My face, their dicks!" - gives dark unknowns ... "They get bigger and bigger!" - and stealthy men ... "I want you to lick it slowly now.. for a suitably dewy preparation." – firm cockstands! ... "So all these things happen ...."   INCLUDING!  "Here! Pick up the key! ... Ahhh! Rub it around the edges (& on my belly button!) of our open invitation guestbook & slurp that up! ... Are you really getting hard again? ... If you are, you can ride me bareback, but not inside! ... As long as you promise you'll only drool up & down my lips & not come! ... Then you get to stick it all out through the palm of my hand! ... where it's so conspicuous of you!.. to love me to love anyone else ... And my pussy clearly likes that, too! ... So.., see how you know?... you can dart inside me with your tongue ... you know .... and I'll do it, I promise!"

2. He makes a secret pledge not to make love to her for a year if, for deep religious reasons, she promises not to use birth control. What They Both Crave: "No hand jobs ... Not this time ... It has to be natural." She looks a little fancy ... "A compassion fuck!" ... bedtime eyes. "And not yours!" Everything Rolls Down Route 66 – to California! "You can go – It's either way – Whenever you want." Ragged ... Unfolding ... this rude lure, illicit thrusting, deep fulfillment & bittersweet dream .. called desire ... A person doesn't go from being proper and conservative to brazen and bare in one simple step: A woman has to experience truly fulfilling herself as diminished resistance, (—Yeah, sure! Whenever you want! ... "What's the word?" ... "Legs, I'm sure you'd say ... (My assistant in crime! ... a bodacious display ... 'We'll leave it like this for a while.') ... What did you pledge??! ... The Boy Scout's pledge? ... (Eight testicles, all in his brain, all unguarded!) ..." ... "Spread the word!") wearing first, perhaps, totally transparent light blue panties ... (—A rehearsal!) ... then making sure someone discovers their implicit indication, in the light, the trim and pouting slipcase of her femininity clearly visible ... "Well, anyway, I'm in no hurry – I'm just thinking about it." ... That's the first step ... diminished resistance ... "Who do you think should discover that?" he asks her late one afternoon ... "Don't put ideas in my head," she says, no longer practicing blue in front of the full length mirror, wearing a denim microskirt, with a surprisingly soft white T-shirt that says, "Define single," in silver sparkles -- her swelling boobeclature -- then goes back to putting up her hair ... "You think they're totally transparent? -- (We're in trouble! -- (Hmm, a self-critic! .. Maybe a little light and reflectively blue! .. and to be casually true to the 'jazz elixir' of our vows, (hanging by a thumb!) and offhand accessibility, taking them off altogether!) -- We couldn't do that!) -- They're nice people!" ... and later, while they're together, they get separated.

3. I Don't Even Have to Look At You. Where Threads Come Loose ... "Then let's take turns!" She's Robbed the Key to my Heart! They write each other Instant Messages: GIRLIE362: What weird things can girls do who fancy a guy? HOUSEHEAD47: How do you feel about it? GIRLIE362: I'm feeling feisty and horny. My husband likes me to stray. HOUSEHEAD47: What are you doing tonight? GIRLIE362: Nothing, really. He wants me to be unfaithful. HOUSEHEAD47: Do you want to stray and be unfaithful? GIRLIE362: He won't touch me ... I feel kind of horny ... and nasty. HOUSEHEAD47: Do you want to make me jealous? GIRLIE362: Yes, I want to make you jealous. HOUSEHEAD47: Tonight? GIRLIE362: No. This weekend. Write down whatever comes to your mind. HOUSEHEAD47: They have those wacko things. GIRLIE362: Maybe you have to rule the roost. HOUSEHEAD47: Are you uncommitted? GIRLIE362: Maybe – You better be careful what you wish for – You're putting me on a slippery slope. HOUSEHEAD47: Maybe so slippery ... Let's see ... One night you'll be eager and frisky, another night sexy and natural, and the third night slutty and skanky ... not letting me touch, and homeward bound. GIRLIE362: It'll take a little while. HOUSEHEAD47: Well, why not? GIRLIE362: You didn't say where. HOUSEHEAD47: At Harbin Hot Springs ... We'll get two rooms ... unless you live over the garage. GIRLIE362: Then I want to give you something to hold for me ... while I"m learning things ... Will you be really jealous? ... even if I don't talk to you? ... ignoring you? ... flirting with anyone or completely standoffish? ... telling people I got a ride up with you, pouting and pointing you out, "He's my Appalachian half-brother! My probation officer!" -- and might need one back! ... with two rooms and all options open? ... with my transparent shortie slip? ... and backpack? ... and no bra with me ... HOUSEHEAD47: What? GIRLIE362: I want you to keep writing and I'll come in and show you. HOUSEHEAD47: Are you eager, are you bare? Are you frosty, do you care? ... Are you there? ... Do you dare? GIRLIE362: Dare what? HOUSEHEAD47: To be alone, to be on your own? GIRLIE362: You don't know me ... I'm coming into your room now ... the food mother for the animals ... Now amuse yourself. HOUSEHEAD47: You mean this weekend? ... Oh, thank you@! You want me to hold your wedding ring! And you left me a nude photo! Where did you get it? I'm going to post it on the net! GIRLIE362: I'm married, but I don't want any guys to know it. Are you jealous? HOUSEHEAD47: No hand jobs! It has to be natural. It's safe, and yes, I'm jealous! GIRLIE362: I'd rather die than work crazy for nothing. HOUSEHEAD47: Then I'll pay you ... to work crazy. GIRLIE362: Yeah, I know what for ... "I'm so horny! I'm so feisty! I'm depressed. I just have to have a man!" A lot of people would take advantage of me. HOUSEHEAD47: Advantage of you! What do you call it? GIRLIE362: I don't know what to call it ... I call it nasty. HOUSEHEAD47: What can you lose? GIRLIE362: That's what everyone wants. What are you going to do when you see perfume ... and you hear red? HOUSEHEAD47: Standing close to you, practically touching elbows in the pool? Or watching you go off to get a massage ... or finding you not alone and all exposed, up on the top bench, in the sauna ... and casually staying that way, except more! No mystery! Undeniable! GIRLIE362: You're weird. You're crazy. HOUSEHEAD47: It's not bad to be weird ... It's not bad to be crazy ... Because everyone is. GIRLIE362: Down deep, I mean. HOUSEHEAD47: Do your thing! Stick to your plans and just do it! Let's take this on the road. GIRLIE362: Sure, baby ... Can go cheap with a short casket. HOUSEHEAD47: Well, if the side gets dirty, it doesn't matter. GIRLIE362: I knew you hated me. HOUSEHEAD47: Anyway ... naked volunteerism ... any way at all, or off. GIRLIE362: Then who's going to pull it off? HOUSEHEAD47: I want you to bee what you are, as nature intended. GIRLIE362: You're totally gay! HOUSEHEAD47: You're so lazy! GIRLIE362: My religion is kindness ... What do the Japanese call it? ... or ... didn't you tell me about Munechira? ... what the Japanese call, Accidental Exposure? HOUSEHEAD47: Oh, yeah! Maybe we'll have to completely take baby steps ... Are you feeling feisty? GIRLIE362: I have all different things, but that's one thing I like sometimes. HOUSEHEAD47: Out of their minds.

4. There's An Upside-down Girl Missing. "Everyone can take turns ... Am I showing any nipple ... or too much under-neathies?" It Won't Be Long Before Her Clothes Off! .. Real Barbarians: It's an innocent mix-up .. it's for when she feels a shared intent to feel a slab of manhood deep inside her womb .. to feel this huge object enter her .. "You have to pay the consequences for true romance," she says, whispering, "What's even more romantic than sharing me, .." pressing abreast his arm, ".. is sharing ideas for sharing me," .. Wooo! a girl who needs two cocks, one to be kept on ice and preserved, healthy and strong, the other to be hot, bothered, calibrated and spent .. She says, "The only way I could completely trust you .. is if you totally renounce sex for the rest of your life .. on a trial basis .. to keep everyone .. including myself .. happy-" .. Maybe you have to be willing to share in order to keep what you've got! .. and late that afternoon it's not so much dressing her, and that breast .. as preparing her, "Let's just do it, see what happens! .. getting her ready .. "For the real eyes! ... to spread a little luck ..." .. for whatever the rest of the night might bring, deciding to go afterwards not just where sex is possible, but "likely!" agreeing to go to some "likely" night spots in the suburbs ("Especially with no bra on!" he adds, while she subtracts ...) and consider just how far these things might "be likely" to develop, or "get out of hand" after their obligatory ex's meeting of final reckoning ... ("And your husband doesn't mind?" ... "He won't be getting any," she explains .. "He has manners!") .. and in further "preparation" keeps her engagement ring on, while removing the other ... (The signal of the quim's most urgent disguise, buried to the bone! (both liking the innuendo!) "God loves you!" he chimes in ... "with diamonds!") ... Canny choice ... "Ask me now, up-tempo & unbound!" ... ("Did you, then?" ... "We made up a little ... (for making out.)" ... and our upcoming release! ... straightening herself, no longer concealing, (for after he'd rampaged deep inside her womb, she'd said, "I'm glad you came!" ... "Thanks for having me!" ...) a knot much easier to untie: the uncomplicated conjugal resolution between unbearable pain or feeling trapped! ... Noticing her thin blue T-shirt ... "Do you put the nipples on," he asks reflectively, "or does it come with it?" ... "You devil, you! ... We're just meeting my last boyfriend's tax specialist! ... He told me there are two questions about it," she says mysteriously, giving herself a quick once-over in the mirror before covering herself completely in a black artist's smock, where from underneath, her "No question about it!" contributes to more deductions, (straight down!) helping her to go even more negative ... "They're just annoying!" she says searchingly, opening a piquant claim to more pregnant ("And likely?") possibilities: ("Well? Isn't it for our amorous anniversary?") ... (And total truth! .. "Pulling your sweet buck naked behind you!") ... "That isn't bad, is it?"

5. "Let me know how you make out! ..." The Statuesque Struck & Cunt Divine: They begin to discuss a sex holiday ... "You may miss it!" she feebly protests (... Halfheartedly!) then not only agrees (... Actually demands it! :: saying, "You will miss it!") ... By mutual stipulation, for the duration of the vacation, she is to regard him as the "bone of last resort," (or perhaps, under these circumstances, his long, probing finger a "test pilot for pussy" for one ("... and only one!") of their adventurous nights out) -- For her part, she's not to be "sampled" in this way (according to what is to become one of their ironclad preconditions!) nor regarded (by her indifferent near-nudity (and concomitant preparations), "What else ('Aghhh! -- Don't!') is there left?") simply as a representative from the honey-laden "Land of Pussy," neither as some inhabitant of, or even Ambassador to, some old-fashioned "Deep-South Pussy Farm," ... rather she shall become (by testament of his hard, willing & outstanding cock!) the living embodiment ("You are a constant and desirable contradiction!") of a True and Upstanding Principality "Solely Reserved for Mr. Right!" and demonstrably über-willing candidate, ("... ready to roam!") from Je suis tres excite ... ah non! ... J'en mouille pour ... "Horny Pussy Breeding Ranch!" ... If only! All She's Got to do is Agree to Rule 22! ... "Okay, then, here's a test. I met a really nice couple, and they want me to fill out a foursome ... They have a friend," she hints ... "That's almost conventional ... it's actually square!" (... before the phone call and her "faithful" decision to go out with them ...) "You can take me over there in the back of a town car," she tells him, "Drop me off and go home and wait for me." ... "It's almost a square," he amends with self-sprouting & growing interest, "... with rounded corners!" ... "Then I'll give you a memento," she agrees, "... that is, a small something to hold on to for me." ... "You ought to go along, go out, tell them you're married!" ... "If we do this, this is what will change everything ..." (She gets serious:) "... I'll no longer be exclusively your girl ... I'll be exclusively (and inclusively! '... but I'm married!') ... theirs." ... He knows what "the memento" is bound to be ... "Then I'll be your dirty laundry man!" (... to wrap her tiny "consolation prize" round a long, lone Maypole ...) "What should I wear then?" ... "Well, to be conventional, how about a white bra, your raggedy skirt and a pink sweater?" ... "A soft one, right?" ... "Well ... you're married! ... maybe they ought to find out what they're ... rather, you're ... missing!" ... (... "I'm losing everything today!" she intimates in the back seat of a taxi van, as they carry on their carousal-laden conversation: "Oh, look! There's a nice little shop ... one of those exclusive ones!" she says, as much for her husband as for the taxi driver. "From overseas," her husband explains, "Her secret offshore banking ..." ... This somehow signals ... the pulse of a transcendent change of heart ... on both their parts ... "So how shall I introduce you, as my business associate, my ... counselor, my cousin, my brother, my extended ... Doesn't he have nice manners? ... my ... chaperone?" ... "You're dangerous!" the cab driver says after a time ... "What do you mean, dangerous?" she presses him ... "Dangerous for mankind ... for men!" he conspiratorially says ... "That's what my cousin (glancing at him!) always says!" she says with a peal of open-throated laughter, the sound tripping across all six hundred of their ears like rapids down a swift brook ... "Dangerous! ... We work together!" pithily noting, "... We can't go there!" and reaching out to pay the fare, brushes her forearm against the driver's shoulder, who worthily turns around when they arrive ... while she fumbles for another dollar, ("Where is it?" ... (fumbling! ...) "Okay, did you see it? ... Can't find it!" (purposefully resigning herself a few moments longer in the back seat) ... to bit-by-bit slowly & continuously upskirt pipe smokers! ... Practically pulsing ... (with demureless pussy petals attesting to their own confirmation to be roughly & reverently ... unfolded like so, defoliated in prayer) ... Spread Da Aloha!) ... And not just bestowing Amen, divulging an unclinched will to succumb to all these All-men! ... "No underpants and old boots! I like that!" the cab driver starts to rant, "Your life would be so much merrier if I took you to the Warehouse of Dick!" ... "Why do you write these things?" she asks, turning to me, though keeping her legs knowingly widespread, with hiked-up skirts. "I will let you poke a straw through here and take a sip," she says, out of the guy's gauche dimension, "then get me back down to the drawing board (still scantily clad!) and skip a page!" she demands, totally out of the guy's league. The cab driver won't stop: "How do you fix a broken pussy that's got a crack in it?" he's practically shrieking, "I'll show you a drawing board! Hold her down!" ... "You were wearing old boots & ... you'd already taken it off?" ... "You can put that in your pipe and smoke it!" she says, passing along the telltale proof: a damp blue thong ... "When you get upstairs, tell them what we did! ... and demonstrate! ... how you've lately been bareback hitching rides! ... we're starting a new trend ... for people who smoke pipes and wear old boots!" ... "I wonder if they have a jukebox." ... "Who's it for?" ... "We could start a society." ... "For accidentally hiking it up a little!" ... "Maybe just a little ... for the gander!" ... "My messages are elevated! ... So, uhhh, why don't you go up and finish the job?" ... "So ... like so? ... ttck! ttck! ... Lightning bolts!" ... "PG&E :: Pipes, Gumshoes & Eyeballs!" ... "Hmm ... Well, I do like to go out with men ... You like me to go out with more ... suitable men, don't you? ... Flirt a little ..." (They're in the lobby now, waiting for her to go up ... "alone & as is," they've suddenly decided (To fill out a foursome — With no further introductions!) in a rickety old elevator ... next to the guard desk!) "Accept it!" he tells her, accompanying her through the doors & punching a few floors, "Just relax!" and her suddenly unresisting legs ("Oh, no!") part of themselves (for the gander's education!) and with one hand gruffly pinching her (after all!) bare nipples (to encourage her!) ... "Please leave well enough alone!" ... "Be careful! You'll lose your head!" he says, referring – ironically – mostly to himself ... "No fondling!" she tells her weak-willed chaperone, removing both his hands, "... Just kissing lessons! It's too hot in here! I'm melting! Ooo! A long one!" ... (Impertinent trochal nipple-hards in front of a red blinking security camera ...) "That'll take a few tips then from your husband-in-waiting ... and teach them what we've learned so far about  t-r-i-a-l   s-e-p-a-r-a-t-i-o-n-s, or (kissing & twisting her toward the camera, to roughly wishbone her again ... for prolonged (Zoom it in!) gleaming trim) ... show them! Let them get the message! ... («I am available, free and anywhere»)" ... "That'll give them a picture of a happy couple!" ... "Just phone home ... if you get into any ... deep, culminating trouble."

6. She Never Carries a Purse! "You can ask me anything." She may be totally suggestible. "You can show me how suggestible you are, right now, by the way you ... touch your pussy." Wait Until You Don't Have Any! It starts out innocently enough. He takes photos of her in various stages of undress, culminating with her nude in the back seat of their car, and fully exposed. "That was a long exposure," she says, "If you dare show these to anyone we know, they'll say I'm a whore." "Hold it!" he says, "let me focus on that." "And if you show it to a stranger, he'll think I'm available." "Hold it!" he says, "Now show me if you're available." "Well, you can't show it to anyone we know ... " " ... unless he's married," he says, "He'll keep his mouth shut because he won't want it to get back to his wife." "Oh!" "Are you ready to go for a ride in the car?" "What would you say to him?" "She's in the back seat ... She's a little tipsy ... Will you ride in the back seat with her?" "Oh, God!" . . . For some reason this makes her angry. "I don't want you to touch my pussy ... this way," she says, demonstrating one of the Eskimo Rules. "Then can I take another shot?" "Do you have any Bourbon?" she says, besides ..., "He'll tell everyone," touching a hypernipple. "Not if I say to him, 'Do you want to do something you wouldn't want your wife to know?'" he says, raising the camera, adding, "Do you have someone in mind?" She shudders involuntarily ... for the camera. They both take a shot. "... mmm ... a long shot," she says, leaning back. "How come you keep wanting me to do these Eskimo rules?" she says, keeping her legs outlandishly parted, "and you're the drowsy chaperone ... Don't you think I'm going to like the one I'm with, and let him touch me here? ... where you can't? ... because it's a rule?" "Is there a compromise?" "No, ... but my pussy needs something, ... and you can't touch it, ... so what shall we do?" "Let me fix it for you the way it's supposed to be." "There's really no need for a lot of things." "A pussy without whiskers!" "Mmm, ... we wouldn't want that! ... That feels so good! ... mmm! ... Remember the rule!" ... "It's not fashionable to say, I am free!" ... "Mmm, ... you can ... look on the web! ... Very flimsy outfits" ... "Wow! You're full of love! I hope it's the right one!" ... "You fool, you! (.. Like this?) I wanted it to seem like asparagus, growing up from the ground." ... "Do you want to do that?" ... "No snapshots! There's other people!" ... "This is art! You have to do it once!" ... "And then you put baby oil on it!" ... "Hello, sweeter than rain!" ... "All fingers!" ... "No wonder Chagall was happy all the time!" "(.. Stretches things out!)"

7. "Reveal yourself ... Reveal your sultry side." ... "Sand, surf, memory problems ... Every day a little." ... (The telling of it (lying out on the beach) keeps her sexually charged, drawing ...) ... Rousing alternative men, playing with fire ... "A 'kini' is only half a bikini, you know?" ... It's really a lot of fun to torture 5000 people at the same time ... "So you'll cover your eyes with my polka-dot bra when I take its teeny-weeny off?" ... "A showy nude!" ... "I want you to know it's a whole new game." ... While her Beaujolais bra meat farkles in the sun! ... Observing all around, "What a spiritual age we live in!" ... lifting her hips for the ultimate tug ... "It's a nice little world, isn't it? ... There! ... It's your Church!" ... Wrapped in a kini & learning to talk, man, see? ... "I got my seed on it." ... "Then I can't put it back on." ... "I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!" ... "Well, there go the real estate prices!" ... "That's okay, the dogs like it." ... "You devil you! Oh, now, what was I going to say that would help you? Oh, I forget! So check out the view!" ... "You know what Freud said ... Anatomy is Destiny." ... "Just a little step beyond 'It Wasn't Meant To Be,' hmm?" ... turn, pitch, yaw, roll ... twist ... Snow Fish, full of pigment ... "You're going to whack the crap out of people's teeth." ... "Why haven't you done that yet?" ... "I like to see a kid getting away with murder!" ... "Kind of a weird dreamy peace all over the world." ... "Let the world go by!" ... "Don't say that out loud; you might start a stampede!" ... "Eliciting Wife's First Strange Cock." ... "Let's leave this aside, okay?" ... "Can a pussy be bought, moved or shaken?" ... "We'll see ... There's proof: We went to a fight and a hockey game broke out!" ... "Here they come!" ... "They think they're so sly!" ... "Emporia! & deep inside, euphoria!" ... "Oh, yeah! I try everything!" ... "You have to do it while it's wet." ... "People are so spoiled!" ... Slyly Subversive: " ... and don't waste a minute pretending you're good." ... "Why should I be good?" ... "Maybe ménage à trois?" "Ha! Maybe La Dolce Vita." "Oh, yeah? In private? Maybe a little Kung Fu Hustle!" "Maybe the 'stow' rooms ... where they stow everything" ... And any guy who can touch her pencil-eraser nipples can have her ... "Mmmm ... Button-up white top and denim sun-shift! ... ANNOUNCEMENT! ... Twist those & you'll own her!" "Don't take advantage of me!" "Two hints announcing her plum-full-of-desire!" ... Now she has more than a glimmer of promiscuity in her eyes ... More memory problems, "It's drenched!" dropping her 'kini' in my lap ... "You don't know what I'm doing, do you?" she says ... A little tiger, touching herself ... "Did you feel like a star?" ... "People wanted to take over the property," she says ... "Did you show them your secret bed?" ... "Oh, if you want to," she says ... "So where do you draw the line on that?" ... "I looked at his hands," she says, "It wasn't so much they were huge ..." ... "Okay, let's see." ... She unbuttons her sun-shift ... "They're just flowers," she says, her now naked body straddling his eyes ... "Next week we're going on the ferry! .. We made another date .. 'Good luck with your marriage!' he told me, wondering how much I'd tell you." ... Oh, yeah? What about her tangerine debutante dream? --- "I'm actually wearing nothing but naked tan lines," she tells me of her dream earlier that morning, "with the complete treatment! And it's snowing on me! Just bonk it!" (In the photos they'd added a police whistle, how I'm not sure. When I can stand it, she continues, (And that's when I totally snapped! ... as she casually spreads her legs and rubs on protective sunscreen) telling me they took photos when they'd shaved her, and someone came in her!) ..."It was probably your father!" ... "He's the head of the whole thing," she admits, "He picks all the players." ... "So your father can shoot?" he asks for the first time ... "Eleven, maybe twelve," she says, keeping her legs demonstratively apart, now 'kini'-less, the cloth token of her lingering affection for him just out-of-reach, their discarded polka-dots half in the sand, and (not unnoticed to passersby!) trailing her thumb off her bellybutton & progressively slipping two fingers inside, breaking the ice big time! ... "Until how old?" ... "Hey!" she says, "Good luck!"

8. Her Dark Fig Sweetness Curtains Drawn! Would You Like to Show Everyone How You Do This? Occasionally swaying, arming herself, she writes impossible conditions for the pledge to be broken – "Anything!" "H-22?" – on a case-by-case basis, keeping her sun-shift more than partially open while writing them. It's My New Sensitivity Training: And her dress for success -- next to nothing! -- A sex tourist in Haiti? ... My For all you do, this kiss is for you, number ... Just for the Fun of It and To Spread the Revolution: "Being Betty" ... You would like that ... with ingenuous naïveté, prepossession, and artlessness, she lets the shift drop, head cocked, shoulder forward ... "What a fashion statement!" (He snaps the picture) ... You're so rude! This is how the art class asks me to pose, until I change it to this! ... "You're so lewd!" ... There you go! – the naked truth – 'Studies in Prenuptial Invitations' ... "Prenuptial pandemonium! Seeing Other People" ... "That's the renaissance!" ... (You have to admit it to yourself, that you're jealous; then you see what happens) ... "As long as you put it on a Brazilian website, I guess it's okay." ... From Brazil, where all the nuts come from ... But now I have to wear a shift until I go ... "Will you give me a ride? ... or dial the phone ... for me to talk to them ... to pick me up?"

9. We have an arrangement: Spouse at home, affairs on the side. "I have nothing to wear! ..." I'd like to get a jalousie, or something that's safe -- It's like sitting inside a violin. "... Probably the cheaper, the better ..." In the Asphalt Heat, Checking Her Frontal Crash Rating: "His light's out! --- He's seen everything! --- the whole show!" No Nails -- Just Leather Joices. "Keep the window open!" ... There's something outrageous -- so covenantally outlandish! -- about watching a woman who reflects and projects your soul (The loss containers grow!) having an animated conversation with another man ... something so ... piquant ... about her breasts and all, all lined up for someone else, bequeathing herself for ten, fifteen, even twenty minutes at a time. All calm and matter-of-fact, yet with every cell of her female body (a.) unattainable, (b.) yakking away & (c.) totally composed, her cell on call, momentarily catching a glimpse of a face ((Yours!) in the anima of her trysting affair) enlightened (in her plain, peasant blouse!) by her soul-wrenching glance, (turning back!) doesn't even recognize! Devilish devices! I could go on and on about this.

10. Nothing to Hide: Train Ride! ... "When we get into San Miguel De Allende next week, you lose your underpants," ... Just like now ... "and when we get into Guanajuato, you permanently lose your bra." ... Whatever, and we'll do it! ... "In the Observation Car?" ... Sometimes life is full of surprises ... Looking around for a whole year! ... "How 'bout a Sea Cruise?" ... I'll take a sea cruise if you wear a rubber! ... "While you're hugging a novio amigo might just this moment be the best time to look into someone else's eyes." ... (Oh, just like now you mean!) ... If I have a naughty crack, then you have to wear a condom! ... "Just when you lean back, and hug 'em with your swiveling pelvis ... and I'll be wearing a what? ... It's like wearing a sock!" ... If I'm wet and wanton, then you're high & dry! In a safety! ... "All for you ... We have to be careful!" ... Then give them my phone number? ... "They don't have cell phones on cruise ships." ... My room number ... "They'll knock on your door." ... My damsel-in-distress number? – because you'll always ... always! ... be wearing a condom? ... "You'll be wearing clothes?" ... My locker number ... "You'll give them everything?" ... My lottery number! ... "You'll be naked?" ... My number number ... "And then you'll stop?" ... My combination number ... "And won't see them again?" ... My ... home phone number! ... "You'll see him again?" ... You have to admit it to yourself, that you're jealous! ... "Too bad Mexicans don't do it!" ... Si! My favorite number! ... 5, 15, 25! ... So I can ride bareback! ... "Without protection?"... My ... devout Catholic number! ... (You should get used to it!) ... "Then he'll breed with you." ... My deepest ... farthest ... widest number ... "What do you call that?" ... Cheating .. Um, gringo grafting! ... (Look at my nipple!) ... "Mmm, a little Frenchman! That's a swell button! It just has a mind of its own!" ... We're in trouble! ... (If you're enslaved by your sock) ... Go put it on! ... "You don't want to play by yourself!" ... All right, Señor! – Do you mind switching places with this ... gentleman? ... "She's a shy señorita! ... Adios, Señor! ... She never told me her name." ... Bye-bye! (See that? )|( The sock rules!) ... Go put it on! ... "Safety first! ... I'm going overboard!" ... Do it now!

11. I'm about ready to throw in the towel ... At least try it once ... "Well, look at you!" ... The swing of your hips! ... "She always looks like she's going to or coming from a party!" ... "They're idiots! You don't have to get all serious about someone you make out with," she mutters, hanging up her coat ... (She's hurt! Remember to Play After Every Storm!) ... The sound of one hand clapping! ... "Well, what have we here? What have we here?" ... The World is a Wedding! ... "You and me, Cassidy!" ... "Another party! Well, three friends! Come on, guys!" ... My wife is smoking hot! ... "Show me some skin, girl! Come on, Cassidy!" ... "The less you wear, the more you need Nair!" ... "Are you going to encourage him?" ... "Take a look." ... "That was a new thrill – Frosted! – to their roots!" ... translucently pale vein-laced skin ... "Have you been to Las Vegas?" ... "Too little!" ... "What did you do?" ... "Natural. Anything natural. You should have been there." ... "You could do it at night." ... "Anyone who touches you where you hurt is a good doctor." ... "Touches me where?" ... "Anywhere you like! It's got your name written all over it!" ... "Being in charge is definitely my favorite position." ... Cassidy! ... (a.) GYN Code of Conduct: "For your safety, there will be two of us checking you out: Herr Docktor & Frau Nurse: Thank God for our patience!" ... Where does it hurt, Cassidy? Show us your boo-boo! ... (b.) Celebrity Patients, "Pay no attention to the webcam! We are consulting with Foreign Docktors!" ... She looks a little skewed ... "Or maybe unscrewed!" ... "There's plenty for everyone, guys! Settle down!" ... They easily strip away her gown's modesty ("Where do you want me?" she asks, leaving no shadow of her smile demurring to cooperate ... "Take your choice :: Be happy with everybody!" a voice somewhere in the peanut gallery suggests, adding, "Down low! It works really well," (with both remembering a grief-stricken interlude the night before, "Maybe we can have a contest to see who can bring their hairy balls as close to your pussy as possible .." .. (Smacking!) ... "And the moon! They go together!" she'd mischievously admitted) leaving her now (eclipsing the table!) in the moment!) for someone to unfasten the drawstring affixing her loin napkin to demonstrate (with some satisfaction!) to the white-frocked technicians (The soft black napkin adhering to her loins, held only by a drawstring around her hips, something she'd worn in an earlier dance recital, topless: "The great granddaughter, Cassidy Duncan!" -- From the top of her shoulder, she plays off against her sexiness! (sharing also the blood of a flinty Welshman, a Philadelphia Main Line blueblood, a New York City financier, and a Tunisian housekeeper (explaining her sizable trust fund!) the fruits of which are now unfolding before their eyes) being unfastened and carefully peeled away from her unapologetic and minutely drawn quiddity) by the soft touch on an inner thigh (and then the other!) the willingness of women in Northeastern Nudistan to get fucked! ... A soft landing! ... "You know, I do love to visit new places!" ... (c.) Defoliating your girlfriend for the benefit of others: "Say it! What is it you want me to do? You have to say it!" ... "For you to love, honor and obey .. I'll lather you up." "For what?" "For the benefit of the bees' knees!" ... Suddenly it's the juxtaposition of cherry quim and nose-down greedy love-hum playing open-throated on her own cuckoo husband! ... for enough perfunctory jazz to swallow all his jism! ... (She's the bees' knees!) ... and keep cross-pollination for the others in her consummate hooker crosshairs ... (Bees' knees configure a mammoth root garden, (especially from the manhandling stretching & plucking her nipples ...) "What a piece of ache!" someone says, slowly stroking himself, then wiping the pre-come off his left hand.) ... That same someone makes quick work of her shearing, flattening each side with his left hand! – to keep her from writhing! (There's a callous thumb in there somewhere, and two rough fingers somewhere else!) ... She watches them flipping her over twice, like venison in a butcher shop! ... (... giving her breasts hardly a chance to jiggle!) ... "Kiss her! And see if she kisses back!" ... "See? She's callipygian, with perfect calves!" ... ("Is she encouraging you?" "She's all yes!" "The only thing she doesn't have is an unfamiliar dick!" "Unfamiliar rules!" "And around again!") ... Now with a hot wet towel being the only thing remaining between her baby-smooth yean and the rest of the men ... "Flow right in to the place!" ... "Your places!" the guy says, "& action!"(d.) & the RED LIGHT! – (the webcam for Jealous Cuckoo Husbands! ... Keeping them hard again!) – "We didn't look! We promise!" ... (e.) Adults Playing Docktor – "I'll wear Prada if you wear nada!" ... "Cassidy? Spread the wealth!" ... "And be your spanked little slut? ... For showing you evidence? Like this? H-22?"

12. Dark, Dark, Dark! Everything's Getting Like That Now: ... "How did you pull that off?" ... It's Only Kinky the First Time ... "H-22?" ... Except When You Forget How to Count! ... They take out an ad: "In The Pink :: my wife || another man :: his penis || her vagina" -- A close call, and firm date -- She is definitely little beaver! ... "No fruit is forbidden." ... "That's my loyalty, right?" ... What if they called and flipped the Queen of Diamonds? ... She munches on a Power Bar, combs her long blonde hair, while he writes, "Her assent to couple and surrender, to rutting tumescence, while stroking chestnut hair over taut teardrop titties, wide-eyed and reciprocating, her silver orgasm simultaneously translated into French!" until she turns and says, "Did you remember to forget my bathing suit? ... and he's not French; he's Japanese." ... "Is there a difference between art and sex?" he asks her, now putting down her comb and toying with her iPhone ... "It's a very thin line," she says ... "Oh, did you talk to him?" ... "You've been replaced," she whispers, putting down the iPhone ... "Oh, you talked to him? What are you wearing?" ... "It's not much, but ... Oh!" You've got to take it off, too ... "I want him to breed with me, and be with me when it's born & you to wear a condom!" ... No flowers? You decide! ... "Do you want me to close the door or leave it open?" ... Uh-oh! I have a bad feeling about this ... "Oh, hello again! What are you up to these days? Ohh! Ummm!" ... Shrinking! I'm about five feet now ... "Did you open the door because I was coming?" ... "Where are your manners? We have company!" ... Art and sex, welcoming our guest, all bowing deeply, "What's Japanese for 'taut teardrop titties?' Do these qualify?" ... "Thlese? In Japanese?" ... It's really good to share ... taut teardrop titties ... "How thlickly?" ... Strictly!

13. And Now For the Eskimo Next Door ... Even after ... "I'm the slut doctor! More degrees than a thermometer!" Two Really Sharp Guys: "And no one else!" There's so much of a woman to get naked! ... The Whispered Rule: "Rule twenty-nine! No matter what happens, keep your hands by your side." ... "Well, then, I'm going pro!" she says, unclipping her demi-abracadabra, (For a Lengthy Though Prim, Calmly Entropic & Totally Unnecessary Breast Exam :) ... Even before ... "Maybe I'll talk to him." ... Bad, huh? Inner warmth: You can't beat it! .. Hold on to reality! ... "Are you sure you won't hold a grudge? You know .." (She lifts her skirt) ... Slick invooge! ... (while eating an orange! ... gazing thoughtfully at him, both knowing the thick luge to become buried farther in there!) ... to becoming his (on-call!) next-door-neighbor bare-boned beaver bride! ... knowing her knees (as now!) would be cleaving unmitigated beaver upon drooling bone! (as to be now!) ... (Hint: His organic gonad stalk, undangled and sucked upon! (making it now!) ... until springing ripe for rudeness to freshly impaled pussy! ... "How did you get up there?") ... then spurting coming in off-rhythm velvet! ... "I can't talk unless you dial!" ... Dressing conservatively? ... "I'll never do it again!" (next to kin! :) ... to kiss on the first date? ... "Of course!" she says, exposing her throat, "so the man knows you want to see him again!" (dare-me grin! :) ... adding pointedly, "That's my bare nipples!" ... "Bring your measurements!" (sin-bare twin! :) ... Better than driving ... He Catches Her Sneaking Out the Door (twisty-pear spin! :) ... Even while ... "Oh, there you are!" ... Her lips are red -- red, even without lipstick ... "That's really nice!" ... She's so natural. Her nipples are showing ... "Because I want to go out later," she says, brushing a tittie de larme against the back of a chair ... "Do you like pomegranates?" she offers, (imaginatively,) "I'll bring you a pomegranate tomorrow." ... Nifty! It costs you nothing! ... "Arrest me," she says, "I'm a nut!" ... "When are they getting off?" he asks ... Maybe it's one of Santa Claus's workers ... "They're off now!" she says with a sly smirk ... Uncrossing, Unfeigned, Unlimited! ... "In view of how much you like my body," she continues, "It was a tough choice." ... You don't have to struggle to make things good ... "My body's a contest," she murmurs on the way out the door, "Enter to win!" ... A ferry coming into the slip ... "My body? Oops! Now you see it, (Oh, Robin Nipple! ... Adding lipstick!) ... now you don't! (Abandoned Naked! ... for a dipstick!) ... and now you do! ...." (The beauty of the situation is, no matter how close he is, he's always still far! ... "It's for sale," she continues, opening her thighs: (Sighting semen and chagrin!) ... "I know you're preparing for my wonderful and deep Kookle a little later," she tells him enticingly, "However!" ... ) and to the stud next door, "How do you do?" ... (to be casually lifting it!) ... And they're off!

14. "Happy birthday!" ... "My birthday, my birthday, three candles for my birthday!" she sings, playing with him, "Every time it's my birthday, you buy a present you can see through! Why is that?" ... "To be present to present you!" he says, "Let's go shopping for you to get presentable!" ... "Naked, naked, naked, I'm always naked! —I'm getting used to it!" she marvels to herself, sorting through her already presentable shirts and skirts, "I don't even need anything ... presentable? How's this?" ... She models a simple ... presentable ... T-shirt, her nipples extremely presentable ... "I flirt, I trick, ... I cheat!" she sings, "and this?" ... a simple miniskirt ... "... Presentable?" she says, bending over to tie her tall ties, fastening long sandals, "We're going shopping, right?" ... Extremely presentable! ... "I think I need new shoes," she says out loud, and together they head for one or two ... or even three malls, to say things like, "What are you showing today?" ... calm, cool and uncovered! —My pupik ... sticking out! —(Maybe with her clitoris sticking out from the crest of her cunt!) ... "Look for the girl with a broken smile!" ... Because everyone needs an outlet! ... "Can I call you when those particular sandals come in?" one of the sales clerks says (A bona fide admirer! ...) and she leaves him her texting number. "It's my birthday!" she tells him, "and I'm lighting candles!" ... "Well, you had me at ... Hel-lo!" he says, adding goofily, " ...an' hope you can presently ... blow it ... out!" (Proving he's the one!) ... She gives him a quick kiss, and affirmatively purrs, "We're the love cats," adding, "What are they doing across the street?" and with almost everyone else momentarily distracted, lightly touches (and brushes into ...) against... his candle ... "We should be sure we do ..." ... Waiting for him to come over, (She gets into these lusty things) ... "It's Like the Social Register!" ... (Love is picking up on, (Every hair in the right place!) then participating in, someone else's incest!) "Which would you prefer: hard boiled or farm fresh?" (That's her father & mother) modeling her new see-through teddy, (And THAT's her brother! ... checking her texts ... ) totally naked underneath (... reflectively texting back, "I'll send you one ...") while her husband says, "I love it when you contain me ..." ... Some slow-burning wood ... "In your under-mind! I think a mirror increases light six times ..." ... "Where do you want me? ..." ... "Undermind!" ... (Makes sex strange again) ... "No. It was just a statement. If your nose itches," she says, "it means you're going to kiss a fool's ... cock!" ... (You lay low and hold on to your money) ... "My nose itches a lot!" ... (Better than headaches!) ... "Well, of course, there're more people on earth than me!" ... (Good God! Civilized divorces? This is by choice!) ... "Want me to open my personal life up to him?" ... (Then Feel Her Body Rise: "Tell him everything we've done!" I won't leave out anything! she assures the backwardly crouching ... Son of Phantom!) ... as the doorbell rings ... "Happy birthday! I, uh, didn't bring you a present." ... "Maybe you did," she says, noticeably trembling in her tiny present (insanely see-through!) shyly taking his hand, leading him, backhandedly grazing, then kneeling in front of ... "Bring it on down, babe!" a perfect alignment between the flickering TV and a pixilated crack ... "You could work on that in the mirror -- Get some excellent results!" ... in the closet door, "Let's see," she says, (now unzipping the huge present, her lustful surprise being fully reflected ... "Can't keep from popping out!") pulling it to her smooth cheek, (with the TV ...) ... "... Pucker up! ..." ... while still on TV, "... And grab some buds! ..." opening her lips, "... The best nights start with a little Effen! ..." ... her teddy (in the mirror) becoming a mere droppel ... "They say practice makes pervert!" ... They move to the bed ... "... with a huge backup along Highway 101 near Petaluma ..." (—To handle your candle!)

15. "The viewest two!" ... "These are my viewest ones!" she starkly admits, (She's nuts! (... her nipples readily examinable) And ejaculatory! (... her tube top smartly accessible.)) ... "What will you do if the photographer asks you to pull down your tube top?" he asks for the umpteenth time, hopefully ... "My mystique? ... my ... total exposure? ... and then I take my watch off," she adds, spreading her legs slightly as she illustrates exactly how she'll take her ... watch off ... Improved technology. An Indian nipplemeister! "If the photographer asks you to pull down your tube top, what will you do?" It's either that or smoke! "You don't want people to like you for your clothes, do you?" Are you reluctant? "At least let me suck you some before I go over ... Then maybe I won't feel so guilty about it all." And remember my promise! From time to time, when things are getting a little out of line, they have to do "Eskimo Homework," and some time earlier, in the middle of the morning, they had decided on a "brush-up." For this particular occasion she arrived at showing him every one of her bikinis, to solemnly decide, for the benefit of the photographer next door, "which one is best." "It's not the photographer you have to worry about," she says, "It's his wife! She wants to meet you ... to take me to an even more disquieting level ... It's for your sex research, right? She showed me some issues of that seventies magazine, Gallery, and in particular, a 'Feedback Letter' the two of us laughed about and dubbed, 'The Half-Open Marriage ... with Extreme Benefits' and told me to show it to you." "You do what she tells you, now?" he guesses. "You're a quick guesser!" she replies, dropping the shoulder strap off her shoulder, making it a true tucked-in tube top ... In the course of her modeling, they agree maybe she should stay unfairly unclad or topless at home, so it "won't seem strange" for her to go around that way, even when guests come over, because it's "what she always does." One of her bikini bottoms is almost totally transparent, especially when it's wet, and she saves it for last, because they have to get to their real homework, sort-of-sideways. "Is this the one?" she asks, curving up her pelvis, bending back. Then, when he's totally absorbed in this "homework," practicing for the "final exam," she suddenly says, "Well, how's this?" and pulls it completely to the side. "Does this help? ... Or is this too evil?" They both realize this "Eskimo studying together" will help them overcome the last vestiges of any mutual shame, for renewing their Eskimo commitment. "Does this help?" she says again, still drawn aside, lying back a little. "Go ahead ... Take a good long look," and then in a stern voice, half-jokingly, resting completely on her elbows, "There might be a quiz later." He realizes what he's seeing is somehow backwards, the whole Jeopardy Show! ... "It's the answer!" he says, "The question is ...," to reinstate their Eskimo commitment, and renew their promise, or vow, one of them must reaffirm their incestuous pledge! It's just not as simple as a teenage student saying "Let's have sex," and his school teacher saying "Okay!" which would be "fresh enough" in her topless bikini, with the bottom caught to the side ... her scent noticeable ... She has to actually say it, in her husky voice: "Our next guest is welcome, how's that?" "Then here's the letter," he says, "I'll read it to you: 'Friends & Lovers ¶ Last summer, our neighbors and close friends moved to a large nearby city. In order to keep their weight down in moving, we allowed them to leave some boxes in our storage area. Much to our surprise, it was their collection of erotic magazines, including every issue of Gallery since 1974. ¶ One rainy Saturday evening, while the kids were gone, my wife Jane and I cuddled up in our king-size bed with a bottle of wine and the magazines. Gallery was our favorite; we read nearly seven years' worth of your very fine Feedback section – stopping, of course, for some torrid sex scenes of our own. Jane climaxed more in that evening than she normally does in a month. ¶ About a month later, Ted and Pat (our relocated neighbors) came by to pick up their boxes and to spend the weekend with us. While Ted and I were golfing, Pat and Jane began having some early cocktails, and talking about their favorite subject – sex. It seems that Pat and Ted found the magazines a source of stimulation and read them regularly before and during sex. ¶ Pat confided to Jane that, in public, she had worn see-through clothes with nothing on underneath. Jane then asked her about swapping, and Pat smiled, saying that they were game – without Jane even asking! Pat told Jane that, at Ted's insistence, she had actually been felt up by some total strangers when they have their "sex night" on the town. She had even gotten stoned and had sex with two other men while Ted watched. ¶ That evening, Pat and Jane cooked something special for Ted and me. We'd all gotten a little drunk and very horny, but since we still had our five children in the house, the girls suggested that we go out parking. We drove out to the lake in separate cars and found a safe parking place. Jane eased over to me, and I discovered she had nothing on under her pullover terry cloth jumpsuit. I grew hard just by the thought of her naked body, but really got turned on when she related her afternoon conversation with Pat. "Did we want to swap?" she asked. I nodded and kissed my pretty wife of nearly 11 years as she slid out of the car to meet Pat halfway. ¶ When Pat slid in, my heart jumped. My previously thought-to-be-conservative neighbor immediately started shedding her clothes. ¶ At 34, she was beautiful with small pert, upright breasts and the fullest crop of pubic hair I have ever seen. We started kissing and I marveled at her soft touch as she set about undressing me. We were soon in a very awkward sixty-nine position as I licked and sucked her very pretty pussy. Her clitoris was larger than Jane's, and I easily inserted four fingers into her pussy. ¶ As we fucked, Pat and I talked. She asked if I was going to let Jane get fucked by strangers (as Ted and Pat had done before). I replied yes. She also asked if we would visit them next weekend, as they knew a man who would be more than pleased to fuck my pretty wife. She told me that it was submitting to a total stranger while Ted watched that sent her into every known type of orgasm. ¶ That evening was even better than I could have imagined. Upon returning home, we put the kids to bed and went straight to our own bed. I was overwhelmed with excitement when I felt Jane's sperm-filled cunt. We fucked until early in the morning and talked of our new fantasy. ¶ "Next week they're having a friend over," she tells me, not knowing I'd already agreed to such a wanton arrangement, "I think we could open this conversation up a little more, don't you?" she goes on, slowly unbuttoning the front of her short skirt, "You know, between you and me? ..." I realized things would get far more explicit ... "... and others," she said, completing my thought. "Well, there's more to this than meets the eye!" ... "Do you think this (-- the open gleaming! --) will be the beginning of the new life?" ¶ From that night on, Jane wanted to do anything I wanted, including any kind of sex with anyone. We've not changed our habits or way of living around home, friends, or co-workers, but when we're away on business or visiting Ted and Pat, we really let loose. –Name and address withheld by request.'" ... (While he'd been reading, she'd been shrewdly shedding everything else ...) "You won't mind if I have guests over ... (Now she's completely nude ...) ... will you?" (... and without waiting for an answer ... (wide open & furiously writhing, stretching & playing with herself ... "It's for those strangers, babe! Now lick me now ... if left no choice but do that!" she hisses) clawing for the phone ...)

16. For all to see: "This has never happened before." Without Saying a Word: "Show me how you'd like to suck his dick." & begins sucking first on the head of his cock ... then shoves the whole thing into her mouth ... "Bailes?" ... Hmmmm-mph? ... "Are you comfortable?" ... "All my exes live in Texas!" she sings, cheek to candle. "Last night he gave me a 'flirtini!' ... 'cause he saw the olives make me presently horny to pinch my nipples! ... & told me to slip off my underpants, because the white reflects too much light. Then he was happy! Then he said, 'Is this a demonstration?'" ... Licking it all up and down ... (Demonstration?) ... while her husband gazes down her ample cleavage, realizing how "that way" she'd been all day ... (Everything!) ... "making him so hard!" she continues, momentarily pulling back to inspect her slick handiwork, "Like this!" (taking his length again) ... "Did you take the bait? ... or hesitate?" ... "Well, after two 'flirtinis,' WHAT? ... I mean, What the ..? WHAT? ... Exactly what doesn't reflect the light?" ... ('Daintily' slipping them off!), "It would have been rude ... (unbuttoning the front of her skirt) ... not to ... (Drooling greedily, abundantly!) ... stay late! ... (for every button!) ... to have and have not! ... for an investment," she finishes, wiping her face off. Soon & half-jokingly, "Janie" (as I now call her) said it would be strange if I wore a condom for the rest of the month, and we both laughed, though I quickly agreed knowing it would be scarcely appropriate for her to suggest ("It wouldn't be polite!") such rude circumventions (to the sanctity of life!) to any neighbor she'd just met ("Would it?") and that this would, with almost perfect certainty, open a whole new world for her, and for us, and with me sheathed this way (coming in gallons!) for a whole month, we could still both hear (in our own minds!) the patter of little feet! "Would it be perfectly festive if we keep doing that? ... for me to be egging you on, in a condom? And for me to be fucking anyone I please, without protection? Would you like that, honey? For me to be fucking anyone I please, without protection? ... ("I really will do it," she whispers, "if we keep a secret breeding-register with dates and times ...") ... with you always being both the Registrar and father-of-record, all cock-eyed and sheathed in the condom-of-proof," (and to be "perfectly fair," (they agree,) when they're out together, she'll dress in a way to look vulnerable, yet accessible, and chic, yet 'noticeably needy') ... Honey, are you coming inside your condom? ... thinking about me looking noticeably needy? Isn't that what this is?" Afterwards she would teasingly hold up the condom and drop it into the trash, which would make me so horny we would start it right up again. Her tongue would dart in my mouth and she'd say, "It's just to let some other guy invest in our future!" I was already half-trained for this and what we were already doing & would be doing, and our next step into open "one-way!" adultery would bring us to the brink of an ironic closure to the rhythm method! ... "You're a quick study," she playfully said, swinging yet another half-full condom near an open window, "Do you think we could get a little filthier?" and tossed it out onto the street. As she stood at the open window she stretched up totally nude to see where it had fallen. (With a view to the neighbor's house from there!) Soon she was bare-tittie rosebudding and nipple nailing a cutoff Phillies T-shirt in the shadows of the sunshine, slightly away from the window (with her eyes lowered conspiratorially) twisting on tightly furrowed Liberty Bell bikini bottoms (to safeguard men's freedom to sow firmly in her crack!) ... "Why slurp sloppy seconds when you can get it farm-fresh?" and I knew where most of my meals would be coming from! Janie (as I continued to call her) asked me to write a postscript to the letter-to-the-editor in Gallery, and wondered out loud if there was anything even nastier we "had-to-do!" ... "Short of a vasectomy to your cravings!" (Hinting at that!) ... "... maybe me in the garden without any panties on (don't need them anymore!) in leaf shadows (spuriaeting up-to-the-knees lace-boots & lacteous labia!) yakking on the iPhone (to my photographer!) while passing the self-cam over my legs spread? ... explaining how you're all fit-to-be-tied over this that's what's-to-be-coming, and behind a little window?" ... She studied me carefully ... "Well? Are you starting to write the letter?" ... "Dear Gallery," I began, "My wife won't stop being nude, and I'm supposed to go along with this? ... OUCH! Okay, already! ... We both crave a little half-open rose!" ¶ It starts with when my wife sucks my cock so much, I have nothing left for her vagina. Then I lick her pussy – (Janie's "half-open rose," I tell her) – and talk to her about her maybe getting some actual "fondling & proper kissing, with fooling around down inside," and demonstrate with three fingers: "They can't get any deeper!" whispering in her ear, "What can we do about that?" ... which is probably my mistake, because these constant "mind trips" get her really going! "With fools!" she says. Then she gets extremely depressed, so we go out driving and she says, "I just have to have a man!" Just kiddingly, I tell her if she gives me "the underpants in question" before we go through a toll booth, and "accidentally" flashes the guy while I fumble for the change, I'll drop her off at a 24-hour truck stop. One time we did this and she called me from somewhere half across the country to pick her up. When I got there, she was already somewhere else. We're probably crazy, but we're getting to see the country. I worry about her not wearing underpants out on the open road, and last time I reached her asked if she was getting the men she was with to wear condoms. She screamed, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" and hung up. So I guess she's not depressed anymore. –N & A withheld.

17. She Doesn't Say Another Word: "Babe, I'm not depressed anymore!" ... "Do you think you'll let him come in your mouth?" but starts going up and down on his shaft that much faster ... and keeps it up until he explodes in her mouth and she swallows every drop ... "I did it with him a little bit," she said, coaxing me, beginning to let secrets unfold. There was something tantalizing around the corner, making me rock hard again and she could clearly monitor my hardening resolve ... not to crack! I knew she was talking about the photographer next door, who had been made privy, for some reason, about our new arrangement. "I shared with him that letter to Gallery," she confides, "Maybe it's just me, but he kind of mesmerized me looking down my blouse ... I think he could see my nipples." We were both beginning to see things in a different light. "He asked if I'd brought my notepad and wanted me to take notes." ... It could be a genetic predisposition. I knew what it meant when she started to get serious, and had somehow learned not to break the spell, whatever it was! ... "His idea!" she went on brightly, "You won't believe this, but I told him, well ... what we do, and he had the same idea!" ... "What were you wearing?" I finally managed to ask. "What I'm wearing now," she said indifferently, though when she leaned over, a moment later, I, too, could almost hypnotize myself by the sight of nipples drawn on trembling titties at the shadow of a dark threshold, especially realizing this hadn't been my exclusive treat. She sat back up, to more comfortably continue in her serious manner. What for me wasn't just for me, we could see, somehow sharing minds ... somehow. "The notes," I said. "What were you doing taking notes?" ... "Something like an art film investment ... I'll tell you tomorrow!" ... There would come a time when I'd watch her from the other side of a swimming pool, with us "playing single," though I'm getting ahead of myself (There's nothing like seeing your wife topless at a pool getting hit on, then later finding out she made a date! Oh, Hollywood!) ... "If I give you a foot massage will you tell me now?" I said, knowing this was a code for going even farther in what could open between us. "Well ..." "Will you do it without panties?" I said, clinching the deal. "You can see, but you can't touch!" and she matter-of-factly took them off, making it not-just-her-nipples. I had ample evidence to keep my mouth shut. "Can I take my clothes off, too?" I asked. "Okay ... He wants to make a movie, maybe for us to go to Los Angeles for a week, and you can come, too, after I've been there a few days to scope things out. The notes were about how a couple meet another couple, nothing kinky, and realize they'd both read the same letter from Gallery! ... Ooo, that feels good. Will you do my calves, too?" and lets her legs spread a little more. "Anyway, in the movie, they meet for dinner in Los Angeles, and after much conversation and wine, agree that if the two wives switch places at the booth, they should both pare their underpants." ... "Nothing kinky!" ... "Ahh, I like this ... and they do. First one wife turns to face the other husband and raises her skirt enough to see her 'need,' even for the camera, then the other girl (Janie!) follows suit, making sure her reciprocal display, and 'need,' would be earmarked as an open invitation, more for our 'safe and secure' offspring investment, and on video ("Cheating Up Danger -- Safely Impregnating Jainie," she later tells me,) not purely for the 'selflessness-of-art' sex -- but almost certainly 'consummate' sex with a total stranger ("an insouciant stud!," her rapt gaze makes clear (as the father!)) on camera, wound and rewound, attending to my condom, almost absentmindedly stroking me, as in the art video (both nude now, crescendoing song!) they're almost not keeping track of each other, either!" as the way it goes, ("Or went!") ... "And he wants me to be one of the wives! ... Would he like to see me like this? Can he have your privilege?" ... "With you there'd be lots of playing with of nipples, I can tell!" ... Anyway, she likes to flirt and do innocent things around the campfire, like take little outings with married men, "Well, we had the whole weekend afterwards! ... It's sort of fair ... isn't it, ... to cheat ... with two-timing studs ... who cheat?" she murmurs in the elevator, when they do meet at the Orange County Airport a week later and take a room in the middle of the afternoon, after a swim in the hotel pool, pressing all the buttons! ... "We already made the movie! It was fast!" she importunely admits, noticeably skirting around the unreserved date she'd just made, "You can play with my titties, discretely," she says, still wet-haired and towel-covered topless, her head against my chest, as the elevator door opens the first time ... "How shall we feel you up?" as the door opens the second time ... "Maybe you'll find it under 'bra!'" for the third ... "Mmm! Bra-vo! Bra-vo!" for the fourth! ... "That's right! That's the way! Ooo!" on the fifth, and no towel now! ... "Ooodly, ooodly, ooodly, ooo!" .. They barely make it to 609, leaving the door slightly ajar, trying to turn her face away, "I'm sorry, it's not polite to stare," giving it a sidelong glance, ("What's good for the goose is good for the gander!") as he pulls out his wicked demander! "It's sweet isn't it?" he says, hanging up her hardly preventative thong, silhouetting a 2nd hotel wing, she notices, and wide open balcony door. Laying back she says, "This is like comparing puckered ups to juicy stakes!" and all he says is, "Don't get it secondhand!" ... "Mmm," she says, spreading the table, (after noticing the furtive flutter across the way,) "or take an elevator down from the 8th floor!" ... He steps aside and writes 609 (a black marker!) on the side of a cardboard box ... "How do you write, 'Room 609' in French?" ... "You big ding-dong!" she laughs, "Maybe this ... Oh, this is better!" ... "LA CHAMBRE 609," he writes in big, black letters, "... for the benefit of ..." and yanks their curtains open "... any French voyeur!" ... in just the ... just the right way, turning back to her supine, polite, ("Come on, le Caïd!") yet obligingly resigned (though extremely watchful!) and docile form ... That's it! Belly Up! ... "How to reach out ... and touch it, baby!" ... Then he gets out the rope ... and ties down her right ankle.

18. Nothing to Worry: "Look what I did! Feel 'em! Do they feel soft? ... Kneel & I'll call you!" Well, anyone could say three words: "Everything came off!" Under Black Purple Pink Light, Orgasm Rules. ... From the iPhone next door! ... "He says he wants to put his cock into a bad wife .. Am I a bad wife?" ... "Is he manhandling you?" ... "Honey, are you kneeling? .. It's not infidelity, is it, if you're kneeling? .." "I love you!" ... "We're drinking bourbon .. Umm! ... Do they feel..?.. Oh!... Umm! ... Oooouuh! .. he has a masterful cock! .. Umm! .. Dangerous accounting! .. Mmn! .. on the blue sofa ..." ... "And everything came off?" ... "Oooouuh! .. Muggy weather .. Mmm!" ... "Well, if he's not jealous, do it!" ... "Honey, mmm! I don't know how late I'll .. Agh.. I love you so much! .. Oooouuh! .. I'm hooked on you! .. aghh! .. Oh, dear! .. Umm! .. A long bedroom! .. Mmn! .. I'm staying! .. Ooo .. That's my belly button! .. He-he-he! .. I'm staying forever! ... Umm!..tktv ... uuuuuuurrr ....

19. Under the Mistletoe: For Every Kiss, a Berry Comes Off ... "till no more berries are left!" ... Men Will Melt ... "You didn't allow me to finish!" Everyone Has Things They Can Do: "I'm finding my shoes!" She's a dark offering against a black background. He decides to give her a spontaneous course in the academic discipline of objective sex. "If wild, uninhibited sex is the same thing as love," he tells her, "after your first assignment — flirting, dressing provocatively at your high school Christmas party — you'll end up with someone else ... There's a saying," he continues, "If you really love someone, you should first set them free ... If they're supposed to be with you, they'll return." "You're bringing up the conservative part of me," she says, "I'm suddenly not sure if there's a difference between ... love and sex." "Then when you go to your high school reunion," he says, "You should wear a conservative dress that buttons up the front." "Were you spying on me?" she asks, "How did you know I was thinking about going to that dance?" "I wasn't spying. You told me. You just forgot!" "Well, I hope I don't forget anything else!" she teases him. "You have two choices," he instructs her, "(1.) You meet someone you love, have a conversation, maybe a cup of coffee, and give him your cell phone number." "What's the other choice?" she asks her teacher. "(2.) You have to slow-dance with someone without wearing any underpants." "With someone I don't love? Well, they're trying to cheat!" "Exactly ... Now, here's your first test ... What if he puts his big boner up your dress — do you think that's a good idea?" "No! ... because they'll be nothing there!" "Ah, your true hero!" "Why don't other people have these choices?" "God loves you, isn't that enough?" he says sternly. "No!" she says, "No one's taking anything off!" "To see your smooth pussy!" "No! Smooth is good!" "I'll tell you why! They have one thing ... a diploma!" he tells her. "What's my second assignment?" "To go back and double-throat the other guy." "The one I gave my cell number to?" "The one you luuuvv!" ... to the wall! ... "Then you have to let him take you to the locker room and fuck you against a wall." "Just a wood bench, how's that?" "If it's wobbly, it'll be even better!" "Then if I don't end up with you," she says, "it wasn't meant to be ... so let me give you ... one last look ... at my sparkling cunt!" "How dare you can say that, right here in the classroom!" he says, watching her unbutton the bottom three buttons of her dress ... "Oh, look! Clitty glitter! and a gold star! ... Go out and show 'em who's boss!" "I'd prefer not to say ... that you're fondling me! -- My teacher!" "Don't shut up the shop!," he adds, taking even more liberties, even kissing her! "That's what causes divorces!" ... "Look at that! You naughty boy! All rampant! You graduated to this? Look at you! When did you stop kneeling? ... When he was with me, he put it up in me without protection -- I wouldn't let him wear a rubber ... Where are your handcuffs?" ... "You're going dressed like that?" ... "If I unbutton the rest of my buttons, .;. I took him deep and hard -- letting him come .. deep as he could -- 'It's my time of month!' you know, I told him, 'So be careful!' -- then letting go ('He wasn't careful it turns out!') all the way inside me .;. Put on your handcuffs!" "Like this?" "There you go! And here I am! ... I am my own art project: Sexual plaything number forty-eight! ... Take a look!" ... You put in his number, didn't you? ... "In the cell phone?" ... He put in his number, all right! -- "I'm calling him now -- It's been a month I think ... since, ('Is it really?' 'See here?' 'How often does he have to do that?') ... you know ... Now do I get extra credit?" ... Fetch! ... Kvetch! ... "Oh, you just want to be on the side that's winning!" ... Catch-a-letch! ... "Oh, pretty Jesus, keep it open!" .;. "If you dial it for me, I'm fertile now .. Anh! But you're handcuffed! .. Just for this call! .. Is it ringing? .. Now handcuff yourself again!" .;:.. ("Does he have a big one?" "... for me to 86 my underpants for! ... (The stars of heavenly shaven!) ... like this!") .;:.. then you can't miss!

20. "There will be a full accounting for your actions, young lady! Imagine! Giving him a leg up!" ... (After encouraging her to go completely natural next door, (where also the neighbor's hippy friends hang out,) not only nude beneath, but totally unprotected, ("Why?" he rehearses her ... "Because I'm a hippie girl, and believe in free love ... with all that yard stone for us to clear!" ... "Then they should begin to know you're also an economy girl, a family girl, ... helping to clear it!") .. and during the day for her to spice things up ("... Just a bit!") with low-hanging fruit, ("... And tasty naughty bits!") to encourage an early incubation, so in reality, when she and the lucky dude meet alone, in the early evening, to augment her family cauldron, for him to vigorously add to the eggs for a new subtotal, violent enough!) ... Mary Had a Little Lamb ... and something stupid in me for going next door ... with the moon waning (Or waxing?) giving him both legs up, it turned out! ... this time of month! ... "Imagine how much fun you would have." ... There's Nothing Wrong With Having One More Beaver to Look At: "Screw it! Let's Do it!" ... I want you to be what you are ... as nature intended ... "Tell me about your dancing." ... "Just dancing ..." ... just dancing ... at first light rhythms of the music, a soft embrace, until the nature of her nudity is revealed in his mind ... then they go somewhere ... to demonstrate her liberation and resistance to conventional love through her intimate exposure and transcendental surrender ... to the one she's not with ... "I called him your name," she admits ... There's a girl who wants to get laid! ... with her cunting ways! ... a wife on the prowl, for someone she can pretend is me! ... "So softly!" she recollects, "for his dream grotto, and ..." (As I stand at attention, nude, handcuffed and fully erect!) "... and I'm not really sure I should be telling you this," she continues, "... but I told him ... everything!" "What was that?" I ask, (squirming now, wishing I had the keys!) "I told him this is my fertile time of month, and that if he wasn't careful, I'd get pregnant." "Did he wear a condom?" "That's the trouble," she continues, with us both knowing about her religious upbringing, ... how she eschews birth control ... "especially with me waiting naked on his bed to be underneath him! I told him since I was married, he wouldn't have to take any responsibility ... Ohh! ... His cock actually oozing against my hand now and so hard! ... One of his roommates was calling out, 'Who gets to slip their bare dick inside the resident hottie?' ... so I couldn't help putting it halfway inside!" (Still squirming, realizing, —She might have gone all the way with him!) "It wasn't just him," she admitted, watching me squirm & wriggle to get free ... "'Love shall set you free,' I told him, with him to be fully spent ('I could feel it!') and got off, with the ... Damn! ... releasing with the door wide open!" ... The lucky ones! ... her clawing fingers, aching into a cathedral of erotic misery ... phantasmagoria! ... All these decisions, all free, at all times! ... then sublimely deeper thrusts ... with another and another ... on the train she's really with! ... Then What? ... "I barreled out!" ... Tugs it, stick 'em! ... What were you wearing? ... "Not much to speak of ..." It should be a dress ... or nothing! "It wasn't a dress ... (If you don't like the dirt, don't spread the hurt!) ... He thoroughly charmed my pants off!" ... "Do you want to play Mind Reader's Weekend, Director's Cut?" he asks. She nods, caught in their quirk, —Where I go dancing with different men again? "Want to dance again without wearing underpants?" he asks. She nods. They go away for the weekend. It's not exactly hide and seek in the dark! "Are you afraid of the dark?" he asks. "No ..." He has her dress like in the magazine. "Are you going to have me tease other men tonight?" she says with a suspicious smirk. He nods. "Are you going to let other men touch me tonight?" He nods. That's how I keep my full hips, and nice slim shape! "What a fashion statement!" he says, while she nods to the beaming guy - the one who picked up on her coming in - asking for a dance. Life isn't just easy ... Life is hard things, too! "And this is the director," she says, making introductions, before they head off for the rest rooms, then the elevator, holding hands like old friends. "Do you want to touch him in the elevator, and see just how hard?" She nods, kneeling down, her blouse falling away. The future influences the present – Isn't it funny how long ... it took? In their room he says, "Do you want to dance with him again?" she nods, swaying to the memory of The Lake House. "Do you want him to unfasten your dress?" She nods ... and it plummets to her feet in a pool. "Do you want him to caress your body with his hands?" he asks - which he's already doing! - "Do you want his fingers inside you?" She moans, almost falling down, pulling him down. "Do you want him to fuck you now?" She pulls him up from her belly, from between her legs, with a deep, heaving, sigh. "Is he fucking you?" - She grasps him for an even tighter ride - gasping rhythmically to the rocking chair and no one in particular - Sold out! - just a wry smile, "Now amuse yourself!"

21. "What do you say to a cutoff halter top & bottomless breechcloth (with vertical slits in the calfskin!) on a breezy day at the beach?" Turning towards and slipping it on (With a preview audience!) au naturel ... "Until something a little better.. My goodness! My belly button!.. And links! Nothing but links!.. The lucky ones! – There's not much to it! And I lost my leaf!" ... The saucer of her hips holds the breechcloth in place and her nipples hook out the halter. She matter-of-factly pulls off her top, knowing the shop has an "open door" changing room policy, before trying on another bikini ... "Do this for our future," I coax her. It's a game, yet she finds herself doing it, even though the changing room with an open door is quite real. "Let's try the next one with a man around," I offer, as anyone would, and why not?.. A little bit at a time. "You're right," she says courageously, "The wind!" taking off each piece, carefully setting it on a bench, then focussing completely on calmly replacing it (without too much tremor!). Then we decide to try on other things. "Just rehearsing!" she acknowledges with a brief glance... There's one clerk in the store who's glancing back to make sure we aren't stealing anything! "Try on a different halter top.. Do you love getting totally nude in front of a man?" ... "You can return these within ten days," the clerk mentions as he rings up our choices, letting himself relax a little as he stares at and openly admires my wife's hard nipples, ("Can I wear this out?") though we'll hardly be back in ten days. When you're planning a trip, things move fast, and what we bought wouldn't even fill the side pocket of a carry-on, (with her still trembling!) and that was slightly before Christmas. So now, coming up on Valentine's, It's Nice to Have Someone to Blame: Sitting across from me, she simply unbuttons her white shirt – really his white shirt – one to be succulent, one to be delectable – and afterwards gives me (from a stack she keeps to herself) a demure – yet blatantly fresh mess of sunburn, blonde streaks and tan – photograph of herself wearing a dog collar, leash, and unbuttoned bright orange sundress I can carry in my ... "Maybe tomorrow!" ... thankful wallet. Well, You Don't Have to Be Happy Forever! ... "H-22!" ... Sometimes ... no, almost always ... the most unlikely things to have happen, actually happen ... Until this time, the only real variation from her parents' strictly conservative moral reflections she'd allowed was (undoubtedly in an act of healthy rebellion!) to wear a certain one-piece bathing suit, which, when she leaned over, let you leisurely gaze down the front (to allow overwhelming male gratitude to be mistaken for love!) at her breasts laying bare, even to the shy, confederative nipples, as if by accident. When she was wearing it, she'd laugh a lot, in sort of a hesitant, teasing way, never overtly acknowledging this privileged view, this private intimacy coming and going. Then one time she wore that same bathing suit for an afternoon out with another guy, someone from her work, on one of their company picnics. She never said anything, though by this, I knew she liked him. And again, neither of us said anything, her shy testing of new waters, though the glimmer of these possibilities led us directly into The Eskimo Rules, with certain solemn (as anyone can see!) – and half-open – agreements. "The next best thing to morning wood!" ... The Slowly Expanding Doctrine (& Ameliorating Condition!) of Verifiably Off-Limits Pussy: (For me! Only for me!) "That's inadmissible evidence!" The first week of demonstrative denial! (I'd caught her kissing him, and as he kissed her more deeply, she'd risen to meet him! (noticing me, leaning defiantly back & calling her his "personal assistant!") ... with an expected escalation, I assumed, for each re-union – (and BIG surprise unfolding!) ... "We have so much fun here, don't we?" he said single-mindedly ... hinting she's a hard – (from unyielding white cotton experience) – nut to crack! ... "For a big long stretch!" Though not so much later, ("... Why didn't you come for my forty-eighth performance?" she asks, with no contrition whatever!) – I'm homeless! I'm on the road a lot – "You promise?" – We can do it! ... "Except next time with no underpants!" And she agrees! – Ode to the Unbound Self! – and to break into ("... rather mischievous waters, it would seem," she grins) and test her resolve ("... and farthest reaches of my faithfulness ... or limits of my modesty ...") as anyone who was ("... undeniably tumescent! ... ") with her could ("... easily ascertain & hasten my shame ...") and forget to ("... pull out 'leaking some, though hopefully still fully cocked!' at the last moment ...") so maybe ("... I should practice a dress rehearsal ...") and get used to ("... when I'm out with hi... other people ...") immediately taking them right off!) Surely the two of us have conversations not concerning sex, you might ask. Mmm, not really ... Only when she's relaxing in our overstuffed easy chair facing me with her legs spread! "I think there's a part of a woman that wants to be the thing that breaks a man down," she confided in all honesty. That's her negotiating stance, which suits us fine. It's hard for me to think when we're talking this way, and all I know is, according to our earliest exchanges regarding these matters, now she'd discovered the true meaning of freedom, (and I the first witness, she let sink in!) we decided, on a blameless basis, she'd continue this way, and since a person can get used to anything, and we'd both tasted true sexual frankness, we decided to completely break any remnants of her innate shyness, that she should continue (Bottomless!) wearing progressively sleepy attire (except around me! ... to keep me "in line," she explained) for on succeeding days, it would become my lot to be the art director ("Today minus a bra!" "Is this too transparent?" "That's insubordination!") cum chaperone cum deteriorating conditioning enforcer as she'd be required to proceed from one frank outfit to less of one, revolving around what was becoming less and less a secret shared by two, to an open privilege admired by more-ons, including inmates & skeptics among the texting & smirking! ... (under increasingly impossible conditions, too, which unraveling, afternoon by afternoon, café by café, may or may not have led me to become excruciatingly disenfranchised, with her perfect honesty above heaven, ("And here I thought the definition of 'translucence' was 'Just nipples!'") total noninterference about & afoot, and natural candor in between!) ... So there's that. I tried to explain it to her in one of our prolonged negotiations, and all that did is put my bruised brain back in square one! ... "Next time show him what it's like to have a daughter!" I told her from my familiar vantage of seeping heartbreak & rampant hardness. I might as well have been handcuffed with my hands clasped behind me. And nipple clamps. Actually I was, with a videotape running. "Your behavior makes me feel vulnerable," she tells me, planting her legs "for a 'remote viewing' slightly father apart." From the flesh palace up above me, she's exquisitely selfish, bringing up, once again, (her wise crack not solely for my benefit, her "wry constancy" makes apparent), her "Forbidden Thrill: The Story of Me and Diane & Will." Observing she still has my full & straining erection, she says, "I told Diane, and then she told Will about my 'problem,' and then they checked, and there it was!" she tells me on tape. "Do you think it was wrong for me to flash Diane's husband? ... Diane told me if I was coming to her party this way, she would, too! ... So we could both spread our legs for him! ... to use our 'Will power?' ... to give him a 'clear choice'; and if, (or I should say, 'when!') I win, she has to suck his cock before he enters my 'new arrangement'; Is that too bad? Is it wrong for each indisputable girl to be proud of her pussy? Take a look! Should I go over there this way? Should I let Will see two girls holding our legs apart at the same time? Hmm? Would that be a good problem for him to solve? For his 'spread sheets?' Will you let me? Diane will do it. Will & I?" ... "With Will this way?" ... "Even more, I suppose. Should I go on (... with slowly reminiscent views! ...) and let him have fatherly privileges?" ... "Okay." ... ("Take your pants and pull them lower," he quietly sings (as she dances along!), "Show your cunt before it's over!" ... Oh, God! What are we going to do about that? ...) ... Soon afterwards we were on a holiday vacation in the Bahamas, fresh after our new "arrangement," a little green, you might say, and we met someone who actually knew what he was doing, a little black, you might say. His name was Robert, our guide, and he always made my wife laugh. He was warm, convivial, and made us both extremely comfortable, so much so, we confided in him our newly minted Eskimo Rules for an uninhibited ("Guilt-free," my wife added a little friskily, giggling "H-22! .. H-22!") "half-open marriage." It was as if a Christmas tree had suddenly lit up. Robert's face went from dark to ruddy to totally black again, and he said, "Let's go on a cruise!" It wasn't an ordinary cruise; three other guys, Robert, and us. (Early the morning he had sprung on us, and to which we had wholeheartedly agreed, she came out on the back patio (at our holiday resort) to meet Robert and me, wearing a two-sizes-too-small bikini, and all that spilled out, "I love you baby, and you know it!" and the smear of red as she tried to adjust it, "It's the anchovy, my friend!" so with some embarrassment, she went back inside and settled instead for an oversize sweatshirt – "Well," she said with pique at her own cover-up – "I just won't be able to get my tan! ... maybe my legs" – having us both notice her open-toed flip-flops.) Almost as soon as the little fishing skiff left the harbor, the captain of the boat announced, "We have our own rules!" and we knew El Capitán and his motley crew knew more than we thought they knew: "All the girls have to take off their tops!" My wife looked at me and said, "You know, I'm not wearing anything under my sweatshirt ... What do you think?" "It's up to you," I said, and after a little friendly prodding and kidding, with me pushing her over the edge: "Your legs are getting tan. I'm so proud of you!" as her hard nipples pressed out against her sweatshirt, leading me to observe, "Are you freezing?" as she folded her hands down to her sides (to prove me, Oh, so wrong!) & simultaneously declared, "Well, it's awfully hot out here, anyway! ... Here goes!" complying to the rule by baring herself, the only female (uninhibitedly topless besides!) on a craft of men, slicing through the calm Caribbean waters to open sea. The rest of the time she lounged around the boat in nothing but the skimpiest leaf-thin bikini panties you can imagine, their progressive transparency and saucy bare breasts, her leaning back ("My almost all-over tan!") suggestive of a state of mind accustomed to shyly inhibited flesh, its innocence now subservient to both darting glances and more and more determined roguish gazes, the soul-baring blackness of the overhead sunlight matched only by noticeable bulges in everyone else's trunks, bobbing before them, which danger she seemed to be taking into account – laughing a little, even flirting: "We're so far out, you can't even see a sea bird! ... maybe a cock or two!" "Dangerous anchovy peaks!" Robert said, resting a presumptively large hand on one of her shoulders, gazing directly at my wife's pencil-eraser-hard nipples atop exorbitantly pale (proclaiming clearly unspoken for!) irredeemably uncordoned off check-out express! (Her unbridled femininity! With corkscrewing man-meat & champagne to come!) "Top of the world!" the captain replied, "I just get foolish when I'm with girls," standing close to my wife's open face, the engine suddenly gone silent, the boat bobbing at rest now, which should have suggested something to us. "If you think about it," Robert said, standing even closer, "not many people have something that means a lot to them." And they took it out ... "Oh-mno-o! I don't know!" "Touch Robert's junk, honey ... and let only him have a peep in your nest ...," (the rosy-paled predicament of toplessness sufficing for everyone else!) what she did next seemed to go way beyond simple introductions: An innocent, "How far does this go?" and heartless, "My dick would go really well with your face," and her eyes — those almond eyes! — simultaneously accommodating, one hand shyly reaching out to begin to get the "hang of his yang," the other twisting & pulling the fabric of her panties tight up against the "in of her yin," invoking Ancient Vows in one & all's eyes, the fresh and salty holdout in her left hand, (with the front of her waistband now being tugged wa-y out for anyone to bear witness unto, and kept far out to "catch any dribble,") while his mammoth Thank You, Ma'am becomes something to eat! ... She was tentative, obliging, then deep. "Very artistic!" With that, we rechristened the skiff, Caribbean Customs! and persuaded her, (on a dare, and to be fair about her fooling around!) to go completely nude back to port (That was the whole dare, though the secret dare, I told her, when we got the chance, was for her to keep her legs spread a bit ... "So they'll think your husband is totally tolerant ('Are you totally?') & you have my permission to go completely available," I breathed, pushing her back, kissing her in front of everyone, "on our strict & close-to-be all-the-way honeymoon!" as the engines suddenly took full throttle, adding, "You swallowed!") as we shot back to the harbor, (with my wife's laid-back, self-poised & sustained courtesy ... this brand-new commitment under the sun – uncompromisingly revealing (as per the dare! – and prolonged assenting kiss!) she's partially defoliated!) until she had to cover herself with a sweatshirt. And for the first time saw her pale green panties up the flagpole! ("Do you have anything further to declare?" the captain said, resting his big hand on her thigh, trailing a pair of thick callous fingers up to the noticeably trembling shores of "la pale" cove (coming uncovered again!) so he could gruffly (in contrast to her calmly observing (in an instant!) an otherwise unhindered passage (with Robert watching!) to rediscover (and this time fully exploit!) her flowerlike virgin island ("Is he going too far, honey?" came my sudden concern, which she rejected out-of-hand, almost anxiously, "O-oh, no! ... A big family!" she hissed as her legs parted of themselves (thrusting the American core of her out (... her Liberty Bell crack, her Continental Divide now without any bikini to betray its criminal fault line ...) for further liberties, unresisting!) for further education) "Accept it!" he went on in one flowing motion, "Just relax!" and with the free hand gruffly pinching her bare (after all!) nipples (to encourage her!) holding her outstretched & jury-rigged spars out! (a boon to our holiday dare!) for the whole crew!) to sink, plumb, fathom, plash, test (Turn over your papers!) slick, pluck and deeply retest the convulsing waters: Discover how low low can go! -- and with her mute acceptance as to The Bermuda Triangle & Caribbean Customs, accomplished her dignified & lip-biting (Allowing them to see her this way with their naked eyes!) as the captain's continuously disappearing finger tugged them into her mounting frenzy across several shifting sandbars, then as she caught a glimpse of Robert rearranging himself (We all were!) to a whimpering & luxuriant surrender! "Oh! O-oh! He's Taking Me.. Mnnn-Aai!.. Downtown!.. to beg for Goo!.. Ow-animmm!") That was just the first part. I encouraged her to wax herself unambiguously & fully. "That's a thought," she said, involuntarily parting her knees (for the memories!) & sensing herself down there, (she told me later,) wondering how fast & far we'd take this, realizing this explicit preparation to be someone's present (she conceded! ... then let me help her do!) gave her a warm inner smile, all the next day ... "This is so ... promising ... (biting her lip) ... Ohh! What's so bad about evil? And who is this going to make happy?" ... "Take off your party dress!" ... It will be! (Remembering,) And who's going to pull it off? ... That night we were invited to a "party" to celebrate our "freshly minted half-open Christmas holiday!" Robert announced, which should have made us suspicious. It was at another guy's house, and this guy's idea was a "kissing game" under the mistletoe: "If any girl gets caught under the mistletoe," he said, (and I got the idea he was making this up on the fly,) "they have to kiss ... and the first person to BREAK THE KISS has to take off a MAJOR ARTICLE of clothing – No rings or watches!" Well, there were three other girls there, besides the three fellows my wife already intimately knew from the afternoon cruise, and the young women must have been feeling competitive, or something, because they each seemed to manage "getting caught," maybe also because the mistletoe had been strategically placed over the doorway to the kitchen, where one or the other of them would cry out, "Oh, I forgot!" as they were required to kiss, (and because of their "conservative upbringing," immediately "break away,") and thus have to shed "one more article of clothing!" This livened things up, especially when we added a "shot of bourbon" to the frolicking near-nudity, and my wife almost passed out on the sofa ... so I moved the mistletoe just above her to the back of the sofa, where each guy got down and kissed her until she "came up for breath," and for that, lost her final two articles of attire, first her bra and then her thin panties, (which she subtly lifted her hips for, to get them tugged off!) and proceeded (her vagina being totally bare for the first time!) to get "royally fucked" by Robert and two other guys. That was just the second part. "Are you ready for the third," I reminded her as I wrote down our adventures with Robert. "He was a devil!" she said with a smirk. "Tell me!" Next day he was our island guide again, and on this, our final two or three days, she simply wore a skimpy sundress with nothing on underneath, "to air it out!" she told me later, with us both knowing the scent of her ovulating pheromones would uncomfortably — ("And especially, unconditionally!") — arouse him, from the first minute, with willing breezes conspiring to offer him her impregnable and irrefutable dark secret (He can certainly consummate, pop off & spew in there, ("Presidentially!") and not pay for it!) without limit. Neither of us said anything, like lambs ready for the slaughter, and when we met Robert, he took us to the woods ... "You confirmed it! You pulled up your dress, remember?" ... For that, she simply had him lie down on the grass ... The provocation of my wife is really in her hips, their swelling out from her slim waist somehow exaggerating the insurgency of her scarlet cleft, and as she shifted her weight from her foot, to the full length of her thigh and leg, (awkwardly, it would appear, yet open to relaxed & prolonged scrutiny, these blatantly promiscuous and clearly unallocated gyvel maneuvers!) she'd pulled her dress all the way up to her midriff, to cleverly, I realized, reveal all that -- Isis in a crisis! ... "Are you here to stay?" she rhetorically asked Robert, faced with even more (tightly clutching her poinsettia skirts) ... enticements ... her surreptitiously peeking-out breasts confirming her unapologetically girly allure, turning their singularly taut nipples out between her outstretched arms as she bent toward him, (breathlessly!) drawing every shy quiver, in her questioning look, and furtive charm, into a bitch in rut! ... Up and over the edge! ... to sink consummately (unswervingly, with a flat, encouragingly unprotected belly and great sigh! ... enjoining with him the ultimate conjugal visit!) upon his mammoth pole. "Oh, yeah! You liked it, too!" she says now. "Well, good luck comes in threes!" ... "Next!" she cries out. "We did that! What's the next bitch rule that happened?" (She loves being reminded) ... "Tell Robert what this means for you to be wearing your pre-engagement back-yards! (Just our practicing of this makes you cry!) ... your "private" cutoff halter top & "cutout slits" breechcloth (Fraught with a pussy not earmarked, fluttering from next to nothing to obligingly nothing!) for our breezy day at the beach," I added, reminiscing, (somehow "tickling" the future!) ... "Easter & available!" ... "Without anything! For anyone to see ... Did you thank him for helping you overcome your strict religious upbringing yesterday morning & coming deep inside you? ... and, er, unprotected & naturally amenable (As per our still-binding skiffboard dare!) & now seven days pre-fertile? –You told him all that?" ... "Playing house! See? Eas-sy!" ... "Seems unreal, doesn't it?" she said, impaled on Robert's festive cock once again while I brought her a paper cup of water, her dress mostly unbuttoned now. (This was next day, back in HIS room!) ... "Without dinner or breakfast, until you went out for it .. With him going in for it! .. Unvetted! .. (Fully embedded now, wedged to the balls, her unatoned putatively unwedded womb mutually clinching ("Open the door!") in his own pistoning "bridegroom" room!) You never got to see it up close," she murmured in my ear. That's the fourth part: her lips being drawn and puckered, drawn and puckered (I did see it!) with each poignant stroke. "You just want to be on the side that's winning," she carelessly told me in her devilish, heavy-breathing way, spilling a half-empty cup. She made plans to meet Robert one more time, two days later, halfway between Christmas and New Year's Day, and for the occasion wore a bright orange sundress, which complimented her fresh "all over" tan, with nothing else. As we walked up a hill in the deep woods, Robert told her he loved her and gave her a rose. Robert told her he was a photographer, and she playfully started unbuttoning the front of her dress, showing how parts of her were more sunburned than tan. He took a series of pictures with the rose, taking her farther up the hill where I couldn't see. He was carrying a leash. There (she told me later) he told her he loved her and hoped he hadn't violated her, that she was all he could think about from the moment he had laid his heavy eyes on her! As a symbol of that love, he pricked his fingers on the thorns of the rose, telling her to be careful as she took it from him. (She told R. this wasn't her fertile time of month and said, "Don't be too cruel!") Then, with her acquiescence, he fashioned a black collar around her neck and told her he would send a friend in two weeks to deliver the key (... whom she should meet at the door with a strip nude apology! ... "To help me with my necklace?" ..."To show him (... Slowly, holding back nothing! ...) freedom in America," Robert honorably instructed, with a slow nod to me ... "What it means to be fruit-bearing & totally free!") He didn't say the words, but she knew what he meant ("A white slave," he nuzzled in her ear, and took the first picture) for her to arrange things a certain way ("That pussy is twice as nice!" he nuzzled as he took the next shot. "There goes my reputation," she admitted) and be ready! ("I only tell really special people," he concurred on the last three shots. "You want me to do something for you," he coaxed and clicked, "you do something for me!") and led her back down the hill, flushed (...for select unprotected (Robert had emphasized, on this, our irreversible inception!) "Eskimo brothers!" I later found out. (Over the next two weeks no amount of reassurance could soothe her anguish for another man. We tried bondage and everything. Nude photographs, smoldering nudes to try and calm her down ... (Robert had uncovered her submissive streak) ... "Showing her the ropes ...") Prepping and dip-sticking her engine ... Eminently fuckable!) ... It was never far from our minds, this certainty she'd be "truly ready" after two weeks. "What does that mean?" I'd ask in one of our increasingly frequent & oddly reaffirming marriage-vow games (in which she'd "reluctantly" forfeit ("I don't know about this!") her pants    )!(    "If I'm ovulating," she said, "It's only proper etiquette for me to let them to fuck me!" ... and we both knew what that meant: "... bareback!" ... along a silver stream! ... so ... "Now any Tom, Dick or ... ("or Robert!" she murmured) ... will have certainty!" I suggested, carting off her "suitably juicy" underpants for the colorful collection on the outdoor window bars: "A hunger strike, no?" she'd say in a casually peek-a-boo & virginal white linen nightshirt providing glimpses of upturned bare breasts & long views of the carefully applied puss-and-butt-plug – acting as kind of a perpetually self-anointing chastity belt – strapped to the thong tightly bound around her waist .. re-membering herself ... For in, (as two weeks earlier!), she had Robert lie on his back again and simply pulled up her dress at the oasis, which exquisitely round and completely requited pear I could see from behind ... It's not in yet! ... Her global positioning system! ... It's going to be close! ... Give me a rope; Give me a hat; Give me a gun; And a buckaroo! .."You're a .. finely .. packaged .. female!" he whistled between breaths, as she finally ripped open the rest of her dress, "Merry Christmas, indeed!" Robert talked to dogs. He never owned a dog. He simply talked to them. Once he broke away from us to see the tiniest little white fur ball of a dog on the end of a leash ... "I really like your person!" he confided to the dog, and the girl at the other end of the leash beamed. Maybe this uninhibited, flirtatious behavior made my wife jealous. Another time a huge standard poodle who had been attached to another leash, yawned, stood up, and came over and licked Robert's huge hand. "You are very kind," he said, bending over, licking his own finger. My wife, in getting to know Robert in this deep way (besides all others!) said, "Maybe he's the one!" ... and made absolutely sure, ten wet days later, (on a short thick leash! ... after the doorbell rang!) to be "gasoline squat, light my fire!"

22. All Rules Beyond This Point are Her Rules ... hereafter known as H-22: They have an arrangement that ends up with her nude sitting on the edge of a hot tub with her legs at right angles, or angels, to each other, hardening the men's tubes, making them ready, showing she's willing even without leaning back – that could come later – and starts out with her husband and her nuzzling and kissing each other because "a person should look at the body not as a source of physical attraction, not as a hard-edged object of desire," she whispers, "but as a shrine," and to prove it, he's not allowed to have sex, after she murmurs "H-22" in his ear, and the arrangement is that if it's no sex for him, then she gets to offer sex to anyone else, and in preparation, he takes his clothes off and stands at erection until she makes wardrobe decisions – of "executive privilege," which can take all afternoon – with the understanding that while her bare vagina might symbolize one thing to someone new, who of course wouldn't be allowed to use birth control, because "she's married," and therefore safe for him should she become fertilized or impregnated – though he would be able to pay visits as the father, and perform fatherly duties – all stemming from the philosophical question, "What happens when a girl with pretty eyes, from a topless beach, sits with a boy in a car?" and though her bare vagina on the edge of the hot tub may mean no sex to the two of them – "It's my fertile time of month!" – following the strict dicta of this very close arrangement – or mutual understanding, as they lock gazes into each other's eyes, knowing the explicit sacrifice: her vagina a symbol of deserved sanctity, with no consummate sex between them - the celebration of poignancy, not attainment - the consulate, not the embassy - the slow-burning culinary spy, not quick-and-firm action, fait accompli – her leaning back now certainly might symbolize an act of defiance – Total spring, Everything out! – free of criticism, recrimination and constraint, including her boundless – even awkward – though willing participation with someone new. When she gets back, where he's still kneeling nude, according to this map-of-Denmark arrangement, by the edge of the bed, at erection, she says, "You know, people will pay for anything ... a picture ... a garment ... a phone number ... I even lost my cell phone! ...." !!! Mmm ... Pants Off, Dance Off! ... How about the cadmium red vagina? ... She's tightlipped over details, leaning back the way she had at the pool ... "I had dinner with him ... What else is there left?" . . . She takes him in hand . . . It didn't have a simple answer, but that's all I got.

23. True Erotic Admissions. "I'm falling in love with you, or is it Chet? ... but that'll keep ..." If You Have a Woman you Love, You Dress Her Up, and Take Her Out, and You Know, Show Her Off :: Don't Think of It as a Snapshot :: Think of It as a Long Exposure ... "Don't ever fuck me," she whispers, "... unless you mean it!" ... Her bikini is cutting corners everywhere, his dick a thick offshoot, pulling it aside to do the trick, while he kisses her, and she kisses him back, swaying away from the mirror! ... She's got a butt you can believe in! ... "I think we're going to have to get you an apron to wear down there," she murmurs, "Have to enforce family values! ... I might be playing around tonight, you know,.. in a family way," she adds, leaning back ... with a mighty believable butt! ... "If you don't last any longer," she whispers, "I'll have to get Chet to come back ... Don't you think I should give him a little ... defenseless girlfriend experience?" "You mean.." "..scandalous together ... or nothing at all!" Bailes & Chet, now there's a couple! ... Remembering, (it was so!) —Let's go to Harbin Hot Springs! ... (how even sooner there!) as she undresses, (giving men unobstructed views,) the breathtaking "bikini-whites," the prominently thrust embarrassed blood nipples, the slight tremor of breast that every man knows, (giving them the understanding they could "know her" in a Biblical sense,) with her bare breasts, frisky haunches, and unladen labia, the slit separating the lips of her vulva, even more conspicuous with it smooth-skinned, pouty and free, (as she undresses in the coed locker room,) "Not otherwise occupied," ( ( its bold nature saying so!) and to see her nude this way) shocking – at least it was shocking to me – she looked like a Sports Illustrated model suddenly, anatomically, with no paint! ~paint-free~, and soon had a new friend. ("He wants to fuck your unmanned & unprotected cunt!" her philosophical valet tells her, whispering in her ear.) "You silver-tongued charmer!" she says, her swelling hips bare, along with all of her, "Just back off ...." and turns to the other ... Well, actually, there was a crowd ... Looking around the pool, any voyeur can see it's a banner bosom day with all these nipples, hers perpetually hard ... There really is a body for everyone! ... Beginning at the shallow end, pushing waist-deep through the water, there's an unspoken undercurrent of energy, projecting and passing through one another in a slow-motion nude frolic ... Simply a booby bonanza! ... And she's competitive, laughing a lot, telling the guy, "Not so sure we have time for sex! – I might be married!" ... That night, in the main pool, he could see them standing together at the deep end, nude, with all the single guys, backs against the wall, the two whispering to each other, turning to each other, not knowing exactly what they were doing under the surface, its ripples dancing under the starlight. He works his way over. "Which is better," she's asking them, "Memphis, Dallas, or Kansas City barbecue?" ... The purpose of most marriages is to keep the doors closed; it's a philosophical question; what happens when you keep half the options open? ("The open part being my legs!" "Some people have that kind of mentality, you know?" "You just don't know what's go-go-going to happen!" "You don't do that, do you?" "Like pay for dates?") She gets the major award. "Kansas City!" she's saying, "because it's got molasses." Meanwhile, with an audience of permanently arising erections, she's proceeding to tell them the story about her trip to KC last week, where she'd spent the last twelve hours in bed, "not sleeping the whole time," with exactly what she'd been doing "just stretched out on my mattress!" left up in the air. She's telling them how the day before she had been out shopping for "a new top" because the one that had been too flimsy "got ripped" due to "a splinter came after me!" ... And with my big boner among them, I'm not paying for it anymore, even though it's free! ... An hour and a half later, she worked her way over and said, "I'm going to spend the rest of the night with him." ... Truth is Beauty, that's the hook. Beauty is Truth ... "You open it at your own risk!" she's saying, even chortling a little, climbing out the pool with him, rivulets of water pouring off her bikini-white breasts. And what about me? It was a lesser award. "I'd like to spend each Sunday with you!" she says merrily on the way home, —Oh! I would like it! "Did you .. keep the door open?" "I didn't even notice it," she says, gazing out the car window, in a short sundress, her legs casually apart. "I'll find someone else," she adds, lazily revealing herself – all red and splitsie! – as she turns to find some change for the toll booth coming up, from her pocketbook in the back seat, "I'm not quite ready ... I'm taking some vacations today," adding, "Here! .. You'll have to get change .. Or, let me see .. Do you think they take Canadian money? .. The Walk of Shame!" ... Take your shoes off! Take your watch off! Take your ... crossing her arms, as if drawing the thin cotton sun shift close to herself in that way, the simple actions of her forearms tightly affirming for the upcoming audience, "Look at these!" ... —I always forget something! she's muttering to herself, pulling the sun shift even higher as he slows for the toll ... A Vacationing Girl As Nature Intended! ... with a lackadaisical, impish grin, "You'll get pie in the sky, when you die, that's a lie!" ... Checkout Time! ... and here's proof!


24. So We'll be Bailes & Chet & I'll be Chet & When Bailes leaves her wedding band on to encourage her lover to go unprotected ... "You have a wedding band," (about to come off,) "Well, since I'm married," she tells him, "I don't like my lovers ... to use a condom." ... (This watch is great ... doesn't work!) ... "That came off really nice." ... (Taking smoothness to a whole new level) ... "It's natural, isn't it?" ... (She toys with you) ... "You can get it sharper!" ... (This is not a bad way to die) ... "You have to be fully shaved!" ... (Nothing to hide!) ... "That came off really nice!" ... (Born free!) ... "You don't feel it's improper?" ... (It's quiet, there's nothing going on, then you close your door) ... "The red light district!" ... (To reveal the goddess in you!) ... "I had to say, 'Dad, skip the first pages and go straight in the middle!'" ... (Remembering ... how she stoked through puberty, her nipples swelling up on cones of dense tittie tissue, she'd had to pinch 'em every morning to make sure she wasn't dreaming) ... "They came out perfect!" ... (Some people would attribute this to teenage fluidity, but I would attribute it to purity) ... "Everything keeps falling off!" ... (How long can I last?) ... "Keep 'em! I'm moving on!" ... (You guys are greenhorns!) ... "I'm giving him a top hat!" ... (My mind is floating) ... "The poles are to guard against the Romanians!" ... (Totally bad in every culture) ... "And they might not even know it!" ... (Now it's beginning to float) ... "You can watch me doing anything at all, anytime you want," she says, turning back from the camera ... "Get it while it's easy!" ... (Honest & languid & absolutely certain!) ... "If you want to do a thing, do a thing." ... (Oh, I saw a shooting star!) ... "Baby, don't leave me this way! Don't leave me this way!" ... (Well, there's this wonderful world in you) ... "I wouldn't," she says, "We can just cover it with something." ... (He can ask her for a kiss!) ... "You just have to put it in yourself." ... (Some people really connect! — It's really a question of duration) ... "Don't leave yourself out!" (Did you get any candy?) "There it is!" ... (In the bush, bush, bush, bush, bush!)

25. Let That Be a Learning Experience for You: The curvature of a woman's torso, as it sweeps down her abdomen and tucks between her legs, is her most powerful argument ... Pony up! ... And from this most powerful of arguments, every single pussy is a sad plight & missed opportunity ... so she's going out tonight! ... Why Dogs Smile: "I have a date, you know," she says ... You're a girl, all right! ... "I don't screw around, you know what I mean?" she says, putting a red ribbon in her hair ... That's what I'm waiting for! ... "This underwear's horrible if you're not walking!" she adds, kicking it away, where it lands as a little emerald pittance next to one of the cats ... The others stood around it for days, honoring it ... "You can see why!" ... Right next to me! ... "I'm going out to dinner with him ... (The Eskimo Hypocrite!) ... If I'm not wearing underpants, this must be Denmark." "Did you show him your map of Denmark?" No confessions! "And why do you treat me this way?" Because you're so grateful! To get her husband "used to condoms" they play a game they read about, cutting the tips off half a box of eel-skins, leaving all but one of the remaining "safes" intact. The one exception is "the open sea ring" with the entire sheath cut off. After many months, they have a "moment of truth" with a few of his married friends who've come over, telling them about their "The Natives are Getting Restless" fertility game. "Why don't we play it now!" her husband says, "The natives are getting restless!" "I don't know," she says half-jokingly, teasing them about their "poker night," but they convince her, telling her they'll buy her dangling diamond earrings. They make a "poker date" for the weekend, and bring her the earrings. Until then, she lets them "appreciate" her married body, and sample "a fingerful." "I'll be glad to do it! I'll help you in any way! Mmm, I like teamwork! Ooo, Like one for the road! Mmm, I'm surrounded by winners!" Is That Kinky? Next Saturday afternoon, according to plan, and "on schedule," she hands out the condoms, making sure her husband gets one that's "whole"; Beyond Kinky: She hands out the rest of the "phallic thimbles," secretly knowing.. which one it was. "It's nice not to know," she says, rising up on her tiptoes. "You wouldn't be interested, would you?" She hands the "lucky fucker" to one of the seafarers, who's "surprised," and looking him in the eyes and giving him a lingering kiss, as a service! "Do this before you come." ... You just have to know a thimble more than another person ... or a thimble less! "It's good to go bare," she says, putting on her diamond earrings, with the "open sea ring" high on the lighthouse shore, up and over the shaft of his cock. Over the Top: Her husband has to guide it in.

26. Twisted Cravings :: It seemed like a good idea at the time, and it seems like a good idea now ... Oh, really? ... It's only okay on Christmas ... You'll see ... I have no regrets -- Why do some girls have nice titties? (Their inner chipmunk!) ... Do girls wear nice dresses? ... "For starters!" ... "No sex!" ... "What?" ... "I meant, no sex with your wives!" ... For him? (Whatever you tell her, she'll do -- She's really a sweet little creature) ... For me? For polyamory? ... You have to ... "Closets are hard to come by!" ... It's not hard if you have to! ... "Next-to-nothing underwear!" ... "Oh, the one thing I like you take away!" ... "'Cause you're such a beautiful princess!" ... "You can be the detective!" ... All the beautiful colors -- of tropical fish ... "This is part of my dress-up" ... Outsourced cunt -- I'm against it! ... No one will ever see it, you put it in slowly ... Or wait until Saturday -- It doesn't matter ... You're safe! ... You like that? ... Aren't you lucky? ... Does anything scare you? ... Some lucky person will get that ... Pack it away! ... Keep your eyes open ... "Oh, hi! ... Nothing on but the radio! ... I like it straight ... That's it! ... What about Thursday lunch? ... No, not that kind! ... No one had clothes or anything! ... It's the holy-of-holies! ... You're lucky if you get tangled in a bank & get cracked ... No, you do it! ... One boner is boring (Bigger than this?) two boners is art! ... On either side ... Entitled, Legs Spread, One on Either Side ... Your roommate? ... Especially the arts! ... Has to make new roots! ... What about now? ... That's how big they are now? ... What you have to do, you do! ... In ten minutes, okay .... Okay?" ... One lunch is nothing! ... With someone you like, you don't have to try too hard ... "I'm a cheap date" ... J'adore Dior in the air! ... Oh, yeah, she steps out, but she won't give in! ... "You've got to get a monster, and that's it!" ... We'll get to that ... "Man, I'm glad I'm a man! Thank you! Just walking by!" ... "You know what everyone puts on, is baby oil," she says six submissive hours later, looking at him curiously ... That should be fun ... "I'll let you look, but you mustn't touch!" ... Scintillating! ... "You're not old enough yet!" ... There's always a reason ... "Take a look at the flower in my buttonhole," she demurs, leaning back ... "That you should really see!" ... falling apart, nearly Trick or Treat! ... "Treat! I'm not going that far, but.." ... Mmm! The copulative 'V!' A man's got to eat! ... "Show me baby," says Chet. "Show me where he came." ... Once someone has seen your pussy, that counts for something! ... "Poor thing!" ... If not now, when? ... "Oh, vicious! .. It's so real! .. Inffff! Mmm!" ... "Ah-ah-ah!"

27. Everything's easy – You can't learn that in school. "Are you going to torture him? (And of course, me!) ... Don't you think you should have some stringent requirements?" "... to provide myself to be someone's juicy target?" ... (Beauty, wonder, magic) ... "Only if you've forgotten something." "Maybe when I'm with him, I'll forget you!" ... "If the numerator is three men, [Naked Math!] and the denominator is eight inches, what's your quim quotient?" Ans: "Multiply by thirty! My quim quotient is .375 ... times thirty! I don't think you have a diaphragm my size!" You don't have to pretend. "I'm sorry, this isn't fair to you, I've been selfish!" I'm not. I've seen that. "Marriage is the status quim ... times thirty strokes ... pokes!" You Shouldn't Thaw the Dragon ... Too Soon! "I gave him a photo: The one of me playing volleyball in a bikini!" ... Okay, this is a drop-everything rule, because when a certain friend comes to town, (her musician friend, is all I'll say), it's a whole new ball game. If coming in her pussy or mouth is off-limits ("As you crave it!") to her husband, it's a whole other story with ... Him! ... When he comes over, ("In your bed with nothing to do!") she tells her husband she thinks ("Careful! It's really wicked..") she should cuddle & spend the whole night with him, because "He doesn't get that much of a chance ("Oh, way before that!") to spend with me," and when they go out together, the three of them, ("You caused it!") she sometimes wears nothing but a sweater and short blue skirt ("You can fool around (Just now!) and change it!") and sits with her friend in a booth (That way!) and flashes her own husband ("There he is!") across in another chair, ("There!") more than once, (Ooo! Now in a cage!) "Who inspects?" Mm! Don't mention it! (Not in a cage!) It's clean! It's dirty! (You want to share?) You can! (And ...Oooo! ... Sensitive!) Even while kissing him! (There! ... I don't even know why I did!) Slowly I turn, (Suffer! ... To eat it! ... We share?) Monogamy is not natural! (And especially ...!) It's not just one-way! (It could!) We're all animals! ("It's anything goes!") The Juicy Stakes! ("I tawt I taw a puddy-tat!") just because it's fun to do in public, and because ("He really likes it!") before she goes off with him for "amore" than an hour and a half (for "some private time!") That night, in front of the fireplace, she slowly licks and sucks his cock, (It's now!) until he comes in her mouth, and she gets to swallow every drop of "her reward!" This would be considered "something really dirty to do" if she didn't from time-to-time look up, (My everlasting wound!) and seeing her husband, say, "What a long-distance looker!" then gazing back upon herself, say, "See how far up it goes!"

28. First We're Going to Go to the Sacred Well, and Put a Sacred Ring Around the House. She leans back on the sofa, spreading her legs and separating her shaven pussy lips, saying, "Here, inside me." With that, they decide to have a "Devils' Honeymoon," pretty much the opposite of anything you've ever imagined a honeymoon to be, yet which makes perfect sense for what "those beneath heaven" might say: "It's a whole screwy relationship, there!" ... "The good customers are going to come first!" she tells him as they begin negotiations on her becoming a "Honeymoon Whore!" For one thing, they quickly establish, she'll have sex with him only on the condition he pays her five hundred dollars each time he comes anywhere inside her body, and he's so horny after all this time, he quickly performs an expenditure of his storm pipe deep inside her vagina, and only then incredulously wonders, "Is everything for sale?" ... "Since people plan way in advance for a honeymoon," she poses, "maybe we should make this odyssey of ours up on the fly! I like you paying me for things!" With a camera never far away! "Oh, the camera, that's swell!" Because the devil is in them, and it's going to be a "Devil's Wedding," he has her begin the photo shoot as the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya's The Nude Maja (La Maja Desnuda) and end as The Clothed Maja (La Maja Vestida), except he reminds her of the time she herself had posed "casually nude" for a "serious artist" painting a series of oil paintings for a private client, each session, the painting taking a "seriously" long time to dry. "You mean, like this?" she says, sitting down in nothing but a thong in their dark green stuffed leather armchair, then purposely placing her arms up behind her, draping her right arm over one arm of the chair, and her left arm over the other arm of the chair, then doing the same with her legs, raising one leg and placing it up on one arm of the chair, and raising the other leg and placing it up on the other: her body an opulently open basket ... blessed by a belly button! "Like this?" she repeats. "How serious?" he asks. "You devil, you!" she says, continuing to hold the pose: "He sold it for eleven hundred dollars! – except I wasn't wearing a thong!" she says, pulling it aside for a moment, then letting it gloriously snap-back into place before he has a chance to "freeze frame" on the naughty crack! Soon he has her dressing like a dirt-poor whore hooking herself up and prancing around the house, "as long as you pay me!" she merrily says, flouting her new push-up bra, black garters, and purple thong. Her sudden acquiescence makes him feel a little suspicious. "Well, you know," he begins to wonder, "in a regular honeymoon, everything is done in private, so ..." She gets it, she gets it! ... Together they go shopping, and find a suitably elegant, expensive & mostly transparent dress, so much so, she's slightly hesitant. "You know, I'd never wear this in public," she says, giving it back to the proprietor, a guy named Tony. Her "Companion Devil" says, "Well, I want to see it!" so on the way out the door she turns back and says, "Well, I'll try it on only if you pay me a hundred dollars!" to which he promptly agrees. Then for the benefit of both men, (because it only makes sense!) she leaves off the bra as she comes back out to the mirror, where they can all see every last detail of her bare breasts through the flimsy top. "Aren't you glad I'm wearing my thong?" she asks her husband, (for Tony to overhear,) making them mutually jealous and with hands in their pockets, (she notices,) surreptitiously adjusting themselves. In the car they notice a sign, "Can McCain Bounce Back?" so she playfully tells him, "Do you think that devil can bounce back?" which has certain innuendo and charm since as she's asking this, he's gazing directly through the fabric of her new dress at the slight tremble of pale breast beneath blush nipples. "Well, you're still wearing your thong," he notes. At this thought she suggests, "Why don't we go out dancing tonight?" adding an impish, "You know, in a regular honeymoon, you're not supposed to see the bride on the day of the wedding!" ... He gets it, he gets it! ... So when they get home, she takes a shower and starts off completely nude, while he takes more "Wedding Pictures," of her as she does a "strip tease" in reverse. "This is a strip, please!" she says adding, "Remember the game we played at that Singles' Dance Club?" They both remember it was a one-way-ticket for her in which they planned to begin dancing together and then if the "conditions are right!" for her ("You'll know because I'll untie my hair!") to be abandoned that way, to get home "on her own." A perfect Devils' Honeymoon! As she's getting ready for their "Please, oh Please!" One-way Honeymoon, she takes off her wedding band, and for the first time that day gazes at him (seriously!) and says, "For this trip I'm ... not going to consider myself married." — It's the "Devils' Twist," after his earlier expenditure inside her — totally the opposite of our actual honeymoon! All she wears under her "little black dress" is her thong, and they're both so tense from what might happen as the thrill of their irreversible collusion plays out, they skip supper. When they get to the suburban Singles' Dance Club, she says, "Will you wait outside a few minutes?" and goes in alone — the longest twenty minutes he's spent in his life – like a proud father with at least twenty gigantic cigars on hand in the waiting room! – When he finally gets in, he quickly spots her dancing with a taller sort of guy, who's already pressing against her, obviously encouraged – probably thickly engorged – from the clear evidence of her bare breasts down the front of her "little black dress." "Aren't you glad I'm wearing the thong?" she reminds her "Expectant Devil" at the break, adding — with slight hesitation — "It's really hard on him!" to which her husband asks, "Are you going to ..." though before he can even finish, she continues, "How would you feel if I weren't wearing any thong at all, with him hard up against me?" leaving him with no ordinary words, unable to really speak, so (for that!) she adds, "If that happens, it will cost you five hundred dollars!" ... He dumbly nods ... "Five hundred dollars, and you have to say you want me to!" she demands, sensing his "Honeymoon Predicament," adding, "... and then for me to go dancing!" It's not a done deal! She's wryly stubborn, turning her head to the side: the tension is palpable: her breath is shifting gears: her nipples hard on the fabric: then over the top with a wicked half-smile: "Well?" she says, slyly arching her back ... "I want you to!" he finally admits, "... I love you!" ... "Want me to what?" she asks in mock surprise — biting her lower lip ... "Take off your pants!" ... and with that, she turns back (and surprises herself with a theatrical snort of derision: "Yes! ... You love me! ... To compliantly open myself!") slowly gets up, and with two fingers momentarily gliding behind, marches off to the restroom and returns with her "little damp gift," which he clenches in his fist ("You caught the bouquet!" she tells him) as she returns to "embrace the hardness." ("There's two hard-ons!" she'd said at the first break, "What am I going to do about that? ... You have a new Devil's Apprentice! ... He gave me his phone number ... for later!") Just then a second break starts, and when she returns to her "pickled plighted pauper," they sit down to have a beer, gradually relaxing together, wondering if maybe her being paid might prove too addictive ... "Well, from now on, I guess, I won't charge any money!" she says, looking around expectantly, adding, "You know, I'm naked and clean underneath my new dress ... You should say something," and when he hesitates, she whispers, "Put yourself in my place ..." she goes on, "... he's already put his finger there for a 'fact check,'" and when he comes back to ask for the pleasure of the "last dance," she puts her hands over her head: "Would it be objectionable for me to participate?" ... giving them both a chance to lengthfully observe her not-so-subtle bare avant-garde jostling, lets down her hair, and accepts, demurely keeping her legs together upon arising from the chair, and now their "Devils' Pact" has her inexorably returning, fluidly raising both arms around his neck, completely bottomless, kissing him deeply and openly, then leaning back with the "palpable & irrevocable secret" under the curve of her mischievous belly being fully communicated both by the pressure of her pelvic wishbone, in constant contact, and her shining uplifted eyes, the flat of her abdomen subtly rocking side-to-side against her Devil's Apprentice's tall and well-girded "urgency," abruptly ending the night in bright lights with a "shy nod" and "Devil's Departure!" ... With the "wedding gift" of her still-damp thong (which her pauper's still "hanging on to" and can't uncling) permanently curled inside his "Hairy Paw," (which he sniffs from time to time,) he goes out into the dark night and finds an open McDonald's, wondering (in sort of a skewed way,) when she'll phone home "all dirty" ... {because he'll have "known her" and fiercely knows the scent of her love!) ... knowing she'll bring home proof ... ("What color is it? she'll ask, falling backward, arching her back, "Can you tell how I've been engaged? ... If Today Was Not an Endless Highway! ... Is it red? ... Am I pretty enough for a Sunday school picnic? ... In a sky-lit bra? ... If Tonight Was Not a Crooked Trail! ... He asked me to elope! ... With it off! ... Honey, Sweetie, I'm a changeling, you can prepare me! ... Collecting all my underpants! ... If Tomorrow Wasn't Such a Long Time! ... What color is it? ... I'll be wearing my sundress for him and nothing else! ... And there you go! ... For the afterglow! ... Then Lonely Would Mean Nothing To Me At All! ... Do you like me being single?")

29. It's Ridiculous Not To: "The only thing you can eat the rest of the day ... (The Eskimo Diet!) ... is me!" What would you like to have? "I get so horny, baby, so every Saturday I go out with one of my friends. Are you sure you want to hear this? I'm going out with her tonight ... We have a contest. Can you guess what it is? Is my tangerine button-up-the-front dress your favorite? That's part of it. Are you sure you want to hear it? She's a bad girl ... and I guess I am, too. We're going out to dinner, French table manners. She dresses up really skanky, so I do, too. What should I wear? Will you help me? She's coming by in about twenty minutes ... at seven o'clock sharp. That's why I'm horny, baby .. And tonight she wants me to go out the way you like me to go out with you, you know? And she's sending over one of her friends to pick me up. I told her you wouldn't mind. It's a guy. It's all right, isn't it? Do you want me to make you proud ... like in the magazines? We go to the parties where they wouldn't let you in. And they buy me and my friends nice things so we'll go out with them the next Saturday ... He makes movies and then we vote to see who's skankiest. So I want to be really skanky tonight ... I'm not supposed to tell you the details. We touch each other in a circle. Do you think that's too skanky? And the more someone does something to us, the more we do something to the next person, even if they're ... the same sex ... or ... a different race ... so ... will you help me get ready? That's what you like, isn't it? And one last thing ... my boyfriend likes to make out with me all morning – on his bright, sunny bed ... rock and roll music – and wants to know if you'll come by at noon ... so he doesn't have to get dressed ... Will you do that, honey? Will you pick me up at noon? ... And I won't be wearing anything? And you'll see me that way? ... They like me to leave the house dressed up the way you like me to go out with you ... and they're waiting for me now out in the car. Will you help me unbutton my dress up the front? And leave my wedding band behind? ... They don't want me to talk to you, so someone else will phone you with the address. I'm not wearing a bra, am I? Aren't I skanky? ... But you can't come inside. Knock on the door and wait for me and within fifteen or twenty minutes I'll come out for you to give me back my wedding band, okay? Do you like the way I smell tonight? Do you like that? ... Do you like me and my skanky friends? Do I look like a French au pair and you're my butler? ... Do you want to see my front when I walk? ... Should I wear my hair up like this? ... Do you think what happens, when I walk out front, will be enough to win? ... You wanted me to be a real slut, now I'm a real slut, aren't I? ... Raise my Imperial Green panties up your flagpole."

30. Just Increases Expectations: To air out the elixir of her freshly creamed nectar, she lifts her short, plaid skirt, its utopian design ... (pulling over his head for a scarf!) ... proving she's a breed apart! ... Chet goes down on her melting, pungent spreading and begins tickling her clit with his tongue ... "Oh, I hope you can forgive me," she says as he begins to capture the clearly unprotected & upturned dew of her carnal salivation, "I thought it's what you wanted. Did I enjoy it too much? (The cover-up is always worse than the crime!) Is it going to change things?" ... Perfection has been reached, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away ... "You're just lucky – I was in the mood." ... "There's no point licking this if it hasn't been busy, is there?" ... "I hope to keep it very busy!" ... "Love means never having to say you're sorry." ... "I'm sorry, I was horny ... ('Are you mad at me? They want me to be skanky again!') ... and you weren't there." ... How the day before, "The Battle of the Sexes" had led to such a "Fateful Decision": She tells her husband, 'The FBI says rape is "carnal knowledge of a female without her consent" ... If we call him and I say, "Thank you for choosing me," would that be "proper consent?"' ... if he agrees, he's to dial the phone number for her ... "to tell him that" ... "What?" he says, after listening for the ring and handing her the iPhone ... "Thank you for choosing me," she whispers into the receiver, (already breathing huskily!) and slowly unbuttoning her blouse ... "Oh, hi! ... Would you like to turn on the FaceTime.. again?" ... to show (any & sundry Facebook viewers!) what she's wearing ... "Whenever my husband's not around," she says truthfully, "it makes me anointed or horny, I can't decide, Maybe Both! ... just 'Pool Party' costume jewelry ... You're going to be the only one, right?" ... The small image on the iPhone moves even lower as she completely pulls back her shirt, panning down to what she's wearing below ... an oblong ruby pussy pendant, dangling in front by a string of crystal drops to a silver ring on a weedy sequined sash, to wear in lieu of any bikini bottom or thong ... "Again," she says, "Thank you for inviting me!" ... "Oh! Then I'll be all their guest of honor? ... Well then, Thank Them All For Choosing Me!" she whispers (far beyond what had been acknowledged or agreed to!) ... "Until tomorrow! ... Do you think I should wear it? ... Like this? ... That's funny! ... Okay!" ... "The FBI should have no problems with that," she tells her husband, "... Do you?" handing "Chet" back the iPhone ... "So what should I wear besides?" she says, shrugging off the rest of her blouse ... "Like this?" she repeats – to raise "Chet's" intrinsic expectations! – "Just nothing?"

31. Were You On a Cloud? ... "Tell me how much you like being a fuck doll." ... What If I Made You Hornier than You Can Imagine? ... "And don't give me any lip!" ... Well, you know, don't you? ... That's the kind of thing ... I would like to leave to others ... She's offering a "Free Inspection!" ... To help her "cut back on smoking" he's allowed to insert his penis completely inside her vagina, provided "you don't move!" ... The Zen Buddhist Rule! ... "It's not cheating if you don't move," she explains, "Fucking is when you swirl your cock in-and-out, back-and-forth, and around. So if you don't move, it's not cheating" ... How fucking your own wife could ever be construed as "cheating" illustrates the parapositional and convention-suspending logic of their "surrealistically simulated congress." While so engaged, he's asked to reconsider whether she should continue to accept "candy from strangers" ... It just doesn't seem to get old, does it? ... "Involuntary ejaculation must mean something," she says, observing the quiet furtive pulses of his penis ... With her ragged breathing, conspiratorial suggestions, squirming body emphasizing each point, ("A musician's .. got to .. have a .. 'steady .. groupie,'" she's told her best friends, leaving her husband way off in the dark.) and bare breasts just beneath his gaze, he's the "stand-in," she'd been suggesting, for her loverboy, who's headlining "in Brussels," ... "Are you Captain Hook?" she asks him. "I'm sore -- Maybe you shouldn't put it all the way in -- Oops! It's already been in!"


32. "Aren't you glad you just found who your partner is?" An Ongoing Story of a Young Woman's Erotic Adventures in Eskimo Kisses at Home & Eskimo Hospitality: What's In It For Me? "I don't have to wear a condom anymore, because it's ..." "... Total Abstinence!" she says, "Though I'll give you permission," she adds, with hardly anything to adjust – just a slight back & forth putting her hair up – "to prepare me, (In Red Ribbons! –'Will they like this?') for a long length of ... real lovers." ... (She's Just Taken a Shower When her Real Friends Come Over): ... "Oh, we left the broom at home!" ... "Don't get alone with us! Don't make up any rules! Don't let us catch you being unfaithful!" ... "That's what I'm thinking of doing." ... Undo the exposure ... "I looked at his hands. It wasn't so much they were huge ...," she says for the second time, trailing off, briefly flashing her shorn pussy! (Passion Pushing Things Forward! – "Do you think he'll like me?") ... The fabric's translucent, the buttons' butter ... "Mmm, lunch in a blouse!" her main squeeze calls out. "You're allowed," she demurs, as she casually unbuttons, shrugging them each out, nu! bobbing, pink! reaching for little more than a damp wash towel ... & just keeps putting it off and giving it to people ... "Oh, Jesus!" "Oh, my God!" ... Oh, foiled again! ... "If your bath towel's about to fall off, raise your hand!"... It's hard to resist ... "Real friends are hard to come by," she admits, shrugging the blouse completely off her shoulders ... "Mmm. Ripe strawberries to licentious melons!" ... "She's a good girl," he says ... "Until today!" she says, with a subtle motion as someone half-yanks the towel from around her waist ... "Maybe you'll have to show them that one!" ... That's it! All the way! ... "Do me a favor, get rid of this!" he says, leaving her totally exposed ("She's moist!" ... Makes her glisten!) completely vulnerable in front of four guys ... "One rip-off after another!" ... And lights! ... "Who is this little girl running around without fur?" ... You've shown and told us what you're going to do ... "How charming! -- Divided wyffins!" ... You are a smooth child ... The white enchilada, for next to nada! ... Lots of limbo! ... "That's the latest thing." ... Now who was not taught that? ... "When am I getting my free massage?" ... He's the head of the whole thing ... "Raise both hands if you don't want your towel to fall off!" ... He picks all the players ... "We're all alone." ... Sure we are! ... "What are we thinking?" ... I thought I was dreaming! ... Her titties might have global repercussions, Waist away! Hips abroad! ... "Who wants to get some rakes?" ... I just had to ask ... "So can your father shoot?" ... Look what I'm reduced to ... "Getting experimental, Richard." ... "I work on this in spurts!" he tells them ... "Dog! You dog, you!" ... More jealousy work! ... "Do you think I'm too fat?" she pouts, dropping the towel completely from her personal life! – those freckles! – impossibly small waist, (turning for us!) pale bikini lines, thin furtive slit, yet flaring frame, (pretending she's alone!) brushing back her chestnut hair (for a glimpse!) ... purposefully brushing it back! ... for all the while she ponies up her pussy, they're boning up for cunt! ... "Oh, God, don't you dare!" she says, with one of them holding her, "Not with my husband watching!" ... "Looks like your wife's in season," her jock and master says, suddenly kissing her, with her squirming and kissing him back! ..."Mmm. Females are choosy; males are horny!" ... Did you know lap dancers make the most tips when they're ovulating? ... With three fingers in her, suddenly wriggling at the words, "Nicely! ... So nicely!" ... "Do the Flounce! ... The Floozie Bounce!" ... "She's in season! Open season! at your beck and call!" ... Resistance ... Sweet! Sweet! ... More Resistance! ... Tryst Twist! ... "I need to go back and forth!" she says, still on his hand, her slight scent noticeable, essential ... Taking something to a whole new level! ... "Ah, the heft of it!" "Pinch 'em!" "Hold her arms!" ... Do people go skinny-dipping? ... "Next week we're going on the ferry!" ... "What are you doing?" she says in mock surprise & cooperative resignation, "Stop anytime, guys!" for the first time allowing the tip of something to replace his hand, the stretched hymeneal ligature on each side, with complete knowledge of each other exquisitely crossing their faces ... She's sinking! ... Sweet! Sweeet! ... "Or if you want to ..." (Red Ribbons Falling off, with "Oh, ahh, ahh!") ... "More jealousy work!" not bothering to cover up, drooling, flaunting it! ... "It's all loose!" ... "Crystal clear? Hmm? ... Crystal clear?" she repeats ... Were you their guide? ... "You have to decide what's in your bones!" ... Did you show them your secret bed? ... "It gets hotter! I have news for you!" ... Did you feel like a star? ... "Next!" she turns and calls out ... Tuck it in! ... "Catch & Release!" ... That's a wet paper joke! ... "How far was she?" a deep voice says, totally familiar, yet always off-camera ... Don't tell anybody at the FCC! ... "Okay, let's see."

33. (I'll Put One Light in the Ceiling (We Have Plenty of Time) Just for the Mood) ... "My mood ring says, 'purple' -- that means I'm horny." "What are we going to do?" "I guess that means it's self-service, or ..." "Or?" "... Or some kind of truth." "I can take your picture, for the cell phone." "Well, who would see it?" "Anybody you call." "Do you want to wash me and make me perfectly clean?" "For perfectly clean pictures!" "And dirty calls!" "So someone will know? ..." "I'm really, really horny!" "Want me to dial it?" "Yes, please dial my phone ... after you ... clean me up!" "It's so beautiful! ...." "And there's nothing you can do about it!" --------- "Hi! ... I'm fine ... I'm being honest today ...." --------- Some Things Are So Wicked You Can Become Addicted to Them: "I loved it," she moans softly as Chet continues his attention ... to his lime-light wife's body. "We," she whispers, "are a Slut Puppy ... faithful husband! ... cheating wife." ... That night he dreams of his wife being fully exposed: (Dream) The two Italian girls get into a little tiff, struggling in their white bikinis, until it becomes obvious one of them is trying to expose the other to everyone. She starts pulling on the other girl's white bottoms, trying to pull them down, which seems to raise the stakes in their fight. As I watch, the other tries pulling down the first girl's bathing suit, too, and inch by inch, the first girl is successful, pulling the other's bikini bottoms down to her knees. Their fight is something between an earnest struggle and an embrace, because they're literally locked together, prolonging our view of everything. (Fin) ... Yes!

34. It's Good to Fly Together: The Eskimo Nude Beach: Sometimes there are way too many people out there, brought to you by, And Her Nipple Pops Out. What Is the First Rule of Art? "Don't bore the public! & ... Would you like to see a trick?" ... She's wearing an invisibility cloak! ... "Is it too tight?" ... Doesn't make any difference ... "So what's next?" ... The whole place will gleam of shining chrome! ... "No one questions it." ... What are those sparkles? They must be diamonds! ... "People see different things, right?" ... How she meets Robert one more time ... Out on the beach, her cotton-clad crescent more threadbare than the covert glances and open gazes of any passerby, even as she removes her top completely, protected from outsiders by the natural coves and inlets where she finds herself curling her bare feet in the shallow waves and wet sands, beach combing, both shelter and cover for those furtive male admirers lucky enough to tag along, every cell of her body drinking them in, yet totally submitting herself in these circumstances only to Robert, in whose arms she intertwines, promising fulfillment, maybe her own quick fingers, and the pale twine across one broad hip coming untied, a last vestige of protection fluttering away, her completely bare skin now crushed in his arms, lifting her face from the shadows of her wretched childhood, rejoicing in its reflection in the knowing, Black face -- promising in its conspiratorial cruelty -- a perfect stage to stand on tiptoes, kiss, lie back in the Caribbean warmth, and make slow, consummate love, kissing more! .. faithful forever! .. and then as rapidly as he can roll away spent, leaking even across the pounding surf, to leave her slit and torn for the rape of others ... Suddenly embarrassed at this other reality, flustered in the moment, leaking half-hip-naked on the tarmac, flap down, her contraband harvest being fully examined by sleuth cognoscenti, its lascivious ripeness demanding exploitation far beyond prenubial Pict lament, she tries to turn away ... Don't hide it! When you got it, flaunt it! ... "Everywhere on earth." ... Who's going to pull it off? ... "What isn't off is just loose." ... Hey! Who's going to pluck on her nipples?

35. It's Such a Beautiful Day! Everyone is Out! "If you're going to daydream," she whispers, "why bother being realistic?" That We Could Do, Too. "If I'm going to cheat," she adds haphazardly, gazing out the back of their bungalow, "I need to bask ... all by myself, maybe at a secret cove beach." She has a nice figure, doesn't she? "The electricity was up and on all afternoon." Just keep doing what you're doing ... Don't change! "Maybe we can switch it.." Let's try that. "... Switch cabins ...." Stretches things out. "You fool, you!" But very real. "Very flimsy outfits." Maybe we'll see that, too ... How many times can you sit on a little spot, on the beach? ... "There's always someone around." ... "And people find out!" ... "There may be a few around." ... "I'm not shy." ... "Just like your relatives!" ... "People like it when they get something for nothing." ... Sweet, sweet, ever sweet temptations, she takes off her pods to give the boys pointers! ... "See? I think I saved myself!" ... You know, young couples today ... and rolling over? ... "I think it's better." ... oh, the rudeness! ... "Now the bottoms?" ... "They pay off the loans." ... Lifting her bottom ... It makes you stop and think for a moment ... "Everyone does." ... Nothing! ... "Ready to separate?" ... "Maybe after! After you leave!" ... "It's not village life any more." ... You can see that someone giving bare facts about their life is poetry ... "Part of it is the people you meet, too." ... "It's hot today, isn't it?" ... "Look at those two guys -- No don't!" ... They just turn in a minute! ... "Look at your whites! Are you sure you want me to leave you here naked?" ... "It's cheaper!" ... "Captive audience! It may be charming when it cracks. It may be like alligator skin." ... "Get lost! Good-bye!" ... "But that's what gave birth to the blues!" ... "They're just stupid and rigid!" ... "I just took one look." ... "You don't have to say anything!" ... Good-bye everybody! I say good-bye to everybody! ... "It's hot today!" ... "What a summer! Look at you! All over! You have enough oil?" ... "I use a lot of that." ... Here's looking at you, kiddo! ... "You have to get more!" ... A tiny towel, an intimate spot on the beach, needs oil ... "I have extras -- Just leave it!" ... Take Advantage of our Chambermaids! .. Naked, she's a little squirrelly now ... "I can't believe the way you look, totally smooth, so flat, so cut down! -- I'll wait!" ... "You'll have to! Don't be so obvious!" she adds anxiously, gazing over at Remote Soldiers, "If they see you making off with my bathing suit, I'll be screwed!" ... her cheeks full of nuts ... for Pointers & Soldiers & Nothing!

36. The Eskimo Presents: @).).) What's missing? Adventures on a Tramp Steamer: We could put a peephole. "That'll keep it wet!" Well, sometimes it just has a way of finding you. "If you don't have fun, what's the point in living?" "I want a strong man for my significant other," she says, "and I think I've found him ... When I gave him a hand job under the table, he slid three fingers inside me ... then took some of his jism, and smeared it in my pussy, ... with his fingers, ..." she adds, expectantly. "Did you like that?" he says. "He said he's going to thrust a load bigger than that as deep as he can, as soon as he can, as often as he wants." "What did you say?" He gazes down her blouse. " ... I told him he can own me! ... " "Actually, if you don't have too much, nothing's bad." "It's like armpit!" "And she's hiding in the shadows!" ... "I'm almost ready! You can see! ... You don't have to pay me," she whispers ... "Your nipples! It's your time of month?" ... (C.O.O. :: Cunt Ovulating Options || because every girl could use a little variety) ... "You're going to let Robert jerk, twitch and spurt inside you again?" he asks, remembering the short leash Robert had playfully attached to her black leather collar, emblematically hitched to his erection ... "During that moment, I want you to fuck my ass with him inside me," she whispers... "I want you to feel his cock buried deep inside my vagina, and this will be the best way ... Calm down!" ... "You know what everyone puts on, baby oil."

37. Making Sure ... Rumor is Pregnant: Now It's Beautiful Legs: Beauty may be skin deep, but nastiness runs deep down! :: & Everything :: in Between ... A houseguest is sent just before dawn to help her choose / pick out / select a bathing suit for their day at the beach. "It's like choosing / picking out / selecting a baby," she says when he comes in her room, somehow not finding any bikini, with her hands behind her back, "Do you want to fuck?" ... Her husband catches a glimpse of the two of them at the top of the stairs, (a cross-cultural expedition across the Americas to discover the exquisite beauty and enduring mystery of her melancholy narrows!), murmuring something in Spanish, ("Do you want to fuck? ... Vamos a hacerlo!") then suddenly in English, "Help with what?" ... "When I'm ready!" ... "You've got a lot of secret weapons, Ella Cassidy" ... "Mexican time!" ... "You do that with your husband?" ... "It's prohibited! I'm in love with my husband!" she tells him, then back to Spanish, with him saying, "Little things we've got to keep to ourselves! ... Las pequeñas cosas." ... "My chance to become a cartel millionaire!" ... "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it ... cuando lleguemos a él." ... "Sooner or later I get what I want," she tells him, switching back to English, as he pulls on the curtain and glances out the window ... "Maybe it's a full moon, or it could be," he tells her (Still in English) ... She joins him behind the curtain ... "Upstairs, downstairs, in my lady's chamber," she sings, going down, "This is a non-hair softhead job," she says, "Anyone can do it right ... Anything else you want to look at down here?" silhouetted against the dark garden, "Dirty! What's the sense of having a mirror if it's dirty? Mmnph! ... Fire away!" ... "It's the look in your face!" ... "Anytime you want to do that," she tells him, standing back up, "Was it huge?" grazing a white breast against his arm, and whispering in Spanish, "You just wait and you can get anything you want!" ... The sun comes up outside! ... One man's meat! ... "Now you know everything about me," she says, coming back in the room, idly toying with a mix-matched bikini, hands down! ... with a cat-that-got-the-cream grin ... "You know what?" he asks her, "I think your titties are tremendous! ... tremula ... tremenda!" ... "You don't think they're too ... uncovered?" ... "Just beautiful!" ... Laid back for further evidence (... and downstairs, How can there be any dignity in titty?) ... Y luego de arriba, "Oh, the bright red bottle bush tree!" ... You never know until the moment ... "They pop out at you, and then they're forgotten! ... Ven aquí!" ... (It's a big world over there ... psychotic and homicidal) ... "Hey! Yeah! Huh? Wooo! C'ya!" ... "Hey, hey, hey! Teach me something about la friganomía niña blanca!" ... and meanwhile, downstairs, (How it all began ...) "Want my cock to wear a raincoat, so it doesn't get drenched?" he wonders, gazing up ... (I must have done something wrong ... Maybe I played naked hockey! ... Sudden glory! ... This is what I can't figure out) ... and upstairs, "There's bigger ones, too!" ... "Then if we want, we can snip it off!" she says ... "Some bathing suit!" he tells her. "We'll have to do it again at the end of the day," she says, "... to make sure," then finds it, ... and wears it downstairs.

38. Eskimo, help her get naked. "What better place to show off your down-the-blouse bare titties than in a gay café? ... 'Bare-Eyed Thrush Feigns Indifference!'" ... Her plump, berry-tipped, don't-bend-over, conceal'ems are the pink elephant in the room ... No one can mention the V-neck, scooping into a sheltered cove, with white sands and pink shells ... "Oooo! Are you lucky!" ... Some people just like that ... This is what they were famous for, sitting around in slips ... "Thank God they're not lining up out the door, because I'd be dead! Did you close it?" ... Oh, the bounce of it! Oh, the spread of the sweetness! Oh, to experience her soul! ... "Dressed appropriately" ... "It's a hassle! You have to take off your shoes, disrobe and everything! -- They could see my bra straps" ... "Considerably different -- Show us!" ... "Not everything that wears a lab coat is science!" ... "Now remove it -- Do you have anything to declare?" ... "Just like a peach!" ... It's fantastic! ... "But more!" ... Especially people whose parents were school teachers ... "The world has more to offer than money." (–Ben S. Bernanke) ... You're very tricky about these things ... "Just for you!" ... They'll destroy you ... "What a beautiful necklace!" ... They can just turn in a minute ... "Oh, Sorry! I didn't know!" ... Before you know what to do, it's hard! ... "Home Depot Unit Sees Price Plunge in a Tight Market!" ... That's why! ... "It's a little sad." ... It didn't bother me that much ... "Embrace Your Inner Freak!" ... John Erickson, Psychotherapist ... "Anyone can get married!" ... These are very simple things ... "Hmm! Did I do that?" ... Don't expect to get something you ask for! ... "Darn! You caught me!" ... It Is Safer to be Seen than to be Invisible: Interview for a camera! ... "Mmm, you smooth-lipped yummy!" ... Guilty! Guilty to a culpa! ... "The Philanthropic Philanderer!" ... For what you are about to receive! ... "So let's do that now!" ... What a mind! ... "They don't call her an undercover agent for nothing!" ... You do what you have to do! ... "All of a sudden it's gone!" ... I got a little bit carried away ... "What a fox!" ... Thank you! That's very friendly of you ... "You touched his penis?" ... No, no, it's deep inside! ... "It's hard, huh?" ... It gets harder and harder! ... "What's next is the missionary position!" ... —When you have one leg, she says, getting a leg up, taking a sharp breath, —nothing is boring ... "He should stand alone!" ... No, no! A tango is a sad feeling that you dance.

39. Why don't you write your name? "My ... you know ... alias?" ... Where in theory, no one would be interested: "You would!" "And who else would?" "I guess I could practice" ... au Naturel! ... She's very good to people when she gets to know them ... "We were just sitting around talking," she says ... She's like a friend who's always around, who's up for anything. "There is no straight lumber," her "best friend" notes, moments before unleashing his own seed deep within her womb ... "It's all just, 'How warped is it?' You can get slightly warped, a little warped, and really warped!" ... "The rules still apply!" she says after everyone's left, "Back to me!" tied squirming spread-eagled on a mattress. It's a good rule ... the German Rule: "I don't want to fill it up twice in one day! Are you going to untie me?" with her somehow "seeking the seed of straight lumber" ... I think it can be done. The supermarket's a good place, too. He puts the tip of his penis at the gate of her vagina, and whispers in her ear, "I just never get it!" ... It must be the factory, with her kissing & cuddling & touching & petting ... "I know, but it's fun!" she admits, one of her hands loose, now protecting herself. If she's been "bad once," it's a good rule, the German Rule, "Don't fill it up twice in one day!" ... Unbelievable, huh? Try to get straight ones! I know it's hard these days, pulling her sundress back down. That's a really fat chance! ... wrapping it up with a perfunctory peck, "Let's find the biggest one!" ... A donkey dick! ... "Actually, girls love horses! 'Nowadays, European warmbloods from the Netherlands, Germany and France are in vogue.' So why don't we go to Europe, have a ball, and tell our friends to go fuck themselves?" ... Reindeers have horns!



40. Eskimo, finish the job! "You could take him upstairs .. Hike up your skirt a little more!" ... You can go by feel ... "Pervert! .. Pimp!" ... Woo! I know, I know ... for a window ... I Like the Way her Vagina Slivers & Wicks! ... "All men are idiots, and I married their king!" ... She wears the pants, even when they're off! ... "You really are a dirty old man, aren't you?" she shoots back. "You'd better stop putting ideas in my head" ... Love knocks! ... "Just what do you have in mind?" she says ... "Are you looking forward to your birthday?" he whispers close to her ear, "Are you looking forward to wearing your birthday suit?" ... "I've got it covered!" ... Then sweep her off her feet! ... with one kiss ... (a deep bosom bend, and flash!) ... Greetings from behind the cloth! ... Poke out is better than poke in! ... "Maybe the new direction isn't up, it's out!" ...

"Topless Sunset"
--  --  --
Stunning! Scintillating!
The sky's a crazy breast,
its shoreline jutting out,
red nipple in the west.

There's a lot of it, Oops! ... "Well, who are you going to believe," she says, "me or your own eyes?" ... You have no idea how hard it is ... No matter what you do, something else is going to pop up! ... "Scoot over! ... I'm not used to working two shifts!" ... "Reveal yourself." ... "He's my pimp." ... "Let's bare her on the Internet." ... She can't help but cup a breast, bend a nipple bud ... "It's the adrenaline," she says, "I'm in over my head!" ... one step from heaven ... "We're taking it slow-w" ... feel her body rise! ... "If someone's naked and riding on a fish, it'd be the most naked fish!" ... What size is it? ... "The outcast of the islands!" ... I smell sexy candy! ... "Just a little!" ... and choose clamp!

41. There's More to Life Than Money! Show your world to me ... "Ooo! A lot of great sights in Kansas City!" "Nothing but men's shirts & short skirts." "I'm game!" "He'll certainly know: Proving Once and For All, the Gaze is the Erection of the Eye." "It's very poetic." For purity she has to get a haircut without wearing anything above the waist. "It's very dangerous, too. See? Somewhere there is where you are!" "And those are good! Her magnetic morsels. Succulent tracers! Though I see, I don't stare." With a Freudian slip! "Wait! Don't go to sleep tonight!" Great is the Gate, Narrow is the Way: As often as possible! Ah, the truth! (Leaving her there ... Behind the Green Door) "Uh, let me lock it." Ringlets & curly locks? "Now I know where you get your deep sense of fun." Hair clippings, sunshine & fools! "You know, I'm not your boyfriend." "I don't know. We'll see. There's people you never hear about." Lime light. "That's one adventure." "You have no idea!" "She's so beautiful, she is – Okay, now I've seen everything!" There's ants in your pants! "It's very hard to get rid of. From the other side of France." They just keep jacking it up! "I think that would be fun." Is that your plan? "We could make a pillow." Just do your job, uh, right? (Okay, so what are we going to do? "The Unbuckler!" "Killer!" "Milker!") "Right!" The Italian Rule, the Eskimo Rule, the German Rule, inexorably the same, always playing the fringes, "Just a little higher!" with no price to pay, ((not the kind you take to meet your mother) the kind you want to take home!) (a certain reverent preparation (Modeling a T-shirt, Boing! Boing!: "Is this too small?" ... I .. don't .. think .. so!) and careless illumination of forbidden fruit,) beginning with a verifiably bare pussy, ((its sweet consummate softness, ((always forbidden to me,) just for milking and pulling strange spud,)) with a bit of coaxing!) and ending with, "And I'll bring back proof so you'll know I'm not lying!"

42. They'll Do Anything You Want. Maybe a little flirting then ... "And new romances?" "You want all of them to feel up your naughty Bailes' boobies and all have a chance to fuck her just a little bit, right? That's what you want me to do, right? You want me to be your sexy, naughty Bailes, don't you? And you want them all to get a good look at little Bailes, right?" ... (She awakens in the dark with her dream lover and has him hard in about seven seconds ... "Since I'm married," she's telling him, "you can be the conceiver without any of the burden" ... The two of them listen to the rain outside together ("If an egg is available," she's telling him, (straddling his log so as to keep it outside, "did you know the time between ejaculation and conception is about two minutes?" (then with a slight adjustment, she achieves complete penetration)) "Did you know that?" ... "I'm probably pregnant now," she's telling him) The FBI is called in) ... She's been forked!

43. She Really Gets Into it, Doesn't She? Eskimo, what was it we were thinking of? Holding It Open! "Mmm, Oop! Wardrobe Malfunction!" Search Result: Her Human Torso, Ne'er Fainting Heart, Knees Up & Bar of Light. Before work each day she has to show her husband she's not wearing any underpants. She Wags Her Finger: "And be in bed by never!" ... Well, that night, she comes home a little earlier than planned and discovers her husband and friends holding their Friday night poker game at their house without even missing a beat! ... "We like your haircut!" one of the guys says, giving her the idea they might know everything, and to confirm her suspicions, one of them adds, "And we've decided to hold a Moot Court!" "What do you mean?" she says. "We've decided to convict you for having sex with your hairdresser!" "It wasn't sex!" she cries out, employing a Clinton-style gambit. "Aha!" her husband says, and another guy says, "No, no ... don't come to her defense ... You be the Bailiff ... and we'll set up the Court!" He goes off in search of some ropes and handcuffs, just in case! When he gets back, they've rearranged the chairs and card table into the Court, complete with The Judge, (who secretly knows all about The Eskimo Rules!), the Moot Prosecutor, (who's already decided she's guilty,) a Defense Attorney (who in real life is a taxi driver! Oh-no!), and her husband, the Bailiff. "Your Honour, we call the Defendant to the stand!" the Prosecutor announces, taking a firm hold of her arm and leading her to a chair up on a platform. She's still wearing the clothes she wore to work, including, she remembers, (No Underpants!) and have her sit on the platform facing The Jury (the remaining two guys!) "Now," the Prosecutor begins, "Are you aware of the charges against you? You had sex with your hairdresser! Wearing your heels! And you're married! How do you plead? And do you solemnly swear to tell the truth?" "Good girls never swear! And how do you know I'm married. mother-fucker?" she asks with a smirk. "Your Honour, we have to take her wedding ring off, and hold it as Exhibit A." They take the ring from her left hand. "It wasn't sex!" she repeats, trying to get up. "Bailiff, restrain this woman!" the Judge commands, and they hold her arms while the Bailiff affixes two ropes to her ankles, and ties them slightly apart, to the legs of the chair. She tries to keep her knees together, and as she squirms, gazing out at the two guys sitting facing her, kind of forgets. "It wasn't really sex!" she repeats. The Prosecutor is totally confounded. "Are you trying to tell me getting a haircut, naked from the waist up, isn't sex?" he demands. Someone has totally spilled the beans! she determines to herself, vowing to get revenge! "Your Honour," I ask for a recess, the Defense Counselor asks. "No, no!" the Prosecutor cuts in, "I demand that we take her blouse off as Exhibited B, and her bra off as Exhibited CC!" "You mean, Exhibit CC, don't you?" the Defense Attorney chimes in, beginning to wonder which side he's on. "Let your objections be duly noted!" the Judge commands from his bench, adjusting the tense of his trousers, underneath his black gown, "And in consideration of the gravitas of these charges, Direct Evidence takes precedence!" They concertedly take both her tops off, all thumbs, impatiently yanking down a string of buttons in front, having a wee bit of trouble with the clasp of her bra, and still swaying from the rough manhandling, ask of her, "You mean to say, This Isn't Sex?" For the clincher, the Prosecutor roughs her hair, pulls up her skirt and leaves it that way. "Yeah," one of the jurors pipes up, "This isn't sex!" getting the whole picture now, including the haircut! "No! No!" she cries out, in mock desperation, "We didn't have this kind of sex!" "Well, there's truth in that!" the Judge allows. "Your Honour," the Prosecutor interrupts, "May Counsel approach the bench for Direct Examination?" "So you may," the Judge allows, allowing the Prosecutor to cup her and feel her up. Sensing an inherent unfairness in what may be a long and drawn-out procedure, including the severe tugging & pinching of nipples, her Defense Attorney asks for a Cross Examination as well, and approaches the bench to continue the bare breast fondling and ear tickling from the other side, as she extends one leg as wide as possible in an effort to escape. "Your Honour," the Prosecutor announces, "it has come to our attention that what we see before us, in high heels, is in fact, Her Sex!" And with the exposure of this Direct Evidence contradicting her testimony under a solemn oath, the Judge instructs The Bailiff to untie her legs and have her accept the terms of an Oral Plea Bargain, (which seems satisfactory to all sides concerned, including The Jury!) with the Bailiff tying her hands behind the back of a kitchen step ladder, with cushions on it, which they lean up against the bench, allowing her to balance in her heels on both sides of the ladder. "And if anyone comes inside you, that wouldn't be sex, as well?" the Judge asks incredulously, taking off his robes. "No! No!" she cries out ... "That would be a mistake!" (... as would be the surreptitious video (taken by a total sneak!) :: involving a stick of butter, an irresistible dare, a disrobing Juror, (two clothespins! ... ("And is this sex?" "No!" ... "Is the chain comfortable?") ... "And this?") and having her drink three glasses of iced tea ...) "Well, my love," the Judge lets slip, "as I suggested at Niagra Fa.., in my chambers, ... in room 237, ... ('No place else?') ... the Bailiff might suitably wear a condom ... as he does domestically!" to keep her "from feeling trashy," and for him to use the unfortunate hardness of his fat angry bat "to push everyone's seed further in." (That's a pickle!) :-( !! ("That's the way it goes!" – He can't get it every day!)

44. A Little Variety Never Hurts! – Her cashmere-sweatered nipples – "My name is Big Boner and this is Little Tuck :: Her two-time nipples are a dangerous game!" ... As the tenor of their lug nut exposure will be completely different ... "Shall we split this?" she asks, sitting down to pull on her socks, "Do you want to split this? ... They take pictures of me in my socks!" ... "There's a girl who wants to get laid ... whose double-entendres & free roaming ways ... Boi-oi-oi-oi-oing-g! Bo-ohne!" ... "Oh, actually? ... I'll have to let one of those sink in ... No names! ... Have to have some ground rules, though!" ... "Wait a minute! Remember? We get to vote: –Stay that way? –Or T-shirt?" ... "Because choice is power!" ... "Pictures of you amid lightning bolts!" ... "Because that's the best you'll ever make, right?" ... "Ground Rule: A condom breaks the current!" ... Never do anything the way other people do it! It gives new meaning to the phrase, meaningful relationship: For every single woman who has ever shown me her pussy, Thank you! I am extremely grateful ... Here's my vote: Peel it off! ... "I'll peel it off," she says, "so you can tell me if I'm going to have fun tonight ... when I go out" ... "Oh, God!" he says, "They're so good!" ... "That's what they say," she says, "but I'm not!" ... Thieving from his spiritual master, he's singing, "You are the hot dog of my soul, the popcorn of my eyes, and Granddaddy Said It! — If you expose your body, some people will want to touch it!" ... "Out! OUT!" she's crying out, arching her back like a cat, "Out! OUT! ... They do, you fool!" her nipples so ... seeable, breasts so ... touchable, pussy so ... malleable, amenable, susceptible! ... "You don't play the way I do," she says, leaning back, exposing more of ... all of!! her body. "You play with someone in your mind," she tells him, "I play with someone in my arms ... I lean back ... and fool with someone with my eyes ... And breathe with them! ... And tune them in with my hands to the Pregnancy Channel for Lodged Womb Service! ... And kiss them while they come in me! ... Here! ... I seduce a person! ... while you're wearing a rubber ducky! ... I come for keeps with someone really fucking me!" ... Oh, singing in the pain! ... totally sub-schizophrenic!

45. What you need to know about pussy and why It's deeply strange — ("All a pussy ever wants is fresh cock," she's admitting (with a sleight of hand) — admiring the simple wool smock she's about to don — adding (innocently!) "Your behavior makes me feel so ('time-of-month!') vulnerable." — With unfolding implications: (In your mind's eye there's a loose wife scampering around without a bra!) Just her scooting to the grocery store this way boggles the brain ("Are you single?" "Just noticed?") and before leaving: "Then if I can't see you, we're still friends?" ... Perched upon this preposterous predicament, I start drinking while SHE: turning and slipping it on (My rubber? Her smock?) with a preview audience (Front row sheaths!) — ("Until something a little better.") and underneath, with a quick motion, from next-to-nothing to nothing! "What you have to settle for." (For a "safety" dipstick test!) Trust but verify :: One Leg UP :: "I'm fertile." :: like in the movies. "Just once!" And ME: "Do you like the sensation of strange cock seeding your trim womb, spurt by spurt?" (Recent meatballs! Smells like honey!) I pass out ... for her to be getting "available" tattooed deeply upon inside her desirable, obtainable, free-for-all-except-me! pussy — Eskimo Truth & Dare: "Eskimo, tell me the truth. Is there anything better than a thong?" "A thong too long, or half a thong!" She's the guiding light at her company, where her boss knows her slut alias: "Bailes," and since that's the case, why bother wearing a bra or any underwear? He tells her, "You're on that path anyway . . . Now you can have fun at work." ... Casually undressing, revealing her lack of underwear is already the case, she hesitates in the midst of this inherent contradiction, as if wondering how much he really knows, and then, looking at him carefully, says, "It's an arrangement." ... It started out as "fuck week!" and sort of "Got out of hand," extending to almost every week, especially after she sat down on the edge of their marriage bed, in front of her husband, (perfunctorily demonstrating the steaming, crazy, light-hungry, life-of-its-own, corner-office-wired, upwardly mobile and ("Keep it open!") willing flesh from the same Naked Screen™ Pantless Microskirt she'd had on at work!) and confided to him (And fornicationing-erecting! ("Something I'd pay to see!") For purposefully shy prospects! And split!) about her new boss and her sullen jealousies ... Again, she hesitates. "It's like wild strawberries," she says, adding, "Do you think he'll like my breasts?" almost in self-reflection, lifting one, as if holding it in abeyance. Again she hesitates, then explains how her boss is leaving in a few months to move to a new city, and has been asking, since a year ago this day, she reflects, if he can spend a weekend with her. "I told him, 'You know I'm a happily married woman!'" she tells her husband, leaving out the secret knowledge he'd already been having the same effect on the other married women in the office as he was having on her, and even though she'd let him hit on her, peeking down her dress more than once, and not telling her husband about it, his interest in the other women really made her jealous! She hesitates again, then explains how her boss has somehow put her under his spell. He'd been bedding the married women one by one, and now, seemingly, was leaving the best for last. Once more she hesitates, as if wondering how much she's already revealed about her parallel lives. "I don't like orders!" she tells her husband, now standing hard at hand, after she gets home from work on a Friday afternoon, letting his eyes glaze cross all her bare flesh. "Don't get angry!" she says, spreading her bounty, "Pressure makes me uneasy. Do you think it's ... perfectly tight?" ... "Maybe you should have a curfew, young lady!" he tells her, "and be back here before midnight!" ... "You're a hard man to please!" she devilishly murmurs, knowingly guiding his cock across her belly rather than into her moosey, letting it just graze across her Juicy [Even gleet!] Plunder & Boner Generator! ... She pauses again for An Intimate Portrait: "You're the second person I've felt come in sixty seconds today, [hesitating!] then start getting hard again," she whispers in his ear, "except the other one came in my pussy!" ... This business of keeping her opportunities open & oozing pussy lips "off-limits" to him (except, of course, for pussy licking!) keeps them both extremely horny almost all the time, because, as they both know, for her boss, (Eagerly showing her husband how she'd just been kissing him, just an hour ago!) she totally rescinds her real marriage vow ... telling him just that afternoon, "Whatever you want, dude!" ... including straddling his chair! ... and before getting ready for her incomplete weekend with him, laying out her little black dress, stockings and red garters, with a curfew bound to be broken, like her heart! lets her husband feed on her, slobbering each cherry-picked nipple once! and (demonstrably hard again!) pretend who's the boss: "Now tell me what you're going to tell him tonight!" ... "My husband asked me to telephone him," she says, "and tell him what's going on ... Oh! ... He'll like me telling him, You're fucking my ass! ... I'm your total bed-swerving bitch!" and to prove it, lets her husband come down and lick her while she's calling her actual boss at home, to explain she's almost ready for the rest of their evening, to flirt & some more! & to cuddle together! ... "I love you!" she breathes into the phone, as her husband reaches up and pinches an urgent nipple ... Hard! ... "Yes! Let's do that! ... I love you! ... All weekend!" she adds, "Mm-mm! ... A suitcase? ... Just my microskirt, slip, and bikini! ... like I told you! ... (A slip & bikini? (Easy access! (.. nosing her .. (Deeply!) .. apart! ..) where his tongue darts!) She's a minimalist!) ...Yes! ... Mm-hm .... Oh, Yes! ... Maybe forever!"

46. "Why do you want me to show off my pussy?" "Because men appreciate it." "Well, don't you think it's an invitation?" "It's a matter of who's been invited." It's Where the Power of the Other World Becomes Manifest. Don't go where I can't follow! ... She's in the Slow & Easy school, observing him, first picking up a glass bottle of Jovan Island Gardenia, almost carelessly dropping it, and then selecting a slender bottle of Moroccan perfume, J'adore Dior, applying a drop to her wrist with a glass rod, letting it magnify her own fragrance throughout the room, with just a drop! ... and in that they both can tell her pulse is ready to roam! ... "Hmm .. To wear one or not? .. I'll try this." ... Sociopaths have great theory of mind, ... but they couldn't care less. Except that .. the scent says she's getting ready for a date :: taking the plunge! "Oh my God! She so deserves to show those off!" Mmmm. Forbidden fruit tastes ... tastes ... What do you call it? Woman as Temptress & Coquettish Menace :: "What's your hurry?" :: Want me to? :: A twisting shoulder :: There! The freckle! :: There's a lot to see here :: Oh, venture! ... Way more than a nipple slip! ... Best side-boob ever! ... and no one can tell her what to do with her sacred pudenda. "I'll show you first," she says, giving me the pink slip! ... I changed my mind :: "It's cold today, right?" :: Are you ready to play? :: The power of dark fruit :: I want to put a little light on it :: Plumbing the depths with rigor ... Her pink cunt ways ... "The coast is clear!" ... (The disreputable thrill of being an adolescent on the beach) ... "It's hot in all these clothes." /// amd mow tth bra //


47. "Well, I've been invited to a pool party, and I can assure you, anyone who wants me to show off my pussy won't be invited." The "thorough examination of what's about to be shared by Bailes" rule :: Everything's looking pretty good, Why don't you wear your Braille T-shirt, feel like it? ... "If you can't see the shirt," her lips curl in a merry, if somewhat cruel, smile, "then you can't see me!" ... signifying the prime of her sexuality! That night he has a (Dream) I'm on a two-hour excursion with a girl in a microskirt, who we both know isn't wearing underpants. After we become acclimated to her daring condition, we head back to the train, where a bunch of our friends are meeting us. Their accommodations are up in the top bunks, and in one motion, "Allez-oop!" I flip her up to be with them, and looking up, see everything she's taking up there. (Fin) She's on a mission with stand-alone bead-ons, and barely shorn derring-do.

48. "Then am I invited?" The "Let's make up rules for what happens next!" rule. She Gets Prettier Every Year: Which is, If He Can Find a Picture in a Book, She Has To Do What's In The Picture. "Like what we did on our honeymoon?" "I wish we'd taken pictures of him." "We did! ... well, afterwards ... well, the cart, anyway." (Bellehop Reference 72: Before their honeymoon he tells her of a certain couple's bet, which as a dare, may be a little harder to resist, and on their honeymoon has her put on a little show for the doorman on the very first day. She also flirts a little with the bellehop because "It's the natural thing to do." She matter-of-factly asks him to help her unpack, wondering aloud how she'd look in this-or-that? ... "Sometimes I sleep in that," she tells him. "Do you think this is too see-through for me to go get ice?" she asks, kidding him, "I'm like a filly that has to get broken in before the first night ... Have you ever heard of that?" Down by the pool, her bridegroom tells her more about what that couple does: "On vacation he notices she likes to take an afternoon nap in a shortie nightgown ... without any pants." Oh, of course! "Sometimes the sheet comes down. What better opportunity to bring a little kitty to the attention of the hotel belleboy?" No . . . ! "All this guy needs, coming into her room, is a little push and a little tip: What happens in vagina, stays in vagina!" and later in their room, when the belleman actually does arrive, pushing his white linen cart, he tells him, "She says I'm not supposed to see her until dinner, so I'm going to go rent a car ... will you see to it she has a little champagne? and ice? ... Go ahead! You may have to wake her up by touching her ... I think she's taking a nap in there.")



49. "Tell me the truth – Is there anything better than a thong?" "The only thing better than a thong is ... an invitation to a throng!" The "We all want the same thing!" rule. This is Funny on a Cosmic Scale: After she agrees to Rule 48, ("Look at these pictures!" "Oh, that one!") and to a particular pose in the book, ("When I get to heaven, I'm going to rip off your angel suit!") he points out there are really three people :: the girl, the photographer, and the anonymous viewer :: the model was photographed that way, ("Look at you! What a mess!" "Unruly ways!") and by a complete stranger, then the picture was made available for all to see . . . and according to Rule 48, that's what she has to do! ... And the shortcut? ... Removing Obstacles ... Letting People Be Themselves ... ("Pretty cheap! ... We could practice tonight," she offhandedly, yet demurely suggests) ... "Hmm. Remember the poolroom down by the beach?" ... The Pyramid! ... "I'm tied to you like the buttons on your blouse!" ... ("My hair is so greasy!") ... "I like it that way!" ... Let me see the photograph I have to do! Oh, my God! ... Her titties are shaking their heads, No! ... Healthy waggers! ... Pretty unambiguous ... He notices her bra straps are showing. Later on, at the pool house, they're not! ... A girl with breasts who's happy ... "I'm in the mood for philandering," she conspiratorially says ..."Maybe also to be unbuttoned!" ... And guess what else? ... "They call it a kitty! A bare-bones kitty!" ... "They put us at a nice table." ... Mmm. They're playing pool ... "Where's the baby?" ... "There are stages! ... I want to have something I've never had before!" ... "The unexpected thrill of meeting someone new." ... Just a little philandering ... "If more than one person sees it at the same time, you'll feel the attraction." ... "It's a girl's prerogative to have fun!" ... A symbol for longevity, The Peach is the most symbolic of any Chinese tree or fruit: ... "Is infrared the one that generates heat? ... I'm wearing ... totally infrared undies!" ... Its tree wood and color keep demons at bay and its flower petals cast spells on men ... "I'm doing it! – I'm showing them my pussy – They're looking!" ... Who has eaten The Peaches will attain immortality: ... "They know they could own me! They're making adjustments!" ... The Chinese concept of immortality refers to a long: Healthy: Happy: Wholesome: Tranquil: Prosperous life: ... "I'm not supposed to talk this way, am I? Blowjob! Blowjob! They can read my lips! ... Fuck me! Fuck me!" (They're reading my ...) "Blowjob! Blowjob!" (They're actually reading my lips!) ... The Peach is also a symbol for spring time in China: ... The very core of her beauty – the deep dimensions of harmony – exposed to their casual gaze ... The peach fruit itself carries the most symbolic meaning in Chinese culture: ... "I feel the attraction!" ... The center of her sex – the whorling slight of her femininity – exposed to their lingering glance ... "Oh, my God! I know one of those guys! That's Jack! He's seen everything! ... And they showed me their appreciation! What should I do?" ... "Don't stop!" ... I love you! ... "Jack sent me ... Go with us!" ... (She's going to teach me another lesson!) ... "Are you married to this woman?" ... "How could we play if we were married?" ... "Those are my breasts!" (A nipple peeks out!)... "Damn! For a minute I thought I had X-ray vision!" ... "It's either a dare, or you're available, or art, or ..." ... "Maybe it's both! It was a dare!" ... "What was ... the dare?" ... "I have to do what a girl did in a photograph." (It's still out!) "And what else?" ... "... and be photographed that way." "And what else?" ... "... by an anonymous... by a complete stranger!" ... "And ... what else?" ... "... for anyone to see!" ... "What was she doing in the photograph?" ... "She was doing this ... No one can see us, right? ... She was doing ... this to herself." ... As they all watch, she puts a tampon in, looks up at all the surprised faces, does a double take, then gives the cardboard tube to Jack with one hand, "Cue up!" tugs it out by the string with the other, and hands it to her husband: "My torch!" ... (Patting her skirt down & straightening up as if nothing had happened! – In the cave!) ..."You never know what someone is like until you see what they do." ... Honest & Languid & Absolutely Certain: ... "Just give me a little sign girl, to tell me that you're fine, girl!" ... The slope of a woman's foot should match the slope of her breast ... The color of her ... languid ... toenail polish should match the color of her nipples ... "You big lug, you!" ... (Melty!) ... "Anything can pop up!" ... (Mind Flirts!) ... "I don't kiss strange men!" ... "Show me the secret handshake!" ... You must be good looking, 'cause you're so hard to see! ... "What's this?" ... It's the symbol of total availability, total independence, and total compliance ... "It's a nice place. I could put it in there" ... Nonstop! ... "A liquid crystal blouse: You press a button and the whole thing becomes transparent" ... "Can you see through? Ah! I can tell! You're smiling!" ... (She falls in love with a man who is not her husband.) ... "Your parents don't know what you are!" ... "I'm a problem child. They gave me a pink slip with a matching bra." ... Feel the attraction! ... "You're too young for websites like that!" Jack says ... "Who are you?" says the other ... They are in for trouble! ... "What are you doing in here?" ... If you want to do a thing, do a thing ... "On the lookout for someone better!" ... "Go a little crazy! Get some action!" ... "You must be really rich!" And you've got a big one! ... "I'll sign it, 'Faithfully yours!'" ... My wife's a free spirit, they're rubbing sun block on one another ... to present herself on her back ... pulling it aside ... I see the butterfly; I see the chrysalis! ("Freedom calling!" she'd told me before going to meet her two new friends. "Don't forget to rub sun block all over each other," I instructed her presciently. "Renounce the special one!" she'd shot back, maybe resenting, though bouncing along with the familiar pattern of our karaoke ... the common thread alluding to out-of-bounds liaisons pumping her with extramarital infusions of gooey love (her partridge breasts and sweet violets all contributing their part!) reverently chancing a precarious fruition (never sidesaddle, always bareback!) to her torrid affairs!) ... like an overcoat of dreams ... "I have something to inform you about," she'd told me not too long later ... "You know what I like about capitalism?" ... "I Have the Pussy," she'd acknowledged, "So I Make the Rules!" ... "Lawless simplicity." ... "That's me!" she'd candidly admitted, pulling apart her freshly seeded pussy lips, as a puffy offering of proof ... "Somebody slighted me the other day," she begins, continuing to stoke the eyeball flames of our mutual desires, "but not today!" and to raise the stakes further, gazing solemnly into my eyes, still rhythmically fingering herself (I could see!) as if to draw any seed making a run for it back in, "... and it's my fertile time of month."... Plot, intrigue, mystery ... "No objections?" ... If ever two, lo, even three! were one! ... "If you have one every inch, that's ten big ones!" ... He's the dangerous kind ... "I usually sleep with the one I love." ... The minute your head came out of the cylinder! Get a mirror! ... "Take her for a walk and smell the flowers." ... "People will hate me!" ... It is said that Goddess Hsih Hwang Mu: Goddess of the West: Has a magical tree that bears the peaches of Immortality: ... ("Within reach!" Tahiti: compliant women – Get it while it's easy!) ... And in regard to any sun block: "How much protection do you need?" ... Sperm sucker! ... "I'll give you instructions tomorrow." ... You little sperm sucker!

50. "Well, you can crash or come along, as long as you understand, you're not invited." That's One Adventure -- You Don't See THAT Anywhere Else. The "You'll have to ride the cable car, then, wearing a short black pleated skirt for the wind to blow up, accompanied by three males, one the master criminal slave who gets to telephone the other two, who may have already seen – (or who certainly are about to see!) – Bailes' picture" rule. Everything You Think It Is, It Isn't: "I never should have undone that." "There's nothing you can do about it now." "Standards are going!" "Who's your social secretary?" one of the guys says on the way to the beach, "Put me out of my misery!" "Love is putting someone out of their misery," she says, embracing him, lifting her chin for soul-mate kiss. "I'm yesterday, you're tomorrow! SNAG!" ... "Could we step in the manager's office to talk about this?" ... Rock on! ... Princess White Butt! ... When you're free, you're anxious, because you don't know what's going to happen ... "I knew there was a reason." ... But good things happen! ... "Lucky for you!" (bending over her garment bag) Just a little glance every so often ... "What are they doing?" ... People are building things next door ... "Oh, I like how you're doing that!" (writhing a little) Nobody's business but yours! ... "You devil, you! – An undercover agent!"... Have you ever shot a sixty-yard putt? It's like bumps! ... "It's the blue mesh bikini, I can't find it." ... What's the difference? ... Pointers in Female Anatomy Lessons: In front of the class! ... estrogen here, testosterone there ... lactation here, mastication there ... "That bikini was a rip-off anyway." ... The inexorable consequences of doing without ... for a bittersweet genital installation ... "No fondling!" ... Here's to getting sand in places we can't mention! ... "Come on! Teach us!" ... You have reasons you get together ... "Kind of a wild man!" she slyly acknowledges ... as his eyes drink in her berry readiness .. What do you think happens in the wilderness? ... "I wore the wrong dress!" ... Let's pull down the tent! ... "Now she's totally naked!" ... It's obviously something on your end! ... "Oh, no, no, no, no, no!" ... She's very strong! ... "It would get down to this!" ... She takes your cause as her cause ... "There's nothing in here at all!" ... She's got causes of her own! ... "Stop This Right Now!"... Pull her out of there! ... "Are you changing into your bikini?" ... Pull! ... "I've got the top and bottom in here somewhere!" ... Pull! Where do the sticks go? ... "I think I should have worn something under this." ... Pull! ... "Hurry up! I think they're starting to take it down!" ... Pull! ... "Oh, my God! How many of us can fit in here?" ... Pull! ... "I'm glad I ... Oh, God! Pull it up!" ... Pull! ... "... wore the ... Let it down!" ... Pull! ... "It's all tangled! ... wrong dress! ... What are you looking at?!!" ... The whole class! ... "No shit!" ... Too hot!

51. Hard Nipples, Seeing You Seeing, Being Seen & Getting Harder: You're Sunk, Forget It! "Except you can touch my nipples." Do you think they say too much? The "I don't have to be subservient to you or anyone else" rule and to prove it, she goes topless whenever his two friends come over. "You're going to let males glance upon thy heaving bosom?" You're My Kind of Artist! "I really like this ... It has a really deep effect on me." With us smoldering on the deck all afternoon. "Would you like to ... stay over?" Over? "All three of you get to play ..." Under. In. "... but only two of you get to stay! ..." Out! So cruel! "We're a threesome – If you want to be involved, we'd have to ask you." He counts them: "One, two, three ... Oh, sorry – I have band practice." "We could do it," he hears her say to .. to the remaining two, "You have to be willing to stay up all night." . . . "Your hair gets longer every week ... I like your ... trouser-butt." "This little thing? .. It's a little bit forward, and a little bit retro .. Hey! You guys are nude!" "There you go! – Welcome to the club – Not all your hair!" "You devil, you!" "Oh, like the Middle Ages!" "I'm too young for that!" One of them touches her nipple: "Does this have a spin on it?"

52. "Friends fondle!" :: Try to Be Fair :: Her Thrusting Emblems of Bounty :: You'll sign up for nude modeling in the Introductory Life Drawing class, so when you go out every day, you won't know who around you has seen you naked ... or who's signing up for next semester ... or who's told who to sign up ... "I have real shoes from now on," she says, knowing her classroom nudity might be more than a lip-biting tease -- dropping the simple shift she'd be wearing more an ambivalent revelation or Midnight Special than any classical pose :: inspiring works entitled, "Dark Provocation," "Rival Indecency," & "Clear-cut Surrender!" :: Bone Generating, Just get that baby home! ... "Not far from here," she notices ... "I'm curious!" "Well, who told you not to be? It says, 'Wanted: Art Class Models! Nude and Seminude. Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced. Cameras Prohibited Mondays & Wednesdays.'" ... I get it! I get it! ... "Photography Friday!" ... "That's fun!" ... Free show! ... Eskimo Kisses, soft wind blows, nose t' nose ... hose tha' knows, see wha' grows ... Eskimo Kisses, touch y' toes, lose y' clothes ... Eskimo Kisses, cock tha' crows, comes an' goes ... melts an' flows, dies t' doze .... She'll Probably be a Basketball Player: "I think I'll be wearing something with a little less dress." Unless it rains ... "Then take off your playpool party dress! ..." Double! ... "Be careful of teams that get hot late!" ... Who offer themselves up for delectation! ... "You know, when you dance with new people, ..." Follow the wishes of doing what you like! ... "... you're never allowed to wear underwear." ... You just can't tell what's going to happen next ... "It's hard!" ... "You don't have to pretend." ... "If you come within twenty seconds," she says, "I'll have to give Kurt another call," and the way the word "call" curls over her tongue makes him lose it, his mind and shoulders thrashing about, then helplessly, still standing, still conspiratorially twitching and sporting it, dial it, "Does this mean that I'm your bitch?" ... "Oooo! Your long thing! Scary, isn't it? I'm the cat on a hot thin groove! ... Oh, hi! We're going to my new Friday film class! Can you meet us? Don't tell anybody! Can you be there? I won't tell anyone." ... Ignore girls the best you can, because it forces them to raise the stakes ... "Your mother would give you a bare palm spanking if she saw you on the verge of going out like this." ... Posing for a photographer ... "Absence makes the heart grow fonder!" ... It's not everyone, you know ... "Then you have to show people the flesh that disobeys!" he says ... "That's big of you!" she says, "The bare palm method, huh?" ... Her therapy continues ... "She has trouble sensing her little, delectable centerfold – Show him your pussy!" ... Right here? ... Here is fine ... Mmm. Buttery! Very today! ... "How will anyone know it's me if I wear a mask?" ... Very fine! ... "A lot of people are into things like that!" ... They have all these hints ... for an undisclosed film ... and well-thought-out nudity ... "I think they should have their thumbs taken off! Then they can't masturbate!" ... "Hey! That's worth a look in your shirt!" ... "That's what you're counting on, huh?" ... "I dance with the devil, mama!" ... Who would have thought? ... "See?" (She pulls up her blouse :: Her Hershey Milk Chocolate teddy bare? :: Time For Running Around!) ... No flaws ... Total victory! ... For babies! ... "I'll get there!" ... Good neighbors! ... With it! ... "I never should have undone that!" ... Too late now! ... Friend ... Friendly ... "I just get foolish when I'm with ... friends." ... Include me in! ... "Yes! Buttery! You don't even have to worry about that anymore." ... And they took it out! ... "You have to straddle their laps ... and if something happens, it happens" ... "Pink! Pink mint rules! Wrath angels!" ... "Anyway you wish!" ... Out & about with her gorgeous titties! ... "It's massive!" ... "Turn around, babe! ... I love cupcakes!" ... Unserviced naked party girl! ... "Everybody's fine!" ... She's putting up her hair – for the cameras!! ... "And no mask!" ... You know, this is going to go on your permanent record ... "Do her belly, will you?" ... It should slip right in! ... Mmmm ... "Pinch 'em!" ... "What happens in Kentucky stays in Kentucky!" ... Oh, God! She's clenching it! ... "Snap! ... Oh, slip! ... Snap!"

53. Eskimo says, Whisper something dirty! in your partner's best friend's ear. ( ( ( "Hanging onto your money tight, huh?" ) ) ) Life goes on ... it's her compelling interest in paleontology, digging up bones, leading her to dress this way ... The secret is unraveling ... They're working on a construction project and he helps her adjust her apron ... "Handy is as handy does!" ... They've already gone over the parts list, placing themselves side-by-side ... "Mmm. They're different sizes," she observes, fiddling with the jutting diagonal hanger and nuts, an upright bolt, her body, a temple of art, eclipsing the tool box ... "Do it by moonlight," he murmurs ... A red ribbon floats by and she ties it in her hair ... "Hard to never think." ... "No ... It's two different sizes ... Look how well it fits!" ... It's a good sign ... "You know where you put the vertical pole?" ... Keep your fingers crossed! ... "Don't lower yourself!" ... It's a simple activity ... I don't mind; I can afford it in a way ... the teasing, flirting, hurting, pleasing, undressing, confessing, daring, baring, airing, comparing ... and her sincere, august appearance ... "Did you get a bargain?" he asks after the party ... "Don't touch me!" ... It's her new bikini ... "Oh! I can get another one!" ... "Is there ... something between you two?" ... "He was just feeling a little left out."

54. Eskimo says, Kiss the one with secret knowledge . . . "Deep dreams & pretty girls make people happy." – Bailes - "With extra credit & benefits! ..." Earlier he realizes his "only chance" would be to take her so far, she'll fuck anyone! ... then "We won't tell anyone," & I'll find a place! ... Though because she, too, has "the hunter's eye," knows exactly what he's up to ... "And it shows you!" ... Meanwhile there's the question of her absolute refusal to even consider a bra for the party that night ... A blouse? A dress? A shirt? A simple slip? ... "All right, I'll go for it!" ... "SideBoob the Poor. Upskirt the Rich! ... and no birth control!" her husband proposes, upping their expectations for the evening, remembering it was his own suggestion that got them thus & such: "You look pretty nice tonight. Maybe don't wear a bra next time." ... Truly Evident: "their" essence of vulnerability unsprung; "their" promising, sleepy shadows unhung; "their" ruly independent spirits gone young; "their" ripe red raw nipples tugging the rung; "their" Rhapsody en deux, "They're all like that!" far flung ... It just kills him ... "You have to have a friend you're intimate with," she tells him, turning from the mirror, puckering lip gloss, "I have as much right to live as you!" ... vulva unconceived & stepping out! ... !!! ... then testing herself by folding her arms behind her back, "their" amazing things unsung! ... She's Ready for a Strapless Evening Gown: "All these naked red projects ..." What will her friends say when they see her?

55. Eskimo says, Now all the girls have to take off their shirts – People Are Dangerous When They Get Happy! . . . "A little presumptuous!" . . . "I thought I was safe!" . . . "I feel exploited!" . . . "That's it! A little extra comes in handy!" . . . "Welcoming Committee! ... You slut!" . . . "Suki!" — Girls really are worse than boys — They're explaining to each other how in certain Mideastern countries, in premarital sex ("It's not premarital sex if you never get married!" one of them laughs) they would do anything except have vaginal intercourse ("Including anal sex!" she cries out, to peals of laughter around the room) "Should I call him?" his wife asks her now-topless friends, gazing around at these suddenly expectant witnesses to the potential curve of her piquant infidelity. "Is everything on sale?" one of the devils pipes up, as she dials the number, listening to her friends in the background: "It doesn't just go away! Where does it go?" Suki's voice swells above the merriment. "A little nooky!" one of them screams while at the same time a resonant voice in a TV commercial is saying, "Shy legs? ... Shy legs need confidence, even when skirts fall short" ... "Oh, I'm with Suki, and some friends," she's saying on the phone ... "There are strange things done in the Midnight Sun ... No! ... Nobody ever says that!" she tells him, as one of her topless friend's voices rings out, "Nooky!" to peals of laughter. "Suki, you're a devil!" one of them says for everyone's benefit ... "You know Suki!" Suki screams, her nipples extremely indicative ... "You can come over," she cups in the phone.

56. Eskimo says, "Write your name on someone else's arm – only those with arms untaken – all around." Evolution is a theory, in the same way that the idea that matter is made of atoms is a theory. She's a Sexual Predator, "Are you still here? Let's go!" ... Innocent, Cunning & Tight! -- That's how you can tell ... "Suki is going to get me into so much trouble," she tells him, on schedule, when they arrive at a nearby restaurant, using her old college roommate's name in case anyone can overhear. "What's she up to these days?" (While once Suki referred to her devilish roommate, it's now come to refer both to her pussy's Real Name, and to her own alter-ego when she's out on dates. Suki is her Real Name; Suki is her clever pussy; and Suki is her roommate!) "Suki's always trying to steal my boyfriends away!" she tells him, as they settle in for some serious dining. "What'd she do?" The waiter brings them two glasses of Chardonnay. "I told you what she was wearing, didn't I? ... when we went out together ..." "I know, I know," he says, "... that dress!" "And that's all she was wearing!" she tells him, "and now her boyfriend wants her to ... be his practice wife!" "You mean, marry him?" "No, no, no ..." she says, as the waiter brings two salads, and she leans forward a little to let him get a peak down "Suki's" sundress. "He asked if he can tell his friends he's married to her! And to take her out and introduce her as 'his wife!'" "And then what?" "And then ..." she continues, as she picks up her wine and gazes at him, "And then she's supposed to show him exactly what it's like to be married to her! -- Tan lines and all!" The waiter brings them their shrimp cocktail, and she thanks him, and thanks him. "Suki's a devil!" he says, "because isn't she the one who ... flashes people?" "She does that," she says, leaning back, briefly tugging at her napkin, and in so doing, momentarily lifting the hem of her dress. "She likes it, too, but not just lately ... Suki's been thinking what she'd like to do in the future." "She's going to go out with him again?" "He wants to take her home to his swimming pool, and have her model on the diving board." "Model?" "You know Suki! Her goosebump speckled bottom. She's always trying to steal my boyfriends, remember in the back seat of the car?" "When she got totally naked?" "When he grazed my boob!" she says. "You didn't tell me!" "I'm chicken ... Suki would have encouraged him." "What did ... or what would Suki do now?" "She'd push back so he could cop a feel!" "Anything else?" "She'd encourage him," she whispers, leaning forward, "like Suki's doing now!" ... "She's totally open?" ... "Well ... I expect so! ... She's falling apart ... an artist ... in a long bedroom!" she says, glancing ... no, gazing! ... at someone over his shoulder. "If it's not a full moon, it should be," he tells his dark accomplice, subtly shifting in the eclipse. "Well, you could be if you wanted," she says, "... (A whore with self-worth!) ... That's what she's going to do," she continues, turning back, "... a scintilla of decadence!" "Even now?" "Mm-hm." "She tells you this?" he asks as the waiter brings their halibut, on the one hand, and garden salad on the other. Again the waiter gets thanked. "She tells me she likes it when he savors her (totally naked on the diving board, she whispers) and wants her to go with him, alone, to a nude beach." "Are you sure she can take care of herself? You know, she's a tease." "She's a lot more than a tease ...," she says, momentarily pulling up and decidedly down! her skirt again, "... and I don't think they're going to be alone!" "So she's going to marry the guy?" "No, no, no ... she's just going to let him tell people ... she's his wife! ... And for her to act that way!" ... "You think she will?" "I can't help it what she does ... There's a devil looking straight up Suki right now!" ... "Suki, Suki, Suki! ... That same guy?" ... "Yes! ... I'm just showing you what she does!" she says, leaning forward again, her napkin flying up, crying out, "I love this!" just in time for dessert. "Well, why don't you go out with her and find out more." "Okay! ... She says it's for tomorrow ... All day!" ... "And you're going, too?" ... "I told you what she does," she says, lifting her skirt for the one across, (Dangerous accounting!) leaning forward for the one above, "Suki's got a mind of her own!" her top button freely admits, prizing out under her deep tan fingertips, letting the waiter linger ... for tips! ... for the casually nude fig-pinks far more than mammillate white gooseflesh ... (You've got to get a monster, and that's it!) ... while the one across (Don't rush! Do a good job! (Simply squirming, Take a good look at the flower in my buttonhole! ... (Falling way apart!) ... I'll let you look, but you mustn't touch!) ... while the knees of Suki momentarily lift (Seize the moment!) & separate) ... has it all!

57. Outside the Dynamic Reap: "I try to plan ahead ... I keep forgetting something!" ... A doubting Thomas ... "Are you willing to prove you're not wearing ...?" ... Oh, my God! Her fleece-covered titties are liquid gold! ... "Shall we go native?" she asks, back at the party, carelessly tugging up her top and letting her star marthas spring free . . . "We should do it . . . Shall we do it?" . . . "You can teach us." . . . "Don't give him a little peek! . . . or a long one." . . . "How charming! You are a smooth child!" . . . "It's my time of month," she mouths in his ear, "just before." To describe her bare breasts -- these ones like white peaches in summer, splashing apart! -- is almost beside the point: She has the relaxed nudity (A nude wink!) that comes from the resigned, casual, even welcome knowledge and glimpse of what her drawn-out and red-plucked nipples stir in a roomful of trousers (You can see the wetness in the corner of her eyes) her entire demeanor a presentation, neatly sliced between chilly anticipation and trembling expectation of being inspected, her nonchalant posture suggesting her barest soul belongs to no one there, yet if one, just ONE among them could go deep enough! Scooping her up, laying her down, the one kissing her, tearing it aside, rising beneath her flat belly! To dance on the edge of the egg! ... A Cool Strip: A Fashion Show: A Shirt's Tale, How It Had to be a Dress, And Maybe the Night Before, she has an opening! ... "I like that!" she says, "I like being open to all of life!" (not seeing you standing in the shadow) ... An opening in her private school! ... "I'd rather go naked," she says, now lying on her back, wantonly fingering herself, (certainly ovulating!) "than wear fur!" . . . "It's like an offering." ... "The whole enchilada!" ... Next to nada! ... "You don't want to be unfair, do you?" ... "It looks like her intentions have been cut short!" ... "Very short!" ... "Don't you think she deserves something?" ... "Mmm, something!" ... "I don't need anything!" her flesh-frickin' finger says ... Right up the middle! ... "Isn't that interesting? You don't even know something and then you find yourself doing it." ... "A little bit, a little bit, a little bit ... I think this girl is very quick and very ambitious!" ... "It's very good ... Very few are that small." ... Maybe you were just intuitive! ... Eskimo says, Give that person, with name on your arm, a little hug ... maybe a little more ... than ... a hug.

58. & Eskimo Finally Says, Confess To! (one of your virginities), Yield To! (that particular person) & Invite To! (another room) ... Cashmere Costume Party! ... "Is it really that noticeable?" ... black is black ... "She's very sensitive." ... blue is blue ... (and with a blindfold on) ... "You can lie on the floor if you want." ... Who knows which is which ... "Have fun or find something else to do!" ... and who is who? ... The blindfold and sweater come off ... She whispers to him, bending close in childish conspiracy, brushing her white cotton blouse, all the while showing him, in idle gestures, how she likes her breast to be touched ... The hand of death will brush your wing ... It's a complete turnaround ... She'll give you the shirt off her back! ... And she does, and she does, and as the soft underbellies of her breasts come into view, with their particularly provocative nipples, he gazes down and says, "You're a lovely pair!" ... her puckish nipples taut as tents! ... "What do you do when this happens?" he turns and asks her husband, "Things you wouldn't believe! Has she ever been down to the beach with the boys .. for some flirty fishing in dim light?" he asks her husband ... "I'm not talking about anything outside this room!" she says, provocatively adding, "They tried to cover it up!" then tries to cover herself ... "I like her double-entendre!" he says, and her husband says, "She's a funny girl ... if you hold her down and tickle her, she'll confess to anything." ... Together they keep her from running out of the room ... "Talk about upgrading the software!" ... "All of 'em!" she cries out as they reach in for the tickle, "I slept with all of 'em!"


59. The Shy WifeUpgrade! ... What's Under Your Skirt is for your boyfriends only ~~~ not the general public! "Do you like this?" Pretty much, ... Ye-ah! ... No-oo-oh! ... It's two different sizes ... Look how well it fits ... Whoa! Whoa! ... Even less! ... Hmmm? ... Want to? ... Come on! ... That's all? ... I don't know what to do next ... You're too young for that ... There! ... You're so pretty! ... You don't have to go anywhere ... "Why don't you give other people a chance?" ... She's helping him (helping her) carry boxes to the basement ... Wait until they start playing sperm and egg dance! ... "Twist it first, and then it goes all the way!" ... Bending over, her courteous curves ... "Push it back just a little!" ... fresh pineapples! ... "It's kind of nice to have a different pair of eyes," she says, glancing up, prolonging a dangling cast of deuce ... "Hang around! When do you ever get a chance to dawdle?" she pulls on him ... I need bars, bars, bars! ... It's going to be beautiful, isn't it? ... It's a pineapple rack! ... "Doesn't it look good?" ... Ooo, pretty plucky! ... "Oh, God! 'nough on!" ... Her silk shirt puddles on the floor ... "Mmmm, tchh, pwtch, pwtch! ... esheehh! ... It feels good, too ... Mm-hm-hm! ... Oh, God! .. 'nough off!"

60. With Noticeably Heavy Breathing! ... Eskimo, Oh, Eskimo! Wherefore Art Thou, Eskimo? Don't do any of those violent things! ... because once you start them, you get addicted ... You'd think she'd need a second opinion after she'd been diagnosed with "heavy breathing," but she said, "Why limit yourself to two?" pulling aside her panties. Yes, indeed. Her strutting around seductively wasn't helping matters, and as soon as one of their friends arrived and began his "examination," they decided they might need a suitable "instrument" to cure her. Certainly not the "nurse's!" What was "she" doing with that thing? No, the "real patient" was told to remove her panties, which she immediately did, if she was going to be "cured," just at their second friend's arrival, who had ample opportunity to "brush her legs & front!" and observe her "heavy breathing" on his own. "What are we going to do?" he asked, as they laid her down on the "examination table," and continued their examination. No matter what they did, touching her here, touching her there, her condition worsened ... they even inserted fingers into her vagina and pinched her nipples, assisted by the "nurse," to no avail ... so they finally decided they'd have to take more urgent, intrusive measures, and one-by-one, except for the helpful "suckling nurse," fucked her silly. "I love you!" she cried out, whipping her head side-to-side with each pounding, the deep radiance of her eyes entitling each of them, and really meaning it, releasing it! –I .. love .. you, .. too! she panted to the "nurse," to dive in for fruit!

61. All Night Long: When You Have Healthy, Beautiful Skin, You're Not Afraid to Show It: "I want to tell you everything I know!" You'll have to pay the consequences! "I made sure they all had their share of fun, just like you wanted." ... With Raw Ingredients from Their Hawaiian Honeymoon! (1.) he has the perpetual hard-on, (2.) she has the skimpy outfits, and (3.) now she's horny ... With this, "We better stop before we get in trouble," she admonishes him, a strap falling off her shoulder ... "That's thinking outside the box," he agrees, his long-standing erection in steady tow ... "Less really is more," she says, barefoot in the sand, turning to mischievously kiss him again, up on her toes, proving the night with rude allure, assiduously skimpy! ... "I'm getting horny, baby," she says, breaking the deep kiss, "Want to go to the Sausage Factory for dinner?" ... "Does this mean you're going to kiss someone else tonight?" he asks her, and in response, ("It's either a nude sunset ...") she turns and kisses him with even wilder and squirmier abandon ("... or a nude surprise in the bedroom ...") and after a long ("They wear bathing suits to their weddings?") and relaxing dinner, ("You never know until the moment ... How about both?") she meets an acquaintance from ... her afternoon on the beach, ("... without reluctance or hesitation!") in her devilishly "mixed-pairs" bikini, someone she "really fancied," ("We're going to have to arm wrestle!" "I don't know, I challenge you on that!") and before you knew it, he'd dropped ice down the top of her bathing suit, (the little milk factory!) and she'd had to pull it up, completely exposing her breasts and nipples to him, ("Leave it like that!" he'd disciplined her, then tried to drop ice down the front of her thong. "Quit!" she laughed, weaving and dodging ... (arm pulling and bobbing!) "You can't anymore!" then, (With a witness! ... standing there, first her bikini pants come off, her pussy lips folding its hands in prayer, voluntarily, whilst (Sulking!) her bra comes off ... passing the beach ball back and forth on that – then lays back down on the blanket, (gazing across the sands) ... "I want to find out something," (sucking in her breath) "If you quit, ('Mmmm!') there's even more flesh that's willing! ... to canoodle ... without bottoms!") ... who now slow-dances with him ("Perhaps we could find a private corner." "A little hard!" "I'm stubborn, you know, ... and always get my way in the end!") ... Earlier, "Do we need fourteen chairs?" (It was the bartender!) ... "What makes you think I'm this easy?" she'd said, lifting her sunglasses suspiciously, sitting up and covering her bikini top with her book, with him (Uninvited now!) pulling off his shirt. "You're the answer to, 'Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket!'" he'd told her when (With a yank!) he has her practically nude again (...redefining everything! ...Pulling her roughly supine!) fingering the mid-cinch of her thong, and she'd promised him a more relaxed and cozier connection for that night, after his work. He hadn't settled for later. "Put this dog in its home!" he'd taken her hand, (Unexpectedly!) expressing his damned-firm arousal! ... "I have to get back together with my husband," she'd weakly protested, (Unprotectedly!) professing her damned-firm avowal! "... though ... a seeing-eye dog needs a guide!" and in six seconds (Just so it won't get stuck in her hand!) proves her marriage compact once again ... A bee's eye, a multifaceted thing! ... Six simmering hours later, before she and her husband separate for the night, he takes her for an intimate walk out on the still-warm sands ... her two-thirds halter top thrusting precarious cover across the moon bellies of her breasts, for all to see, lightly nudged on by her nipples ..."My girlfriend won't dance the Charleston!" he complains, as they walk across the beach together, for her midnight rendezvous with her afternoon acquaintance at a beach house ... "Whose pussy is it, and who gets to play with that pussy?" he asks expectantly ... (After helping her with a Brazilian wax, making sure the primness would be completely fleeced "... for your bona fide dalliance ..." warming her up again!) ... "It's your pussy," she whispers, "and anybody can play with it!" as she leans back and presses her pelvic bone against him in an "Au revoir!" holding his hand, gazing deep in his eyes, murmuring, ("It hasn't cracked yet!") and reaching out to feel the hard trunk rampant in his shorts, "Are you going to watch from the sea?" ... He reaches down, and lifts his fingers between her legs, which she parts slightly for his penetration, ("Whose pussy is it, and who gets to fuck it?" ... pressing her to explicitly admit the percolating jazz elixir of their matrimonial motto: "It's always your pussy! ... Baby!" then kisses him again, "Not counting ... anybody else gets to fuck it!") "... and you can kiss me once more," she says, turning away. "Even less for a man to ponder," he accedes, grabbing hold of her breasts from behind, briefly baring one with its publicly pincered nipple, smelling her long blonde hair, kissing her ear, "Are you going the whole way, with trepidation?" ... "And because I'm married to a man who understands the cocktail of my needs ... (for an unmarried nude thrill!) ... bareback!" "Be careful, it's cold out!" he says, almost violently flipping her slight, barely clad body around to dry-hump against & straddle, ("Yippee-kay-aye!" clawing the wishbone of her hips!) touching his finger to his lips, still wet from her nectar,) bidding utopia "Adieu!" ("Making love in the sands!" she wriggles & adjusts anew, uncontrollably hot-breathed, maintaining their firm fornicatory connection) to the quicksilver surf that'll last {"All night!") and pulls back touching her own evanescence, and on a strand, completely breaking away, "Maybe everyone will!" ... That'll teach 'em a lesson!

62. He holds her close from behind — It's the way they express affection — "You know, the only thing we haven't done is gamble for your affections in our Friday night poker game ..." ("Oh! – Food mother for the animals! ... Tom! – and his married friends! ... every .. Friday .. night!") ... "We could leave the back door unlocked, with all the lights off, and you would be ... " ... She turns around and nuzzles underneath his shoulder, practically purring, "... I'd be waiting naked on our bed, with a blindfold on ... and fluorescent light streaming in from our bathroom ... We could do that, too." ... "And I'd keep playing until I lost!" he adds hopefully ... "It's only because I'm ... single again ... and truly unattached," she candidly admits, tugging on a little black dress and string of pearls, then (before pulling on transparent underpants!) makes sure her pussy is completely bare, and totally smooth, as much for his benefit, as "For anyone who cares! ..." adding brightly, "Who'll be at the party?" ... "Don't worry! They'll remember it when ..." "... they're with their wives! ... especially if I'm blindfolded & handcuffed, with the music playing."

63. There's only one ethical issue -- Alive is good, dead is bad. "How many femme fatales does it take to screw in a light bulb?" ... Leave it off! "I'm not going to go with you ... unless you go along!" ... "Very interesting," she says, "You don't go to many parties where all the men are wearing nothing but ... white robes," she says. It's a wraparound, cutting edge, "perimeter caper," get-it-right Canadian Erotix-Dangle-Do PARTY! "Or whatever! It's really outright fornication, Vancouver style," she says, looking around at how the other women are dressed, all in black or dark green or scarlet embroidered with purple -- and one bright yellow! -- and considering all the peek-a-boos being allowed, adding, "I think I"m overdressed," bending over to check her Jimmy Choos. "I don't think so!" he says, gazing down her own peek-a-boo! ... the wide-field panoramic view from her string of pearls and down her dress, tantalizing to him, promising to others — the embodiment of altruistic biology — "Gort, Klaatu barada nikto!" ... "Very shi-shi!" (not to mention a swaying, "awful lot to see!") ... "Yes, but how far down your belly would it go?" ... So you can look, or maybe smell? ... They'd been told to expect, maybe, an "Exquisite Breast Parade" later on in the party, for her to roam freely about in an au-naturel Topless Cocktail Party, or something (which she does!) ... or perhaps be part of the "Cunny Theater," an Art Installation in which the color of various women's underpants might be "unaffectedly" determined up on a small platform (then daintily noted (With other "proportional" facts!) in a Debutante Registry) by "unrelated men" chosen as "escorts." -- (If any! ... "I'm wearing mine!" she whispers before gingerly "social climbing" up for her pubic divulgence, "The thin red ones!") -- After they get a "program" they unexpectedly decide to go even further -- to participate in the Musical Chairs, "Uh-oh!" she says, "All the men have to untie their white robes and find a seat!" Looking up, she says, "You know, if you're interested in the other women, we can go our separate ways." "A thousand fish in the sea," he notes ... "And me!" she says, arching her back like a shark! ... straightening him right up ... "I think you should be become less attached," she suggests, "while I do the opposite." ... Persuade him, not with your reason, but with yourself! ... That he's about to become the "designated stand-out" to her irrefutable and independent "rocking sea horse" makes them both tremble ... "How do you conjugate pussy?" ... pussy, pussiere, pussierst ... (to expose your inner, hidden self to others) ... "I want everyone to see!" ... (Glorifying the American Girl!) ... "So now what's supposed to happen?" ... Sometimes Pipe Dreams Spill Over into Reality ... "I feel a little bizarre." ... "They have long intermissions, though!" By admitting he's "not interested in the other women" but "wants her to enjoy the other men," he's tricked into being "He-who-smirks-least" in a game of strip musical chairs, as all the other men get a chance to sample all the women. He's the one who turns on and off the music as the clothed wives straddle the naked men, who are sitting in a circle facing out. He's the one who helps each "loser," including his wife, (... resting one hand on his shoulder, completing a circuit for the poetry & thrill in her loins! ...) remove one article of clothing after each musical round, (... x men; x+1 women ...) and it's his free radical wife (... He sees her halfway through the game, straddling some random guy's lap, rising & falling, halfway down to nothing! ...), single amidst all the other couples, (... jubilantly losing her underpants on the 2nd round! ... to take it home! ...) who's the only one (... sporting the "nude look," one bare breast silhouetted against the other ...) who's "truly unattached."

64. Looking Out the Window of my Mind at Midnight: The "You Have to Show Off Everything Because You've Raised Everyone's Expectations" rule – Should I? Would I like that? Why are they saying that? – It's called Fish Logic: It swims. "It's only because you're good!" If you're intelligent enough, you don't have to lie. "I won't!" She's a star! ... "If anyone asks for your slut alias, you have to tell them." So Truly There's Hope for Everyone. "You mean, Bailes?" And Spread Your Message: "If anyone calls you by your slut alias, you have to do what they say." ... Satellite ready! Because they're the bosses! They're like scoundrels! ... Total spring! Everything is out! ... (Remembering her third-grade teacher, "Come right up here and stand in front of the class!") ... "What happens when you find the big one? Is it all or nothing at all? Are you the juice box? Are you the fun one?" Out on the playground she still can't remember if she's wearing underpants ... though the teacher knows! She Gets Right Into it, Doesn't She? When she gets back inside, he says, "Bailes! Stand in front of the class and pull up your dress." A Little More, a Little Less.

65. I Like Purple: "I expect you to be keeper of the flame!" If You Say that it Quivers, Divided in Slivers . . . or . . . "If you hide in the closet . . . so I'll feel more secure." "I wonder if your clothes match? You have red shoes, red socks, red skirt, a red shirt . . . That's for mink coats!" Closet? Pur-ple? Layered textures ... They're like dolphins – Whatever you say or think, they do the opposite – You never like ice-cream better than when someone else has it – She's a natural, isn't she? – After she gets back from a date, the irresistible nature of her pussy has to be tempered with ... what you really are is sexual energy going up your spine; the rest is just bullshit; here today, gone tomorrow – Oh, we get a floor show! – Oh, my God! Let's hope she's not going to resort to pussy stripping! ... "The new girl, pinking down!" ... "She's always clinging to her panties -- Way!" ... "We'll fix that!" ... "Tastes better, doesn't it?" ... "So when am I going to see you naked again?" he asks, laden with libido ... Slip her some good stuff! ... "I will remove," she says, correspondingly, spreading her arms, "They're just things! ... You might as well investigate ... Oh, more! ... Yeah, you're in the middle now! ... Mmm! ... Well, they just left ... Oh! This is deep love! ... It's a little different now than it used to be! ... I think the baby would love it! ... Don't need evidence! ... You can almost put a human head in it! ... How's everything taste? Delicious?"

66. I Can Touch It With My Penis: "I want you to make sure my pussy is soft, like butter!" "Bailes! Why don't you bring home a lover ... and make love in our bed?" "No intermissions!" Just Louvers & Lovers: "Slats & sluts!" A slatternly slut: "What you see is not always what you get!" Another brilliant idea: "I guess it's an acquired taste." What's wrong with being crazy? "It's a club!" To fulfill their Thank-A-Teacher-Today Rewards Program, for a sex-crazed surrogate and bottomless companion, they go for an outing with one of her new friends, whose frank appreciation of her open flirting, and honesty, lead her to shyly tell him the truth about Rule H-22: "To prove my husband sees me as more than logika erotika, with the body of a female human being, not simply a great sex object, he agreed not to have sex for a year ... but where does that leave me? So according to Rule H-22, and since he can't have sex with me, I get to have sex with anyone I choose." Her new friend says, "You no-good tramp and showoff! You're just a pussy-eater teaser!" which makes them all laugh, and raise the sexual ante: "Maybe we can think of a rule to trump all other rules!" he whispers to her, ("Maybe you need to give as good as you get!") ... to which if she agrees, she should "stand in front of her husband and immediately lift her skirts." Hesitantly agreeing to his surreptitious suggestion, for her alone to consider – in a flash! – both losing something and gaining something, and to demonstrate her new subservience, she stands in front of her husband, triumphantly drawing them both in, and lifts her skirts! With her naked this way, he whispers to her again, and in agreement, she lowers her blouse in front of her husband. Soon the three of them devise an even more daring plan: "You can add me to your stable," he jokingly suggests, in open appreciation of her chastity and integrity. "I guess that means it's no more 'traditional sex' for both us guys, and you get to have sex with anyone else!" They're not counting on her meeting this new guy she falls in love with, because "he treats me like a lady ... well, maybe a little more than a lady!" or for her to tell her husband, "He's even worse than you! I promised to ==> give him blow jobs, <== " she says, in this extension of their érotique logique, "after he swore he'd offer my pussy to two of his friends!" She gives him a funny look at this piece of nursery school naughtiness. "How can ==> I live with <== two people that good?" she adds, letting the breathtaking news of her new friend's reciprocally amorous ("Come on, really flirt!") tenancy (Shocks of spent lovers on unmade beds!) slowly spring on him. "Does that bother you?"

67. And Soon She Takes on a Little More Playful Round: Bailes & the Pope: "I hear strange sounds ... You can kind of hear in your tummy ... Can you hear strange sounds?" You're my raccoon? Getting What You Wish For is Actually a Lot of Fun! "In the Raccoon Lagoon?" "Pack it into a dress & see how the dress moves – Are you going to short shirt today?" "Not the least!" Paint my pain! Where you never expect to be peeking. "It's a free world – It's a free country, isn't it?" "To win the democracy, you've got to squeeze in that." Hmm ... naked volunteerism ... "The breast to you each morning!" ... This is novel. "I like your blouse, the way it moves," gives up a few points to admire! From prim to proud! Turning! To show how she says hello to people -- "Just for him!" she says out loud, "Looking for something really fresh? Is it too short?" Lifting her arms, (Titties on the half-shell, nipples in a bra!) demanding to be fondled! -- Venue. "Check your skirt at the door." "Life is short - party naked!" Total victory ... Mmm! ... Impudent nipples! ... Wearing these clothes again, I feel drawn to him! ... Stay that way, and we'll go visit our neighbors ... The wanton, sluttish, loving joy of preparing for it! (putting up her hair, turning from the mirror, "I have a few calls to make – Everything's changed, you know?" clamping her elbows together) (But not the prolonged points of admiration!) "You can expect to see a lot more of less!" ... "Seeing is believing! Mm! Moves nicely! It looks so real!" ... "Twenty-twenty! The rules have changed! Glove up!" ... Leash from in the ocean, there's a new dog in town! ... turning a beautiful woman out as a whore ... "Top on or top off?" ... into this newly minted whore, my wife, my slut! "Take me to déjà vu, will ya?" ... She opens half her sweater, and not so much lays open the outline of an entire breast, provoking a kind of X-ray vision, rather it's the stone of a broaching nipple, whether it's playing the fringes or expanding the center of a pond, setting off waves all the way to the shore ... Evangelist nipples! ... She's heading for the cheating side of town! ... Coming back for the second round ... Taking a practice tug at the elastic waistband up front ... Impeccable! ... Wearing smokin' boy shorts! ... Oh, it's painful! ... She's got on rhinestone underwear shorts! ... Make me thrill! ... their soft cling and reflective metallic phase-shifting more revealing of her dark gender folds than raw nudity, along with sateen, dark red lipstick, hanging out in pool houses, "So I'll be wearing sunglasses and nothing else!" (You won't be disappointed! She'll join a naked wives' club)   )|(   (She'll have her nipples tied, so everyone will know she's ready ... with invisible strings) ... (Reminiscing, "You had me at hello! Are you coin-operated?" Ha! ("Breast assured!") "The bone of opportunity!" "I'll say!" "Impeccable pussy!" ("It's okay to take a peek – Just don't get caught at it! – Lots of people are banned.") "I like your stance." "I've got a little space to fill." ...) ... Disheveled-"B"-U! ... "The thrill of the hunt!" ... Hanging up nothing, she's still singing, I want a lover who can improvise! ... "Tell the truth, how big is his penis?" ... "You have nothing to worry about: It's not yours)!( He thinks I'm from high society! He said my ucipital mapillary is 'quite beautiful,' and asked me if I've ever pulled a train!" ... With her arms behind, legs artfully spread, bringing up front & center!"(On view now!) I don't care! It means nothing to me! (You don't see them split up that often ( ... 'And I assure you I'll never do it again! (There! See?) Nothing comes between friends -- I like different things!' ( (Keep.. music.. evil!) ) ) It's a fine line between stupid and clever!) As promised! -- (My offering on the altar!)" ... Then clamping them together! ... the silvery candlesnuffer!she must confess! ... "No shirt, no shoes, no problem!" ... "Did you see a shooting star?" ... Lightning bolts! It hurts a lot ... "Is that it? Did you make the sale?" ... You never know what they're going to do ... "Did you ... become a traitor?" ... I'm going to watch out for you ... You're a devil! (... "Unconsciously" opening her legs a bit, so he can see ...) ... Maybe I'll change my ways ... Convivial Pink, Whose Lips Articulate the Flesh ... I feel better about it now ... Can Zig & Jism, and Hide! ... "When he was putting it in, my legs parted of themselves. I told him, 'You're lucky I'm almost pregnant!' ... and halfway in (for my harvest!) asked him to stop and rest for a minute ... thick as a wrist! ... I was nervous and kept working it ... when I knew I wanted his entire length now! Hello! Hello! in my womb! Hello! and for keeps!" ... Let me see it. If you're offering food to someone, you have to let them see it! ... "When you do this," she says, "I can't help myself when I go out!" ... "Knowing it can't be mine?" ... "There's no need to get all excited! .. (Just ...) The second time I told him, 'I'm not a liar anymore ... This time make sure & give me your baby!' ... (I want to be honest with you!)" ... It's a tragedy, or mind-boggling! ... Not mine! Like a bug walking on the ceiling, I put my head in the refrigerator ... "Would you like me to look away ... lick away?" ... When the lion is chasing the rude, illicit antelope, he doesn't look back ... Southern, right?



ACT ONE (driving around town) "You really like it when I flirt with other men, don't you? ... Do you like the short flirt or the long flirt?" "What happens in the short flirt?" "Not too much." "What happens in the long flirt?" "Way too much!" ... COMMENTATOR: Hers Was a Forbidden Love ... HIM: "To fulfill her fantasies, right?" ... HER: "It's you who is driving me mad!"

ACT TWO (at the Moose Lodge) These people who go hunting get a hunter's nose – They have a really acute sense of smell – "For pokey nipples!" They must be losing their shirts ... the wives who stray ... "Two is better than one; get three, get four!" ... "More skin in the game!" Jump in!

ACT THREE (after a fresh shower) "Stick 'em up!" & under the towel in one fell swoop, "No hands!" she cries out, wriggling in just the right way, making it very hard to pull off with his magic wand !! "We don't want to be perfect!" "Wear your Blue Ribbon!" "If you can catch me!"

He gives her a little "moral encouragement." ... I like a woman who loves everything and who loves everybody ... "The night is young." ... You could if you want to ... You don't have to ... "Oh, with a hand unbuttoning the blouse! (It's cheap, huh?) No one's taking anything off!" ... "I'd like to expose you to all my friends."

She's trampy & slutty – She's got it all! ... A hand down the blouse – That's something I'd like to see! – "It's like Tale of Two Cities." "Luscious Motorworks!" "Mmm, peek you bare bones!" "What comes after 'C - U ...?'"
"P! ... CUP!" Fondle!

Helping to unloose her bra freight, for all the farmers to see ... "I'm not sure how many ... You get so excited ... how much he liked me and kissed me ... and I let him!" ... "... for a Blue Ribbon!" (& her phone number, as it turns out!)

"I heard something fall. You got everything?" ... A pickup would be nice ... She's always on the lookout. A perfect stranger. "It'll change your life ... It's a pick-me-up!" She's very social. "A chanteuse on the loose, it's a perfect stranger, in a foreign city, in a slinky dress – I do what I like!" ... One more thing ... Nothing red.

I want to see where this is going ... The point of no turning back ... Look at them! ... heftier by far ... War zone ... An "It" girl ... Her steady-on pluck ... "I'm beginning to see why people get butlers!" ... He presents her well ... The actual pussy: C - U ...

... with her titties bared to the throng! ... and then slowly, slowly ... )|(  !!!
"He didn't go to college to learn how to play with beavers." As long as she continues to share with me her darkest secrets.
("He ... called me.")


68. Marriage Contract: Five years, no sex! "Look at my business card –-- It says I'm a Bridal Fitness Coach! An Image Consultant! ... Do you think he'll know what that means?" Wrapping Starchy White Linen Around Places We Can't Mention :) " ... Now you can help me get ready for my dates ... for private dates!" ... (One squeaky-clean & uninhibited object of desire, sparked and delivered!) ... "Does your pussy feel good?" ... "He'll probably stop his car on a lonely road." ... What's the reason? ... "Geez, I got to have a reason for everything?" ... "Especially for someone like you -- Does the alligator have a massage parlor?" ... "I need a man to put out my fire! Can I get it taken care of?" ... "Human crocodiles! -- Enchantée! -- Through the wall and everything!" ... "Tell me!" ... "For a glimpse!" ... "He's rich and ... well-endowed." ... "The question is, how far down the rabbit hole do we want to go?" ... "Is my skirt too short?" ... "It's dark out -- Should we turn the lights -- up? -- down? -- out altogether?" Repeat Rule 8! No Exit -- "I'm sorry, I burned a hole!" -- Hell is other people ... "That's not yours!" Dwell ... I'm going to have mirrors ... It's easy to do -- Used wood! -- I've got it all planned: "You don't want to outshine people!" ... I'm going to call it the Fellini Room ... I'm totally prepared to have a bad child ... Sign up now! ... "Are you still here?" ... I hope you don't mind ... "I've scheduled an internal meeting -- with him!" ... May the Great Serpent bless your work, Princess ... "We don't want any dark corners!" ... What an Indian! ... There're more sharp crooks in this country than anywhere else ... Civilizations collapse because people are dumb ... As long as people are crooks, we'll do good ... "It's better to be lucky than to be smart!" .. whose lips articulate the flesh ... "What poses do you do?" I ask, never a dull moment! ... "Mmm, Oh, well! I never learn ... I'm a mess!" ... This is having sixty percent off ... "Take off the least of your clothes," she commands, continuing to dress in the lights we've dimmed, so we can keep the window shades wide open, completing my sexual enslavement -- now fully captivated by her bralessness being bandied about, my short-term memory knowing, underneath, I'm gazing at an eerily dark, (with the silhouette of her bra being shrugged off!) no-longer-conical bare breast and cognizant nipple! ... and as I fully take in the shadowy scene, car headlights suddenly shine through our front window across her long, bare legs, making her skirt seem surprisingly short, for easy virtue: the lights outside create a diagonal counterpoint across the room as she lifts her arms to pin up her dark blonde hair & tie a red ribbon there, a mixture of air, sexual energy and impressions of light, and with a slight motion presaging settling back into a luxurious leather car seat, ("At least I can see it!") her cooperative pussy as smooth as an alibi -- Guilty! ... "You have nothing to be jealous of," she smiles ... "What about the Army?" ... Me, Oui! It's like peeling it right off! ... "I've got to keep my appointments somewhere!" she says, with me telling her how I now love her to the point of "letting her be loved by others," with her spreading her legs tentatively for, slowly of, languorously with, whatnot for me to see, saying, "I would expect you to," allowing me to view, once again, Universal Quim, swabbed in iridescent pink! - and everything in between! ... "Mmmm, I wasn't expecting you to be this nosy!" with the sudden jar of the doorbell ... thus hastily! ... "Not for the narrow-minded!" ... She has all the traits of a promiscuous gay man ... "So is your woody hard?" she breathes ... It's harder than you think! ... "Good! I just want what's safe." ... "How about a nose flashlight?" .... "Ohhhh! Maybe if I cover my eyes, no one will see me! Mmmmm! You know how to do everything!" as some new master rings the doorbell twice, with the shades still drawn, "Mmm-Aiiai! I'm coming!" she cries out ... The doorbell, the doorbell! -- The odd orbit ("It's softer or something." -- "This is the birds and bees, folks!") of her forbidden orbs ... "I have to run downstairs to get a hot dog!" ... The Topless Girls of Glitter Gulch! ... "Eyes closed." Mmm! She's got the spirit! ("Happy and funny and ready to fuck!") Big transition ("You have to see a little more.") Trippy to watch! ... "Oop! A date! I can smell a date!" ... The postman always rings twice! Maybe it's a plus ... It's our Immigration Policy ... Want to see something juicy? ... The more people who can come here ... a pink one! with one man or another ... and make a living, ... "All in me! All inside me! All of me!" ... the better.

69. Please Say What You Want to Share, Openly, to Other People: "My purity," she whispers, (And to be so common! ... before they head to the mall). Why Pretend to Be Like Everyone Else? "The ideal is to have it, without it having you." -Millôr Fernandez ... "Because you didn't understand Professor Finklestein's Law: 'Sex has nothing to do with marriage' ... At the bottom if you like ... Use a little bit of that baby oil" ... Don't Give Me Any Lip! ... "Mmm ... You're just lucky I was in the mood." Too Good to Be True. (The Rashti Jokes My Wife Sends Me!) ... And Each Night She Must Come Among the (Suitably Reverent!) Prophylactically Erect Licken ... (From the mound she can also see her future) -- The Adventures of Bone and Tuck! In the (Dream) she isn't wearing any underwear, and the two of them go out on an adventure, or a "man safari." It's a real turn-on. (Fin) "You're the only one that knows," she says the day they decide to act on it. "I never remember anything," he dissembles. "My ankle still hurts from the time I fell," she says when they get to the mall, "It gets stiff ... You have to lift it a bit," and points it out (by looking away!) to him when they're both sitting on a bench, "He's someone like you! ... Here, can you rub it? ..." "It would be better ... for when you spread your legs so he knows you're available?" ... "An admirer! It's not my fault! It's like key lime pie! ..." ... A little bit at a time ... "Are you taking his picture?" (and holding it, besides ... Way! ... Clcik! ... Thrick! ... Click this!) ... "Do you think I could eat half a pound of fudge?" (Holding it!) ... "Where is the home of happiness?" he's positing, (Plunging a hand into her bag) ... "Where, inside, does the spark of joy reside?" (Slapping his hand away!) ... "I think it's a reasonable question," she hazards, getting all serious, (Still holding it!) ... finding something to write, "Here to touch it?" on ... Maybe for him to deliver! ... Wiggle and Tuck! (Losing it somewhere!) ... "You could do it yourself." ... "Yeah, it's a hard choice." ... "Did you lose him?" ... "I didn't lose 'em! I forgot 'em!" ... Not before she reminds him of the Purple ... It's a game they played on the cruise ship. When they were in the bar, she would give men a secret rating: A Blue or Green meant she could be friends with that guy; a Red meant she might sleep with the guy; and a Purple meant she definitely would sleep with him: "He's a stud!" On the third night, she was told she had to take off her underpants, pick out a Red or Purple one, and slow dance with him ... "Appearances can be deceiving – I need proof!" ... "Nothing's enough!" ... (With jealousy as a motivation for her ... As a courtesy, or an explicit declaration of sluttiness ... (Seeing all of life through an outside mirror!) ... She slowly unbuttons ... the unobtainable ... coconspirators ... (A game that becomes particularly poignant when she discusses, ("He wants to see you do it once --- ('Being properly reverent!') -- He doesn't believe it!") ... a one-night stand, turned inside out!) ... on the edge, with a bittersweet quality ... a testament to how easy she is) ... She takes his hand and places it inside her blouse. "Here! Feel what's real ... & we know you're writing a novel, and we want you to stop!" ... One thing leads to another, ("To be shared accordingly!") for the whole rest of the cruise ... Left kneeling by the bed ... "I've got a date," she murmurs close to his ear, crumpling some piece of paper ... For her to ... "If love isn't free, what is it?" ... "Someone's always coming in!" ... You'll see it! ... "Is it time? Is your trophy ready?" ... "You're a good guesser! This time he'll put your kid in!" ... Time flies! ... (On Her Alternative (Purple-veined & straining!) Field Trip, "Soon enough!" ... ("Why does there have to be memories?") ... Cock guiding, to get some idea of romance maybe: "He wants me to make love to you as if it's the first time in your life.") ... Her pussy is as American as a slice of apple pie ... "I really like purple," she says later ... Oh, wait! All this and heaven, too! ... "Keep frigging it! -- (Like slippers that vibrate! Pink!) -- Don't you want to touch it? -- (Her finger whipping a frenzy) -- Who do you want to touch it?" he asks ... The party's always going to be there! ... "In the main cabin!" -- ("What should I do?") -- "Do you like pink?" she says ... Her steam just inches from his face! ... "If you will sleep with me," he says, "I'll give you anything!" ... "Anything else?" she lightheartedly wonders — an unfettered teen kitten being teased out by her father! — as she conspiratorially tells him more about (Gonads for Pleasure % The Beasts of Paradise!) her furtive adventures on the cruise ship — a rising star field in a circling sex club – ("Oh, Flipper, et tu?") and ("oh! Oh! Oh!!") a verifiably bare pussy, the hub! — with the gloriously, otherworldly "Should I wear something under my new cashmere sweater?" (convincingly not! so as not to hinder men from oogling her startling candor!) (All she wears are dresses -- very rarely wears pants) understanding it's still no sex for him, (not including (despairing of! Cherimoyan Taut Tremors (with "You bet!" nipples bespeaking! (unshackled candy cones rebounding asunder!) as they angle in to the mall ("There are rules! Then again, there are no rules!") bon mot!) the pièce de résistance!) briefly flashing her propositional instigation: Just so! ... a surprisingly cute counterexample of neighborly reluctance, peeking freshly out, now fully resigned to open comportment ("Tom and Gisele were secretly engaged," proclaimed the two-page spread in Vogue, "but she avoided wearing her ring so as not to draw attention to herself" – See that?) thus to be rosily (& irrefutably!) on the lookout for Moby Duck! ... (Who do you want to touch it? the guy's thoroughly (in due course!) whispering in her ear) ... the brashness of beaver, bilaterally brusque {so natural, real & rude to the hilt} her left ankle a dainty holdout with its bracelet to admire (OMG! Saucy britches, without!) on the way out of their carriage (She's gone commando!) so like a prepossessing cat, she can keep herself virginal and pure, yet roguishly true to herself, (embarrassingly unhindered!) and obviously well-licked) ... "Oh, look! Two more apples, dangling from the tree!  %  ('He's a purple one!') ('Oh, remember? -- The blouse you wear in the kitchen next morning, and who gets to see what.' -- 'Where if you wish for long enough, you get it!') Remember when we did this?   )|(   Booties on sale!" ... "Not intentionally, right?"


Serious Players


"You devil,